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@AutismAwareness Month Giveaway 2 – JEWELRY!



The campaign for Autism Awareness is particularly personal for me because I have several family members on the spectrum. One of my nieces was just diagnosed at eleven years old, but has struggled her whole life with being “different.” She’s an exceptional girl, with a mind that never stops working. Spending time with her truly keeps me on my toes, and the conversations I have with her are astonishing for someone so young. I wonder sometimes why people say that people with Autism are disabled, when in fact, they’re just viewing the world through a different lens. Certainly some folks have more struggles than others, but with my niece, I think her Autism has been a blessing in my life. It’s made me look at things her way instead of society’s way. That in itself is a miracle.

This week my giveaway is for this stunning necklace by Etsy shop: Under Cover of Lightness

Autism Necklace

Winner will be announced here on my blog on April 12th! To enter, just comment here with how someone with Autism has impacted your life in a positive way!

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#AutismAwarenessMonth Lularoe Leggings Giveaway!

Giveaway is closed – winner announced.


In honor of April being Autism Awareness Month, I’m going to be posting a few different giveaways this month via my social media! The first is a giveaway on Facebook for these incredibly hard to find Autism Puzzle Piece heart Lularoe Leggings. They’re in Tween size, which for you non-legging folks means they’ll fit the kiddo in your life.

Check out the giveaway post here: Facebook/LoriKing and be sure to share!

Tween Autism leggings


View the debauchery – okay, so maybe it was just drunkenness… #WWW2017 and #KIKC17

In the last month I’ve gotten to meet so many fabulous people it would be impossible to name them all, but I treasure the memories from both Wild Wicked Weekend 2017, and Kinky in Kansas City 2017. They were both amazing trips, and they’ve really helped me reenergize my desire to write. Check out some of the fun I had…

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Release Day Re/Viewed by Michelle Zurlo

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As a writer for The Eclectic Traveler, adventuresome daredevil Tru Martin indulges her penchant for travel and thrills of all sorts. After her discovery of a murder victim brings two sexy FBI agents into her life, Tru suggests combining their efforts instead of letting their interest in her divide them. Reviewed teaser 1

With a murderer on the loose and a crime ring known as The Eye to bring down, Jed Kinsley and Liam Adair are game to give it a try. Though Liam is new to the lifestyle, Jed is an experienced Dom, and the trio goes undercover to a private, fetish-friendly inn and there assume the roles of a submissive and her two Doms. As the investigation heats up, so does their chemistry. Jed and Liam soon discover they want more from this uniquely sensual woman, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with them.

Warnings: Menage, D/s, anal sex, double penetration, base jumping, and an unpredictable sixth sense

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Word Count: 104,544
Page Count: 421

ISBN: 978-1-942414-23-0
Print ISBN: 978-1-942414-24-7


PG Excerpt/Tru:
Tru wasn’t afraid of death. It happened to everyone eventually, and it was what you did with the moments between then and now that mattered. She climbed onto the edge of the basket. From this height, she knew she could get at least a ten count out of it, but the daredevil part of her wanted to push for longer. “I count twenty, and then I throw the pilot chute.”
Well aware of her love of adventure, Elvis shook his head and chuckled. “Ten, fourteen if you want to push it, but don’t go longer than that. We’re not that high up. You have an altimeter, so don’t forget to use it. Don’t push past 250 feet. If you’re panicking, it’s okay to pull it early, better to be safe than a pancake. If you really open up in your batsuit, you’ll definitely get 10 seconds of flight time.” He pointed to a field in the distance. Two trucks, tiny like toys, were parked on the road next to it. “James is waiting for you there.”
Reviewed teaser 2.1As she threw a leg over the edge, Tru winked at Elvis. “See you on the other side.” She jumped straight out, careful to keep her eyes on the horizon so that she didn’t become disoriented. It was different than skydiving from an airplane. The wall of air was missing, and she found that she loved the complete lack of sound. She spread her wings. Wind whistled past her ears, but it was the kind that enveloped her in silence and wrapped her in a singular cocoon. This mindless nothingness, these moments of pure delight, was the sweet bliss she spent her life chasing. She was gloriously adrift.
Ten seconds might not seem like a lot of time, but with the absence of everything, it stretched to an eternity. Even the ground rising up to meet her took on a surreal quality. It was deaf and blind, shades of green and brown that meant nothing and everything all at once. It was breathless beauty, earthy and elemental in its stunning simplicity. And it was the void, that great, black nothingness where she stored her most precious parts. She lived a lifetime in those ten seconds, but a check of her altimeter showed that she’d run out of time.
Reluctantly she pulled the pilot chute to open her parachute. With a tremendous whoosh, it deployed, jerking her from the freefall and delaying the moment of death. The ground still rushed at her, but it came slower, and it seemed suddenly real. As she fell, she used the handles to steer so that she didn’t end up in a tree or an awkward bush. Soon she felt her feet make contact, and she ran a few steps until the chute touched down as well.

Michele Zurlo
Coming March 14: Re/Viewed (DFBI 6)
Now Available:
Treasure Me (SAFE Security 1)
Website   RB4U    Kissing Bandits Blog

Release Day Finding Leigh by Amy J. Hawthorn

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Finding Leigh – Dark Horse Inc. Book 3


A ghost emerges from Rick’s past, kidnapping the woman he loves and the leader of Dark Horse Inc. will stop at nothing to get her back.
Leigh Ann MacDonald values love and loyalty above all else. When Rick denies their attraction, he deals a callous blow to her tender heart, but their search for the little girl with no home brings them back together. Their passion grows, but when frustration mounts, can their love survive a race against time? Terror, multiplying obstacles, and a search for a missing girl—it’s time to call in Dark Horse Inc.


“Leigh, you don’t have to do this.” Despite his concession, she heard the desire in his husky voice. He wanted her every bit as much as he wanted to be the good guy.
“I know. This isn’t pity sex. This is me, expressing my hunger for a man that is absolutely worthy of everything good the world has to offer. I found the man of my dreams, and I’m not letting him get away. Neither will I let him suffer alone. Is that okay with you?”
The light in his eyes flickered in the darkness, hunger coming to life. She sat on the desk’s edge and took his face in her palms. Without waiting for a response, she set her mouth upon his, kissing away the sorrow. He tasted of pure sin. Sweet ice cream, a hint of coffee, and all man. Her man.
His hands found the clasps of her bra and sent it flying, freeing her aching breasts. Deliciously rough palms cupped their weight. His thumbs caressed over her nipples.
Desperate with need for this man, she pulled free and dropped to her knees. She unfastened his pants and freed his erection. Steel hard, eager, it waited for her. Her mouth watered at the sight. His body, just like his very character, defined raw, masculine, power.
She took him in her mouth and hands, working a labor of love to bring him pleasure.
Each of his groans rumbled through her, spreading tremors of dark joy through every fiber of her being. He cupped her jaw and swept his thumbs over her cheeks. She might be the one on her knees, but she felt utterly worshiped as he bathed her in praise. Love.
She flicked her tongue at the underside of his cock, making it buck. He groaned louder and longer. Lost in her own pleasure, she hummed.
Suddenly, strong hands gripped under her arms and lifted her from the floor. He set her on her feet and tore at the button of her jeans. It popped free, then he yanked the zipper down. “Rick, this was supposed to be my turn to give to you.”
“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that thought. I also don’t care. One thing I forgot to tell you about me? I’m as greedy and bossy in the bedroom as I am in life, maybe more so. You’re going to have to learn how to deal with that.” He pushed both hands into the back of her pants and beneath her panties, shoving them down as he went. His palms smoothed over the flesh of her bottom, down to the backs of her thighs. “Off.” He punctuated his command with a light slap to one cheek. “All of it off. Now.”

Leigh Teaser Big Boy

“Yes, sir.” She answered him playfully, but she wasn’t so sure that he didn’t take her seriously.
She did as he’d instructed. Shedding the suddenly constricting denim, she bared herself to him.
“My turn to play. Sit. Open your legs.” Her breath hitched at the image he created. Again, she complied, even as her heart stopped at his devilish grin. He took her place, kneeling on the floor, facing the desk.
“Here. Put your feet on the chair. He demonstrated by taking one trembling foot, kissing the top of it, then placing it at the chair’s front edge, against the padded armrest. She placed the other foot on the chair’s opposite side. He remained in between her legs, his rugged, virile presence saturating her with aching need.
She hadn’t known it was possible to feel so vulnerable and overwhelmingly aroused at the same time.
Only Rick.
He swept his palms slowly up her knees to her inner thighs. His dark eyes met hers. She felt pinned in place by the intense possessive heat simmering deep inside their depths. “Put your palms flat on the desktop. Don’t move.” She complied and felt the hard, cold wood beneath her hands.
“Sweetheart, you might want to breathe.” His focus then left her face and moved lower. “You’ll regret passing out and missing this.” He blew a hot breath over the flesh between her legs.
Oh, my.
She grew dizzy as indescribable, decadent sensations rippled through her.
He braced his palms on the uppermost part of her inner thighs and opened her wide. Then he kissed her. His hot mouth closed over her pussy and hummed. He flattened his tongue, sweeping a long lick up the valley of her flesh.
Unbidden, a whimper of desperate need escaped her. She shifted her weight to one hand and grasped the top of his head with the other. Her fingers gripped his hair, holding on for dear life. Intense, bright joy whipped through her as he licked over her again, slowing his progress to a crawl as he came to her clit. When another jolt of electric bliss hit her, she didn’t know whether to urge him on and beg him to never stop or beg him to quit before she fell so far deep into his spell, she’d never find her way back to sanity.
He flicked a light tap over her exposed flesh. “I don’t think so. Palms flat on the desk or I’ll stop.”
“Damn you, stubborn man.” She snapped her hand back to its former place on the cold wood.
“Relax.” When he nudged lightly against her thighs she realized they ached from pushing against the hands holding her open. She took a deep breath and tried to do as he said.
Relax. She almost laughed at the absurdity of the idea.


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First Ride Cowboy Collection You Never Forget Your First…The Real McCoy by Sabrina York

first-ride-collectionSaddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you’ll never forget.

Released February 3rd!





The Real McCoy by Sabrina York

When Crystal Wilson gets roped into a wild, girls-only weekend at a rowdy “stud” ranch, the last thing she wants to do is tangle with a bunch of half-naked men pretending to be cowboys. But when she meets Ford McCoy, she can’t help but be attracted to his dark, dominant, gruff appeal.
What she doesn’t know is that Ford isn’t a stripper. He’s her friend’s overprotective brother, there to make sure his little sister doesn’t get into any trouble. She’s surprised at the passion that flares between them. In fact, what she has with Ford might just be what she’s been looking for all along.
It’s a pity the sexy rancher isn’t in the market for a city girl.

First Ride Cowboy Collection You Never Forget Your First…Jake: Men of Clifton by Susan Fisher Davis

first-ride-collectionSaddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you’ll never forget.

Released February 3rd!





Jake: Men of Clifton by Susan Fisher Davis

Jake Stone isn’t happy about Hattie’s granddaughter suddenly appearing to take over her ranch after Hattie’s death, but he knows she’d want him to make her welcome. He just didn’t expect to like the stubborn redhead quite so much. Becca Daniels has inherited a horse ranch from a grandmother she never knew. To sell it, she has to live on it for six months. Otherwise, it goes up for auction. Now it seems someone else wants it and is trying to run her off. Now, with her horses stolen, her home invaded, and threats made against her if she doesn’t leave, Becca doesn’t know where to put her trust. What sinister plot is underway to force her hand? Worst of all, could the gorgeous cowboy who’s managed to steal her heart be behind it all?

First Ride Cowboy Collection You Never Forget Your First…Under Pressure by Rhonda Lee Carver

first-ride-collectionSaddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you’ll never forget.

Released February 3rd!






Under Pressure by Rhonda Lee Carver

The oldest of three sisters, Jewels Stone takes care of everyone, especially those she loves. When she finds out the youngest Stone is duped, she plans to rope and wrangle the cowboy to teach him a lesson on how to treat a woman.
Tied to a bedpost and as mad as a hornet, Spark Ryder wants to toss Jewels over his knee and spank her. Problem is, he’d enjoy it too much. Held hostage by rope and wax strips, he tries to convince her that she has the wrong cowboy. But how can he convince her that he’s innocent when she’s out to settle a score against all men?
While seeking revenge, Jewels finds a passion that’ll have her hanging by a dream. The pressure is too much and loose threads holding the past begin to unravel. Her brain urges her to run while her heart wishes to stay.
Spark wants nothing but distance with Jewels, but when things start to heat up on the Rhinestone Ranch, he samples Jewels’ treasure and finds himself on the wrong end of the rope again – but it’s his soul that’s bound to a woman who will never trust.
He wants to stitch her broken heart, but will he walk before his own heart is in need of mending?

First Ride Cowboy Collection You Never Forget Your First…River’s Edge by Gem Sivad

first-ride-collectionSaddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you’ll never forget.

Released February 3rd!





River’s Edge by Gem Sivad

River Prescott has everything she’s ever wanted – except perhaps a man. The unconventional ranch owning artist is very certain she doesn’t want a husband. But sometimes she can’t help wishing for a lover; especially after her new neighbor trespasses and she gets a full-frontal view of his assets.
Edge Grayson moves onto the rundown spread he’s inherited, expecting to stay aloof from nearby town business. But between local artist, River Prescott’s determination to seduce him and protecting her from a killer on the prowl, the ex-gunslinger is finding respectability a lot more dangerous than his former life of sin.

First Ride Cowboy Collection You Never Forget Your First…Cowboys Never Fold by Lexi Post

first-ride-collectionSaddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you’ll never forget.

Released February 3rd!






Cowboys Never Fold by Lexi Post

Former professional poker player, Kendra “Night Owl” Lowe, is determined to make her new Poker Flat Nudist Resort successful, even if it means relying on her own two hands and a few misfit employees. All bets are off, however, when Wade Johnson arrives, her fourth stable manager in less than four months, and her attention wanders to his broad shoulders, six-pack abs, and polite ways. But she’s his boss and giving in to temptation could mean jeopardizing her operation. Something she refuses to do.
Wade Johnson only agreed to work at Poker Flat because he owed his best friend a favor. Now he has to discover why the last three stable mangers quit and fulfill the requirements of his position, while trying to keep his hands off the smart, sexy, unreadable owner. But even as his body and heart become more involved, new “unfortunate events” occur to threaten the resort.
As Wade draws closer to learning the truth, his own truth is revealed. Kendra will do everything she can to make her resort a success, which could include letting him go. To win her heart and save her dream, he will have to go all-in and that could mean baring more than his soul.

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