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Crawley Creek

I have lots planned for Crawley Creek in 2017. Dust on the Bottle will release in Feb 2017. This is a Crawley Creek sister story that is also a crossover with Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah Kindle World!

Country Vows (Crawley Creek 8) will follow in June, and I have Painting Her Hero (Crawley Creek 9) tentatively planned for September.



Storm Corps

This new series will debut in 2017 and will follow the Storm Brother’s who you might recall from Paw Prints on Her Heart (Crawley Creek 7). Payton Storm’s five brothers are Marine’s or former Marine’s and they’re about to get swept away by their soul mates.



Surrender Series

Fantasy Surrender is getting an overhaul in 2017! I will be expanding the story into a full length novel and rereleasing it. Sadly, that will be the last installment in this beloved series, but don’t fret, I have plenty of other books planned.



Fetish & Fantasy Series

This series was completed in 2015, and can be purchased everywhere!



The Gray Pack

This series is currently with a publisher, but I will start reclaiming the rights to it in July 2017. With that I plan to revise, reedit, recover and RE-RELEASE the series one book at a time. I don’t get the last title (Honor of the Wolf) back until Feb 2020, so that is the soonest I will be able to release Book 7. Don’t worry, The Gray Pack still has a lot of stories to tell, and I even have a plan to write about the Diego Pack in the future.



White-Raven Chronicles

This series began with the short story, NIXED, that was part of the Alpha Shifters After Dark Anthology in 2016. I have the story back and I’m expanding it into a full length novel for release. Ideally that will come out in late Feb or March 2017.

I’m in a constant state of flux, and of course real life happens, so if the dates get adjusted you’ll have to forgive me. 🙂 I’ll do my best to keep you up to date!


Love Lori

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