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2019 Auction for Heroes on the Water is OPEN! #HOWAuction #supportingveterans


The 2019 Auction for Heroes on the Water has gone live! You can bid on 251 listings until 5pm EST Sunday November 10th! There is literally something for everyone, so please go bid and support this great cause!


Direct links to all 251 listings:

  1. Lexi Blake Gift Set
  2. Snowy Artwork
  3. Robin Rance 3 books
  4. Daphne Loveling book
  5. Darlene Tallman book
  6. Needlepoint Gold
  7. Needlepoint Gray
  8. Dave Ramsey Books
  9. Mens Yankees T
  10. Womens Yankees T Gray
  11. Womens Yankees T Navy
  12. Erotic Massage Set
  13. Lora Leigh Cross Breeds
  14. Lora Leigh Elizabeth’s Wolf
  15. Lora Leigh Nauti Angel
  16. Lora Leigh Dagger’s Edge
  17. Lora Leigh Collision Point
  18. Kelce Chiefs Jersey
  19. Robinson Chiefs Jersey
  20. Yankees Baseball
  21. Royals Baseball-Hunter Dozier
  22. Royals Baseball-Whit Merrifield
  23. Kids Ronaldo Outfit
  24. Helen Hardt Book
  25. Ali Pierce Book
  26. SL Sterling Book
  27. Teagan Hunter Book
  28. Miriam Minger Book – unsigned
  29. Swag Bag #1 – black tote
  30. Swag Bag #2 – navy tote
  31. Alex Grayson 2 books
  32. Emma Nichols book
  33. Alex Grayson book
  34. Cora Kenborn book
  35. KL Roth Book
  36. Rooster Club book
  37. CA Bell Book
  38. CE Black book
  39. Caitlyn O’Leary Gift Basket
  40. Harlequin Collection-33 books
  41. 2 Love Inspired books & swag
  42. 2 Desire books & swag
  43. Meredith Wild book & swag
  44. Helen Hardt book
  45. Toya Richardson Book
  46. Mug & tea collection
  47. Swag Collection
  48. Swag Collection
  49. Swag Collection & Kindle Fire
  50. Swag Collection
  51. Button Earrings
  52. Massive Box of Swag
  53. Art Activities with Minnie Collection
  54. Fun on the Go With Minnie Collection
  55. Kids Love Nightmare Before Christmas Collection
  56. Adults Love Nightmare Before Christmas Too
  57. Juicy Couture Collection
  58. Love Minnie Collection
  59. Traveling for Christmas Collection
  60. Ebook Collection: The Angel Pack
  61. Ebook Collection: Tundra Wolves
  62. Kindle Fire
  63. Ebook Collection: D.O.A. Series
  64. Pajama Lazy Collection
  65. Sugar Skulls & Bear Shifters Collection
  66. Lily Bloom Santa Collection
  67. 2dz Penis suckers
  68. 2dz Penis suckers
  69. 2dz Motorcycle suckers
  70. 10” massive Penis Sucker
  71. Michel Prince Books
  72. Gail Koger Ebooks
  73. 30 Min Massage gift cert
  74. Dog Tag Collection
  75. Signed Photo of Golden Czermak
  76. Cooper Mckenzie book and F-Bomb
  77. Susan Walker book and Bear
  78. Dakota Trace Book
  79. Emma Castle Book
  80. Izzy Szyn Book
  81. Susan Stoker (Protecting Dakota) Signed
  82. Amy L. Gale Book
  83. Tich Brewster Books
  84. Sherri Hayes Book
  85. Susan Stoker (Claiming Sarah)
  86. Unicorn Jacket
  87. Relax Mom Spa Set
  88. Puppy Love Set
  89. Unicorn Baby Set
  90. Elephant Quilt, Burp Rags, & Stuffie
  91. Makeup Collection
  92. Makeup & Nail Polish
  93. Goodies from Cornwall
  94. Betty Shreffler book
  95. CJ Bower Books
  96. Traci Wooden-Carlisle books
  97. Custom Wood Witchy Sign
  98. Handmade lip balms and perfumes
  99. Handmade bracelets
  100. Men’s Cologne Samplers
  101. Elaine Barris Books
  102. Patricia Briggs Paperbacks-unsigned
  103. Lynn Kurland Paperbacks-unsigned
  104. Karen Marie Moning Hardbacks-unsigned
  105. PC Cast book-unsigned
  106. Patricia Briggs hardbacks – unsigned
  107. Suzanne Brockman hardback – unsigned
  108. Ebook Collection – Jennifer Wedmore
  109. 3 dzn fresh baked cookies
  110. 2 dzn fresh baked cookies
  111. Editing Package-Personal Touch Editing
  112. Dee Stewart book and flowers
  113. Kara Liane Books and swag
  114. Ebook Collection: Club de Fleurs Series 1-7
  115. Ebook Collection: Heroes of the Heart Series 1-3
  116. Ebook Collection: Heroes of the Heart Series 1-3
  117. Ebook Collection: All the President’s Men Series 1-3
  118. Ebook Collection: All the President’s Men Series 1-3
  119. Anne Rice Books – unsigned
  120. Assorted Authors Paperbacks 5 – unsigned
  121. Assorted Authors Paperbacks 6 – unsigned
  122. Chicken Soup for the Soul books – unsigned
  123. Christina Lauren books 4 – unsigned
  124. Coloring Books & Colored Pencils
  125. Stieg Larsson books 4 – unsigned
  126. Faith Martin books 2 – unsigned
  127. Fantasy/Horror books 4 – unsigned
  128. Jay Crownover books 4 – unsigned
  129. Katy Evans books 4 – unsigned
  130. Michael Connelly books 4 – unsigned
  131. Books into Movies collection 8 – unsigned
  132. Nora Roberts books 4 – unsigned
  133. Stephen King books 3 – unsigned
  134. YA/NA Collection 9 books – unsigned
  135. Inspirational Collection 5 books – unsigned
  136. SC Stephens books 4 – unsigned
  137. Stephen R. Lawhead books 3 – unsigned
  138. Sylvia Day books 4 – unsigned
  139. War Correspondence Collection 3 – unsigned
  140. Skull Lover’s Gift Set
  141. KallypsoCon Git Bag and books
  142. Historical Romance Collection – unsigned
  143. Small Town Romance Collection – unsigned
  144. Wandar Aguiar Collection
  145. Alison Mello books
  146. Dakota Trace books
  147. Pair of HOW Paintings
  148. Dawn Sullivan books
  149. Embroidered Dish Towels, Sponge, Shaker Set
  150. Jenna Jacob- Hotties of Haven Gift Set
  151. Jenna Jacob- Doms of Her Life Gift Set
  152. Book sleeve collection: Paris
  153. Book sleeve collection: Rainbow
  154. Book sleeve collection: Disney Villains
  155. Book sleeve collection: Plaid
  156. Book sleeve collection: Mermaid
  157. Book sleeve collection: Iridescent
  158. Book sleeve collection: Butterfly
  159. Book sleeve collection: Gold
  160. Jennifer Bernard book & face cream
  161. 2 paperbacks & face cream
  162. Paperback, bathbombs, perfume
  163. 2 signed paperbacks & perfume
  164. Paperback, soap, zipper bag
  165. 2 paperbacks, schedule, beauty cream
  166. 2 paperbacks, beauty cream
  167. Paperback, Shower Fizzies, Calendar
  168. 2 paperbacks, bath bombs
  169. EM Shue Book and swag
  170. EM Shue 2 books and swag
  171. Elle Boon 2 books and swag
  172. KC Royals Jersey Sz 2x
  173. Lularoe Breast Cancer Hoodie Sz XS
  174. Reading Log and Swag
  175. Assorted Swag
  176. 2 books and assorted swag
  177. Patricia Bradley book-unsigned
  178. Becky Wade book-unsigned
  179. JM Madden book-signed
  180. Kids Board Book
  181. Paparazzi Zi Collection: Necklace & Earrings
  182. Paparazzi Jewelry: Square it up Set & Ancient Artifacts Earrings
  183. Paparazzi Jewelry: Hardened Hearts Set & Shore it up Anklet
  184. Paparazzi Jewelry: Hardened Hearts Set & Globetrotter Glam Bracelet
  185. Paparazzi Jewelry: Glow & Tell Set & Shore Shimmer Rose Gold Anklet
  186. Paparazzi Jewelry: Biker Bracelet & Earthy Explorer anklet
  187. Paparazzi Jewelry: Sun Kissed Radiance Anklet & West Coast Cruzin Anklet
  188. His Wicked Secret Audio Book
  189. Death is Not Enough Audio Book
  190. Christina James Book
  191. Pair of Paperbacks – unsigned
  192. Coloring Book Assortment
  193. Camping Collection
  194. Scotty Cade book & coffee sample
  195. Pair of books- Zoe York and Lindy Zart – unsigned
  196. Pair of books- Nedege Richards and Ann Aguirre- unsigned
  197. Pair of books- CH Hill and Molly Bilinski- unsigned
  198. Pair of books- Amy Bearce and David D. Hamons- unsigned
  199. Pair of books- Quinn Loftis and Cayla Keenan- unsigned
  200. Melissa Toppen book
  201. Katie Ashley Book
  202. Meghan Quinn book
  203. Jewel E. Ann book
  204. L. Berry book
  205. Mandi Beck book
  206. Brooke Cumberland book
  207. Mandi Beck book
  208. Maggie Mae Gallagher book
  209. Audrey Greathouse book
  210. Ember-Raine Winters book
  211. Melissa Toppen book
  212. N. Forgy book
  213. Trudy Stiles book
  214. Savannah Stewart book
  215. Gina Maxwell book
  216. Megan Green book
  217. Alex Grayson book
  218. Rebecca Ybarros book
  219. Kenner book
  220. Pair of Delta James Books
  221. Pair of AJ Storm books
  222. Pair of Livia Grant books
  223. 5 Maren Smith books
  224. Charity B Book
  225. Teresa Crumpton Book
  226. CD Bradley book
  227. SM Stryker book
  228. Pat Esden Book
  229. Beaded butterfly necklace/badge holder
  230. Beaded necklace/badgeholder
  231. Gold-tone necklace and earrings
  232. 2 pair of earrings
  233. 5 Novelty Photo Holders
  234. Pair of coloring books
  235. Pair of paint by number sets
  236. Signed books and swag
  237. Signed books and swag
  238. Mystery Swag Bundle
  239. Mystery Book Bundle
  240. Marine Corps Hat
  241. Lori King Gray Pack Bundle
  242. Lori King Surrender Series Bundle
  243. Crawley Creek Series Bundle
  244. Lori King book – Frost-bitten
  245. Lori King Book – Fetish & Fantasy
  246. Lori King Book – The Marine’s Seduction
  247. Lori King Audio Books
  248. Red/Black/White Baby Quilt by Lori King
  249. Pink/Mint/White Baby Quilt by Lori King
  250. Custom Lori King Blanket
  251. 10 Ebook Collection from Lori King



#ReleaseDay Legacy of the Wolf #paranormalromance #menage

Legacy of the Wolf

The Gray Pack Book Three

Built like Vikings, the Whetstone brothers are a force to be reckoned with. As Beta Wolves of the Gray Pack, Rafe and Ryley are simultaneously two of the strongest men in the pack, and firefighters for the Kansas City Fire Department.

Twenty years have passed since their parents disappeared, and they dream of finding their mate, and having a family. They want to build a legacy of their own, but fate just dumped a big old monkey wrench in their plans by the name of…Shandi Martin.

Fighting cancer for her life, she was devastated when her boyfriend left her. So why would she want to risk her heart again? Facing destiny she realizes that she stopped living to protect her heart three years ago. But when a mysterious rogue wolf threatens their new relationship, they are forced to make a choice. Can they accept a life with just each other, or do they need a family to be happy?


Buy Links:






Paperback GP3.jpg

#ReleaseDay Reflections of the Wolf #shifter #paranormalromance




Reflections of the Wolf

The Gray Pack Book Two
After being rescued from a crazy werewolf with murderous intent, Tina Jameson has a scorching night with Liam Gray, local firefighter and Beta Wolf of the Gray Pack. When he announces that she is predestined to be his mate, she is fast to push him away.
Suddenly she finds herself in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions and rioting desires. Having been a victim of a senseless act of violence in her past, Tina has given up on a forever kind of love, even if that man turns her on like no one else has.
Liam didn’t think he wanted a mate, but his wolf wants Tina in his bed and his life for good. In order to have her he must let go of the guilt he has from his daughter’s death and then help Tina to let go of her own tragic past. Can one night determine their destiny, or will fear drive them apart?
Buy Links:

#HOWAuction collecting items for the auction!

A few of the incredible auction items I have ready to go for this years #HOWAuction! If you have something you think people might bid on, send me a message! The more donations the merrier!

Auction page:  




#ReleaseDay Fire of the Wolf #menage #shifter #paranormalromance


Fire of the Wolf

The Gray Pack Book One

After a devastating fire, Caroline Trainor is left homeless and feeling hopeless. Her entire life is gone, but to her surprise, she’s far from alone.

Devin and Damon Gray have spent their entire lives leading their Wolf Pack as well as their Firehouse. They know how to manage people, but managing a mate is an entirely different subject.

From moment one, Caroline feels a connection to the twins, but she doesn’t want to lose her own identity. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past, she has no desire to become their house-wolf—until another wolf pack’s alpha threatens their lives and relationship.


Buy Links:





Nook: Coming Soon

#CoverReveal Fire of the Wolf #TheGrayPack

Re-releasing August 27th!


After a devastating fire, Caroline Trainor is left homeless and feeling hopeless. Her entire life is gone, but to her surprise, she’s far from alone.

Devin and Damon Gray have spent their entire lives leading their Wolf Pack as well as their Firehouse. They know how to manage people, but managing a mate is an entirely different subject.

From moment one, Caroline feels a connection to the twins, but she doesn’t want to lose her own identity. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past, she has no desire to become their house-wolf—until another wolf pack’s alpha threatens their lives and relationship.


#Audiobook Pieced Together

Now available in audio!

Pieced Together

Two fractured souls must lean on each other to heal physically and emotionally….

Karly Stephens got her heart shredded, when the man she thought was supposed to be her forever, cheated on her. To avoid dealing with her tattered life, she threw herself into work.

Injured and battle-weary Marine, Garret Lole, agonizes when his team deploys overseas without him. When Karly is assigned to be Garret’s nurse, unexpected sparks fly.

Despite her scarred soul, Karly is drawn to Garret in every possible way. Like puzzle pieces scattered on the floor, they must figure out how to trust in themselves and each other. Picking up the pieces might mean a whole new world for both of them.



#AudioBook The Marine’s Seduction

My first audio book is The Marine’s Seduction! I hope you’ll check it out on Audible!

MSed Audio

#AutismAuction through Sunday 4/7/19 at 5p EST

Direct Links to all 69 listings

  1. Rose Gold Jewelry
  2. Rose Nickol Signed books
  3. Lesli Richardson/Tymber Dalton books
  4. Rose Nickol ebooks
  5. 3 Autism Book Sleeves
  6. 2 Autism Book Sleeves
  7. Lularoe Leggings
  8. 2 signed books
  9. 2 signed books
  10. 3 Lori Foster books
  11. 3 unsigned Shannon Stacey books
  12. 2 unsigned books
  13. 2 audio books
  14. Audio book The Mating Season
  15. 1 unsigned book – Third Base
  16. 1 unsigned book – Cheater
  17. 1 unsigned book – Club Sin Series
  18. 1 unsigned book – Rekindled
  19. 1 unsigned book – Love with a perfect cowboy
  20. 1 unsigned book – The Devil’s Triangle
  21. 1 unsigned book – Against the Ropes
  22. 1 unsigned book – Wild Moonlight
  23. Lori King Crawley Creek ebooks
  24. Lori King Surrender Series ebooks
  25. Vera Bradley Gift Set with books
  26. Becca Jameson Gift Set
  27. Lori King 2 signed books and swag
  28. Lori King 3 signed books and swag
  29. Gray Purse with Lori King swag
  30. Navy/Black purse with Lori King swag
  31. Michel Prince gift set
  32. 4 signed JR Ward Hardback books
  33. Ravenna Tate signed books
  34. Sarah Marsh Gift Set
  35. Autism Suckers (WILL BE 2 WINNERS)
  36. Lori King “Paris Gardens” Quilt
  37. Lori King “Paw Print Hugs” Quilt
  38. Lori King “Baby Shortcake” quilt
  39. Laci Paige gift set
  40. Sherri Hayes signed book
  41. Lynn Hammond signed book
  42. 3 signed Jenna Jacob books
  43. Natalie Star Gift set
  44. Blue Jewelry – Paparazzi
  45. Heart Jewelry – Paparazzi
  46. Turquoise Jewelry – Paparazzi
  47. White Jewelry – Paparazzi
  48. Elle Boon Gift Set
  49. Hogwarts mug and tote
  50. Unicorn wine glasses and bath bombs
  51. Rose C Carole Gift Set
  52. Passion, Pleasure, Pain Anthology-unsigned
  53. Signed Lauren Smith book-The Gilded Chain
  54. 3 signed Natasha Knight books
  55. Gift Set with Canvas Bag “If you think reading is boring, you’re doing it wrong”
  56. Gift Set with Canvas Bag “Read what you love”
  57. Unsigned book “The Kiss Thief”
  58. Unsigned book “New World Rising”
  59. Signed Skye Warren book “Survival of the Richest”
  60. Signed Claire Kingsley book “Book Boyfriend”
  61. Journal, fantasy umbrella gift set
  62. Journal, Pride & Prejudice headband gift set
  63. Signed Kimberly Knight book “Use Me”
  64. Signed Rachael Brownell book “Rumors”
  65. Signed Meredith Wild book “Over the Edge”
  66. Dominique Eastwick gift set
  67. Caitlyn O’Leary gift set
  68. Youth Medium Autism Tshirt
  69. Youth Large Autism Tshirt

Cover Reveal: Country Vows

It’s coming soon I promise! I’ve been working on the next book in the Crawley Creek Series, which turns out to be Country Vows, the story of Hawke and Jeanette’s wedding, plus a new baby in the Crawley family and lots more. Watch for it in April!

10 Country Vows

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