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White-Raven Pack



Nixed by Lori King

Annabelle Raven has grown up with Nix Whiteoak as her family’s deadly enemy, while he has spent years defending his family from her pack’s killer forces. Both sides have lost in this feud as they find themselves dying off with only a legend to guide them. They’d both do anything to protect and care for their families, even if that means marrying the enemy.

Face to face with destiny the two find themselves caught in a whirlwind of lust and raw emotions. Is it possible that fate has played the dirtiest trick of all on them both? Could they really be fated mates?

Currently included in the Happily Furever Anthology available HERE 



Apprehension warred with excitement as Annabelle approached the meeting place. It was at this same spot she’d seen Nix from across the river before, and she briefly wondered how he planned to cross the thirty-foot expanse of rolling water before a noise ahead caught her attention. Beside her, Nina went on full alert in her wolf form, and Annabelle shushed her. A delicious fragrance filled her senses, and she felt her own wolf fighting to push free.

Unable to control herself, she began to move forward more quickly, desperate to get to whatever that wonderful scent was. It called to her, and she felt an inexplicable need to immerse herself in it.

Nina let out a soft chuff, but Annabelle couldn’t slow herself. Leaving her best friend behind, she stepped free of the trees and came face to face with her destiny.

Nix stood in all his masculine glory, not ten feet from her, and she had a miniscule panic attack as reality hit her. Phoenix Whiteoak, Jr. was her mate. Her soul mate. Her true mate. The man she was destined to spend her life with.

Her human side battled back against the instinctive desire to throw herself into his arms and beg him to make love to her. This was her enemy. The demon spawn who helped plot the deaths of dozens of her family and friends. How could he possibly be her mate?

“Hello, Annabelle.”

Even his voice was sinfully delicious.

She swallowed hard and heard herself whisper, “This can’t be happening.”

His full lips curled up on one side and he nodded. “That’s what I thought when I realized it too.”

“You knew?” she asked, her voice sounding stronger as she regained partial control of her body again. Her wolf wasn’t happy to be forced back, but at least she was cognizant of herself again.

He nodded, “I realized it just before your brothers died, but I couldn’t reach out after what happened.”

“That was two years ago,” she said, hearing an unflattering whine in her own voice that irritated her. “You couldn’t have said anything in two years?’

“I never figured out how. Would your pack have let me waltz onto your lands based on my word that we were mates?”

No, they wouldn’t. She could admit that to herself. They’d have killed him on sight.

“How is this happening?” It changed everything. Her clothes felt too hot and too tight. She couldn’t stay still, her wolf wanted to be free.

“Breathe, baby. Close your eyes and breathe through your mouth. It’ll help tamp down the need.”

Annabelle found herself doing what he said without a second thought. He was right. Without his scent flooding her senses, she was able to think more clearly.

“I’ve never felt anything like this before.” She opened her eyes to find him moving closer. “I don’t like not being able to control this.”

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