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Stand Alone Books


Dr. Quinn Jameson has secured his future by submerging himself in his career, but no amount of money in the world can ease his loneliness. Polar bear shifters aren’t pack creatures, but his soul craves more out of life. When a feisty female tiger shifter begs him for help, he’s unable to resist, and finds himself embroiled in a dangerous situation.

Aubrey Celine is in a bad spot. Pregnant and on the run, she’s out of options until she wakes up in the hospital under the care of a delicious looking Doctor. Can she trust another man after what her ex has put her through? Or has her heart frozen solid?

In the midst of an epic blizzard, these two strangers must rely on each other to stay alive, but every time they’re alone the heat between them could melt the ice caps. How far will they go to avoid getting frost bite?

*Originally part of the Snowy Knights Anthology Dec 2016*



Sebastian Jameson has secrets he doesn’t want the world to know, but his career as an artist is taking off making the world want to know everything about him.

Paige Harth has her own secrets she’s keeping, but she can’t seem to keep them from the devastatingly handsome Sebastian.

An art heist will bring these two shifters to the forefront of the news media, and whether they’re forced to unite, or risk exposing each other.

*Originally part of the Heart’s Unleashed Anthology Oct 2021*


Claiming Her Best Friend’s SonERO1737-cropped

Maria has been alone for far too long. Her needs are nearly overwhelming her, and it doesn’t help that her best friend’s son Gavin is living with her while he attends college. When their mutual lust finally explodes, they’re both going to get burned.

*Released as a free read to Newsletter Subscribers July 2017*


Haunted By Love


It was the dare to end all dares, and she didn’t have the option of backing down. Spend Halloween night in the haunted castle in the forest. She figured it would be easy enough; after all, she didn’t believe in ghosts.

A hundred years trapped in an inescapable hell had twisted his heart into a black rock of despair and loathing for everything human. Many had tested his limits over the centuries, but none had reached into his soul the way she did.

To overcome, he has to reach her, but she doesn’t believe. Will they both spend the rest of eternity haunted by love?

*Originally part of the Shifters Hallows Eve Collection Fall 2016*


TemptingTanner-AmazonTempting Tanner

Ashley Gahl lost her virginity in a wild moment of passion after a night of celebration, and Tanner Lake has haunted her dreams ever since. One-night flings aren’t suitable for relationships, so she’s determined to pretend it never happened, only he reappears in her life, and throws her carefully laid out plans into disarray. When he becomes a permanent fixture in her world as her new stepbrother, she knows she should put their passionate past behind her, but she finds herself craving him more and more. Is she really ready for the whirlwind that Tempting Tanner will bring?

*Originally part of the Irrevocably Claimed Anthology November 2015*



Growth Ringsgrowthrings

A Collection of Poetry

From the romantic fantasies of a teenager, to the joys of motherhood, and the sorrows of a twenty one year old divorcee, Growth Rings encompasses the rise and fall of childhood dreams. It is a peek into the mind of a child who struggled to love herself in spite of damaging experiences, and a woman who hasn’t figured out how to love her inner child. Walk with me through the ebbs and flows of my growth rings. Journey through pain and triumph occasionally examining the effect that societies prejudice, has had on me as an individual. It’s my reality, and my fantasy all neatly packaged in a series of poems.


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