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Dust on the Bottle Cover Reveal


Dust on the Bottle


Freelance Photographer Monica McCray has one goal, never pass up an adventure. Coming to Crawley Creek Ranch, she finds one.

Kyler DeWitt’s inner demons are close to killing him. Booze and self-pity leave him a ticking time-bomb.

When these two forces collide, a passion like no other ignites. Now Monica realizes the adventure she wants includes North Dakota roots, but will she be enough to keep Kyler grounded or will she be just like the dust on one of his bottles?





NAME YOUR DEMON is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance collection showcasing 15 first-in-series reads from New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors. Many of the works have never been seen in a boxed set before, and one written especially for the set!

It has something for everyone—mind readers, vampires, werewolves, soul hunters, angels, demons, sorcerers, Loki, witches, and oracles.

…Just name your demon.

The Thought Readers by Dima Zales

Everyone thinks I’m a genius.

Everyone is wrong.

Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working.

It’s because I cheat.

You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of reality—the place I call “the Quiet”—where I can explore my surroundings while the rest of the world stands still.

I thought I was the only one who could do this—until I met her.

My name is Darren, and this is how I became entangled with all the Russians and learned that I’m a Reader.

Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo

Megan is a typical university student trying to figure out her place in the world, except instead of hoping to pass the bar or get into med school, she’s studying to become a licensed vengeance demon.

Nineteen-year-old Megan Aequitas is the only vengeance demon and trickster hybrid ever born. In a world where vengeance demons are respectable, rule-obsessed guardians of the Cosmic Balance, and tricksters are playful, happy-go-lucky perpetrators of chaos, being half and half is, well, tricky.

Determined to prove herself worthy of her vengeance blood, Megan enrolls in University of Demonic Studies’ prestigious co-op program. Wreaking karmic revenge on wrongdoers from cheaters to crooks sounds fun and simple, if it weren’t for the unsuspecting human roommate, Megan’s flamboyant trickster half-brothers, a changeling-raised fellow outcast, and a trio of evil wannabes. Then one assignment turns deadly when Megan discovers a plot to unleash an ancient force so authoritarian, most creatures would be deemed too unworthy to exist.

After a lifetime of being embarrassed by her trickster tendencies and striving to fit in vengeance society, Megan now has to learn to embrace both of her worlds if she wants to save them.

Secrets of the Hollows by Nicole Morgan

Xavier Currington has spent his entire life hiding from the secret of his family. Being the leader of the Hollows, he lurks behind the shadows of the crime riddled Los Angeles streets.

Finally free of her abusive stepfather and drug addict mother, Elizabeth Hawthorn is faced with new fears. While working to get herself out of the flea bag motel she’s been forced to call home, she is offered a chance to make nearly triple her wages waitressing in one of the top gentlemen’s club in the area.

When Xavier first sets his eyes on Elizabeth he can’t help but pull himself out of the shadows. Her beauty calls to him, but her innocence is what brings him closer. As she falls in deeper with danger, Xavier is faced with the choice of continuing to hide, or saving her before it’s too late.

Discern by Andrea Pearson

He’s dark and powerful, a magical anomaly. She’s inexperienced and untrained. Can they set aside their differences in time to save themselves?

Mysterious disappearances at a popular national park force authorities to organize a university-led expedition, and they’ve invited undergrads to compete to be included. As a talented Arete, Austin is a natural shoe-in. And he’s not the only experienced student competing. Nicole struggles a great deal with her powers, but she knows she has what it takes, and she’s determined to prove that she can produce Wind magic.

With the help of her friends and advice from professors, Nicole pushes the limits of her magical abilities. As the competition heats up, however, she finds out that the trip she’s fighting for may be a one-way ticket…

Discern, Mosaic Chronicles Book One tells a captivating story of adventure, fantasy, and romance. If you like break-the-mold paranormal fiction, romance, and fast-paced adventure, then you’ll love the first book in Andrea Pearson’s groundbreaking and award-winning series!

Wings of Hope by Pippa DaCosta

“I am his muse. But not for long…”

When Mammon, the Prince of Greed, ‘acquires’ a half-blood slave known as ‘Muse’ for three nights, and bespells her with tales of a world where people live like kings and queens among towers of steel and glass, the seed of hope takes root in Muse’s soul. But hope, for a half-human half-demon creature like her, is a dangerous thing. Especially when that tentative hope springs from the honeyed words of a Prince of Hell. What is Mammon’s price for freedom?

Meanwhile Da’mean, her ruthless owner, would rather see her dead, than free. She belongs to him. She is his muse. And no beast will take her from him.

The netherworld is harsh and violent. Muse’s demon kin are merciless, blood-hungry beasts, but little do they know, Muse has something far more dangerous coiled inside her, desperate for a taste of freedom.

Her humanity.

Angel Vindicated by Viola Estrella

Deporting unruly demons back to Hell is what I do best. Demon Control Agent isn’t just my job—it’s my life. Too bad my personal matters aren’t as straightforward. My biggest vice has been Simeon Keller, a half-breed demon, who managed to seduce me five years ago. I’ve avoided him ever since, but I can’t knock the bad reputation the blunder has branded on me. Now, the threat of a demon rebellion has Angels, Inc. overwhelmed, and I’m forced to trust Simeon to help me find the fiends threatening to end Angels’ existence. Staying out of the enemy’s bed is the least of my worries as I fight to keep the earth from falling under demon rule.

Feral by Laxmi Hariharan

From New York Times Bestselling Author Laxmi Hariharan, comes Feral. This 15000 words novella is book 1 in the USA Today Bestselling Many Lives series.

Maya: He is all I ever wanted, and yet I must leave him to find myself first

Luke: I love her so I will let her go; knowing she may never come back

He was her destination she just didn’t know it. When Maya leaves her mate Luke to search for her blood family, she uncovers secrets about her past… secrets that will change her forever. A paranormal romance featuring shifters. About falling in love and finding that place called home.

Looking for epic paranormal romance featuring shifters, vampires and immortals? Then the Many Lives Series is for you.

Tutoring the Wolf by Jacqueline Sweet & Devon March

Cassie Blake is the brightest witch of her generation and has every step of her future planned out. She’s engaged to a handsome, successful man from a good wizarding family and if she can just keep her grades up all of her dreams will come true the second she graduates. But when she’s forced to tutor the rebellious werewolf Malcolm Sheppard everything goes wrong. He’s the worst student the Penrose Academy of Magical Excellence has ever seen–he’d rather spend his days pining for the rock star life he had to leave behind than studying for class. And then there’s that way he looks at her that sends shivers all up and down her spine. Tutoring the Wolf is the first exciting new fantasy romance in the brand-new Penrose Academy world. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce, Patrick Rothfuss who want a little more steam in their magical worlds.

Wolves: I Bring the Fire (Part 1) by C. Gockel

Deporting unruly demons back to Hell is what I do best. Demon Control Agent isn’t just my job—it’s my life. Too bad my personal matters aren’t as straightforward. My biggest vice has been Simeon Keller, a half-breed demon, who managed to seduce me five years ago. I’ve avoided him ever since, but I can’t knock the bad reputation the blunder has branded on me. Now, the threat of a demon rebellion has Angels, Inc. overwhelmed, and I’m forced to trust Simeon to help me find the fiends threatening to end Angels’ existence. Staying out of the enemy’s bed is the least of my worries as I fight to keep the earth from falling under demon rule.

Soul Ties by LJ Swallow

Keir. Half angel, half demon and a hell of a lot hotter than Ava’s usual targets. She’s tempted to get closer to Keir before she takes his soul — if he doesn’t kill her first.

Soul-hunters sent to capture Nephilim souls never return and Ava has no choice. Return with Keir’s soul in exchange for her freedom – or die trying.

She has retrieved hundreds of souls from demons and this mission doesn’t worry her, but Keir isn’t what she expected.

As if battling a Nephilim isn’t enough, Ava faces another hurdle: finding a way past the strange human girl, Dahlia, who has an inexplicable hold on Keir.

The pair have strange secrets, and when Ava uncovers the true fate of the souls she returns to her superiors her world flips. She finds herself in the middle of a war where the lines between good and evil are blurred. Ava has two choices: kill Keir and trade his soul for her freedom, or help the man she loves and risk eternity in hell.

Romancing the Null by Tina Gower

There are three kinds of lies.

Lies the fates spin as half truths.

Lies of destined love.

And statistics.

As a fateless, Kate Hale is immune to the first two, but the third kind of lie is her profession. After spending years as an actuary for the Traffic Department, Kate is promoted to Accidental Death Predictions. It’s all she’s worked toward, and her career is finally on track. But when an oracle delivers an impossible death prediction and insists on her help to solve the case, she might lose any chance of impressing the brass.

Her only hope comes in the form of the police liaison assigned to her department, latent werewolf Ian Becker. Becker can grant her the clearance to find answers, but he’s a wild card with a shady past who doesn’t play well with others.

Every prediction has a loophole, but if Kate can’t solve the case before the crime is fated to occur she won’t just lose her job–she’ll have the blood of an oracle on her hands.

Crimson Shadow: Noir by Nathan Squiers

Xander Stryker wants to die.

Ever since witnessing his mother’s murder at the hands of his abusive stepfather when he was a boy, he has spent every day trying to reach that goal. But every night he’s denied the death he craves. As his eighteenth birthday approaches, a chance for change is offered when his life is plunged into a supernatural world of vampires and other creatures of darkness.

Caught in the depths of this new reality, mysteries of his vampiric lineage begin to unravel and he’s offered the ultimate choice:

Continue on with his wretched human life or begin a new one as the vampire prodigy he was always meant to be.

Unfortunately, the supernatural world can be just as unforgiving and brutal as any other and Xander’s choice is met with disastrous consequences.

Now, with little support and even less hope, the chaos of his new world collides with his torturous past and threatens to crush him once and for all.

A Touch of Darkness by Yelena Casale & Tina Moss

Cassie Durrett dreams of the darkness. And lives the nightmare. She’s working for a tightwad boss at a pretentious NYC diner, dealing with paralyzing pain that doctors can’t diagnose, and trying to hide her hands that glow purple whenever she …well, whenever.

So, when mystery man, Gabe, walks out of her dreams and into her life to spout some nonsense about her being a mythical creature, she chalks it up to one more crazy thing to add to her it’s-a-crappy-life list. Yet, when his predictions start to come true, she’ll need his help to beat back the darkness-spawned creatures invading her reality.

Pretty soon Gabe has her running half way across the country in search of answers. As a bond grows between them, Cassie worries not about losing her mind to the paranormal madness, nor her life to hellish monsters. Rather her deepest fear is surrendering her heart to a powerful man fallen from grace.

See You In Hell by Demelza Carlton

Melody Angel takes a job as a temp at the HELL Corporation. Surrounded by eternal bureaucracy gone mad, demons who love making life miserable, and dying for a decent coffee, it may take a miracle for Mel’s mission to succeed. She must find out what evil plans Lucifer and his minions have in store and stop them, using any means necessary.

Adding trouble and temptation to Mel’s job is Luce Iblis, the damnably hot CEO, who has set his smouldering eyes on the new office angel and he’s determined to claim her, body and soul.

Can ultimate evil and angelic perfection escape a limbo of desire and find a paradise of their own?

BONUS STORY: The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales

Once a respected member of the Sorcerer Council and now an outcast, Blaise has spent the last year of his life working on a special magical object. The goal is to allow anyone to do magic, not just the sorcerer elite. The outcome of his quest is unlike anything he could’ve ever imagined – because, instead of an object, he creates Her.

She is Gala, and she is anything but inanimate. Born in the Spell Realm, she is beautiful and highly intelligent – and nobody knows what she’s capable of. She will do anything to experience the world . . . even leave the man she is beginning to fall for.

Augusta, a powerful sorceress and Blaise’s former fiancée, sees Blaise’s deed as the ultimate hubris and Gala as an abomination that must be destroyed. In her quest to save the human race, Augusta will forge new alliances, becoming tangled in a web of intrigue that stretches further than any of them suspect. She may even have to turn to her new lover Barson, a ruthless warrior who might have an agenda of his own . . .

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Wolf Pack New Year’s Resolution Hop!


Ever wonder what a hunky shifter or a spunky heroine would make as a New Year’s resolution? Or maybe you’re interested in what a Wolf Pack author is resolving for the New Year. Now is your chance to find out!

Some Wolf Pack authors are posting resolutions for their characters on their Facebook pages. Plus, each author is hosting a gi*ve*aw*ay!
How This Hop Works:
— Click HERE to see a list of participating authors, the links to their Facebook pages and their gi*ve*aw*ay prizes
— start by clicking on an author’s Facebook link (their name)
— enter the author’s giveaway by liking, sharing or commenting on the giveaway post (it should be pinned at the top of their page, with the fox graphic above)
— repeat through the list – you can enter each giveaway for more chances to win!

And check out Gideon Blackburn’s New Year’s Resolution HERE for a chance to W I N big!


Haunted By Love By: Lori King


Haunted By Love

By: Lori King



It was the dare to end all dares, and she didn’t have the option of backing down. Spend Halloween night in the haunted castle in the forest. She figured it would be easy enough; after all, she didn’t believe in ghosts.
13767114_650287395121222_5806237287186676739_oA hundred years trapped in an inescapable hell had twisted his heart into a black rock of despair and loathing for everything human. Many had tested his limits over the centuries, but none had reached into his soul the way she did.
To overcome, he was to reach her, but she doesn’t believe. Will they both spend the rest of eternity haunted by love?
This story was originally published in the Shifters Hallows Eve Anthology Fall 2016.


Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:
hbl-promo-1What in Gods name was the woman doing? She’d just shut herself in the maids closet for a few moments and then reappeared with a smile on her face. Gideon waited for her to kneel on the floor of his bedroom before he flew across the beamed ceilings to peer down at her. She was quite lovely.
Her dark hair was pulled up in an unusual hairstyle that twisted around into a knot, but left the ends sticking out so they cascade over the bun in a fall of curls. She wore tiny golden rings in her ears, and a delicate gold chain around her elegant throat. He could envision her dressed as the ladies of his time, dripping in gemstones that he gifted her, and shrouded in satin and silks.
When she bent and began spreading a fabric bed on the floor, he was treated to a view of her perfectly rounded rear, and the part of him that still remained in touch with the man he was, reacted very physically. His claws knocked a broken shard of rock from the walls edge to the floor, and the woman shrieked with fear, her eyes wide and glassy as she spun to look his way. The moment she saw him, she relaxed and took a deep breath.
“Just a bird. Thank God.”
Gideon didn’t like her tone of voice, but it wasn’t like he could protest verbally. If he shifted now she’d run screaming, and he’d never understand this compulsive need to claim her.
The first time he’d laid eyes on her, she’d been but a child. Freckled nose, bare toes, and a gap toothed grin that warmed his dead soul. She’d been a frequent visitor to his home for years, and then one day she was gone. All this time he’d wondered about her, dreamed of her, fantasized about them, never once imagining she’d actually return.
“You’re a pretty girl, aren’t you?”
It took him a moment to realize she was still talking to his raven, and when he did, he took offense, cocking his head to the side in irritation. How could she possibly think he was a female? What female wore her blue-black feathers so brilliantly, he’d like to know?
“Make yourself at home, pretty girl. We have a long night ahead of us,” she paused and then turned back to the fabric bed she’d laid out, “Although I can’t say I don’t appreciate the company.”
Gideon watched her carefully pull a device from the pocket of her pants and tab at it with her fingers. After a moment she made a rather nasty noise and cursed.
“Fucking hell. No signal. Of course, I don’t know why I thought there would be.” She dropped onto her rear end on the floor and tossed the device aside as if it had offended her. “So no Candy Crush, no Netflix, no social media…what the hell am I going to do in this big old empty place all night?”
Oh how he wished he could offer her a few options.
“It’s just you and me, pretty girl. Oh, and the ghost downstairs.” She giggled, and he felt his feathers ruffle lightly at the sound. It had been so long since he’d experienced joy, would he ever feel it again? “I have a book on my ereader program I could read, but I’m not much in the mood. I’ve already explored this floor, and there’s no way I’m going back down there.” hbl-promo-3
Her eyes drifted over the walls and ceiling, taking in every cobweb and corner before they came back to rest on him. “Do ravens sing? I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to a raven before. You’re so quiet…I guess that answers my question.” She wiped her palms nervously on her thighs. “Well, I sing, and I guess tonight you can just listen. I need something to take my mind off where I am.”
The sound that came from her throat was like that of the angel’s choir, and Gideon had trouble maintaining his shift as she sang about a dream and a wish the heart makes. What kind of dreams and wishes were in his lady-love’s heart, he wondered? Did they consist of a tall, dark, and handsome ghost/raven shifter?

Sneak Peek: Paw Prints on Her Heart COMING Jan 31!


We’re only 25 days away from release day, and I thought you might like a sneak peek!

It’s completely unedited, so be nice! 🙂

“Payton? Can you open your eyes?”

She knew that voice. Dr. Sexy.

Her eyes opened slightly and focused on the smiling face of Luke Gillian.

“That’s a good girl. A little wider now and I can check your pupils. Did you hit your head?”

His question only caused more confusion. She didn’t recall falling, how would she know if she hit her head. When she tried to lift her hand to check, it caught on something, and an animal whined. Jerking her head in the direction of the dog, she inhaled sharply when the whole world spun for a second.

“Easy there. Looks like you hit your head pretty hard. I’m going to take you into the back and check you over, okay?” Luke’s arms slid underneath her, and before Payton could agree or disagree he was lifting her off the floor in his strong grip.

Her arm tugged hard, and she realized the leash was still attached to her wrist. Twisting her hand, she tried to release it, and Luke chuckled.

“Don’t worry, he’ll follow along.”

To her surprise the dog didn’t balk once. He followed Luke as he carried her through the door into the back of the clinic and set her up on a high counter top. She couldn’t shake off the physical interest in him, especially with his biceps flexing like that around her and in front of her. The man was gorgeous.

“I’m just going to do a few simple checks, nothing invasive. I just want to know if we need to call an ambulance. Do you know where you are?”

“Vet’s office.”

“Good, and do you remember what brought you here?”

Her eyes shot to the colorful dog who sat nearby watching their interaction.


“Right, your new dog. And why did you get a new dog?”

“Dr. Hall made me.”

Her response seemed to catch Luke off guard and he hesitated before answering. “Okay. Can you tell me if you hurt anywhere?”

“No, I’m perfect.”

“Yeah, you are…”

This time it was her giving him a surprised look. What did he mean by that?


Payton Storm served her country with honor and loyalty, until an IED ended her career and scarred her for life. Struggling to overcome PTSD and find her purpose in life again, she agrees to a long-term stay at Crawley Creek Ranch under the care of a PTSD specialist. She’s surrounded by happy people who have no comprehension of the nightmares she battles, and a four legged furry friend who’s supposed to be her lifeline to recovery. What could possibly go wrong?

Single father, Luke Gillian, has been the Montford veterinarian for most of his adult life. In fact, he’s barely left the town he grew up in. Arguments with his belligerent teenage son, and the pressure of a down economy have left Luke in a dark place. Until a ray of sunshine appears in his life with her injured service dog. Could Payton be the change his life needs?

Two people with too many problems to open their hearts, but fate won’t take no for an answer.



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A New Year, a bunch of Thanks!

2016 is well and truly over, and while I’m not sad to see it go, I have to admit some great things happened last year.

  1. I was able to travel to multiple events this year from Clear Lake, IA, and Nashville, TN, to Las Vegas, and Minneapolis, I got to see hundreds of readers and connect with my friends. I truly had a ball as you can see in the pics below!

11-5-16-01-angela-marie-ready-to-read-romance-omaha-ne 4-30-16-megan-asmus-and-tabatha-dahl 4-30-16-james-paluska-and-me 10-22-16-book-cover-bingo-21

lisa-mancl-stacy-jordet-and-lori-king     10-21-16-lip-sync-battles-14   5-14-16-stacy-jordet-lori-king-lisa-carlton


























2. I got to take my son on a road trip through Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana! This summer we have big plans to check out Oklahoma and Texas because our trip got cut short. Darn uterus. 😀

3. My oldest son started high-school and he’s loving it! In fact, he got a part in the very first play he auditioned for. Super proud mama moment.

4. I got to be here to enjoy watching my sons grow and change for another year. This one is huge for me. Two health scares definitely put things into perspective.

5. In partnership with two of my best friends, Bryce Evans, and KD Jones, I opened Romance Rebels Publishing! Our publishing house is focused on doing what’s best for authors and helping them grow in the business so that they can ultimately step out on their own if that’s what they want to do. We focused our attentions on multiple author projects and the results were astounding!

6. I published SEVEN stories this year!

Sunnyside Up

Hawke’s Salvation

Fantasy Surrender

Handcuffed by Destiny

The Lawman’s Lover

Haunted by Love


7. My Facebook reader group: The Brat Pack, grew by leaps and bounds as I met and got to know new readers all over the world! They’ve become my online family and I couldn’t do this everyday without their support!

As you see, I have LOTS to be thankful for on this first day of 2017. I have a HUGE list of things happening this year, and that includes more Crawley Creek, the final Surrender story, my new werewolf shifter series-White-Raven Pack Chronicles, and several more group projects!

I owe several people BIG thank you’s for helping me get through everything in 2016, but I specifically want to thank Trish Bowers, and Stacey Price (the two best assistants EVAH).

As well as Chris, Karen, Nancy, Jamie, and Lisa for being a SUPERB group of Beta readers, and my 4 critique partners: Elle Boon, Caitlyn O’Leary, Bryce Evans, and KD Jones.

And my Book Bustin’ Brats who never cease to pimp me out wherever they can, and last but not least, my favorite traveling buddy Stacy J. Without all of you readers supporting my books and encouraging me, I think I’d have fallen to pieces this year. Thank you and bless you all! I look forward to so much fun with you in 2017!

Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori



Couldn’t get the book from ARE even though you bought it?

ATTN Readers: If you are unable to download any of my titles that you legitimately purchased on All Romance ebooks, please contact me at with proof of purchase and I will send you a copy of the title. I do not want my readers penalized for the stupidity of a distributed. – Lori


*Not sure what’s going on? Here’s the basic info:

#6SentenceSunday from FROST-BITTEN by Lori King #SnowyKnights Anthology


New this month from Romance Rebels Publishing: Snowy Knights Anthology!


He’d been avoiding the truth until this moment, but now that he’d tasted her, it was impossible to ignore. Aubrey Celine was his fated mate. His destiny. The other half of his soul. He didn’t know why fate would bring her to him now instead of a year ago before she’d been with someone else, and he didn’t have the first clue how they’d make things work, but he’d be damned if he’d let her go now.

She was his.

Snowy Knights: 10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romantic Rescue Stories

When the cold hits, only he can warm her…

This December, snuggle up with 10 BRAND NEW romantic rescue stories! From literal heroes in the snow, to the bad boy whose soul is saved by love. These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart.






KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm



WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows

SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol

SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott






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Complete list of Giveaways from #SnowyKnights 12 Days of Christmas-Open until Dec 31!






Just to make sure you didn’t miss a SINGLE giveaway, I’ve compiled a whole list!

Snowy Knights 12 Days of Christmas Complete list of Giveaways so far….


Winners will be chosen 12/31/16


$250 Gift Card – Rafflecopter



Day 1     From Snowy Knights: 5 x $5 Gift Cards



Day 2     From Amy J Hawthorn: Dark Horse Inc. Tshirt & $10 Amazon Gift Card



Day 3     From TL Reeve: 4 Book Prize Pack


Day 4     From April Zyon: $20 Amazon Gift Card & Book Necklace


Day 5     From Rose Nickol: $10 Amazon Gift Card



Day 6     From Gracie Meadows: 2 x $10 Amazon Gift Cards


Day 7     From Nicole Morgan: Holiday Wine Glasses



Day 8     From Kayleigh Malcolm: $10 Amazon Gift Card


Day 9     From Michel Prince: Signed copy of Unwrapping A Marriage


Day 10 From Lizabeth Scott: $20 Amazon Gift Card


Day 11 From Lori King: 2 stuffed Polar bears & $5 Amazon Gift cards


                From Lori King: Ebook from Crawley Creek



                From Lori King: Gold Padlock Necklace



Day 12 From Romance Rebels Publishing: Kindle Fire


#12DaysofGiveaways Day 12: Romance Rebels Publishing SNOWY KNIGHTS



Snowy Knights

10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romantic Rescue Stories

When the cold hits, only he can warm her…

This December, snuggle up with 10 BRAND NEW romantic rescue stories! From literal heroes in the snow, to the bad boy whose soul is saved by love. These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart.





KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm



WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows

SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol

SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott





Amazon UK:

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