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Welcome to Lori King Books! I aim to add a little bit of romance and erotica to your world, please note that some of the discussions and posts on this blog are not child friendly! Keep the kiddos eyes covered, and enjoy!~Lori

In the Spotlight: Serena Fairfax

Serena FairfaxIn the Spotlight:

Serena Fairfax

New Release: Loving That Feeling

Seared by a bigamous love cheat, London designer Deborah Tremaine backs off sex. But when wealthy Serbian Zoran Pavlović, who wants to demolish an art deco cinema she’s campaigning to save, crosses her path she’s up for a fling.

Zoran has clawed his way out of Serbia’s turbulent past but believes his background means he find happiness simply because he can’t trust a woman to cherish him for who he is—a Serb. But he’s a hot-blooded Slav up for no-strings sex and Deborah sends him into overdrive.

Deborah’s finances are in meltdown when a customer goes bust. Zoran dangles a business deal based in Belgrade, Serbia that she can’t refuse. She’s confident the job won’t compromise the campaign and decides that Zoran is the guy who can jump-start her love life.

They embark on a sizzling affair but tension, erotically sexual and work related, skyrockets. Incidents trigger the revelation of their personal demons. Can they escape the black holes?


The Biz:

How many books do you currently have published?

Seven books

What is the next book you have releasing?

It’s under contract and will be released in the Spring

What book are you writing right now?

Work in progress is still in my imagination

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? Why?

I like writing about flawed by noble characters as they’re the most interesting

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

This must be research

Advice for aspiring and new writers?

Write, re-write and re-write. Read, read, read. Don’t give up.

Do you have any rituals for Book Release Day? 

Not at all. Don’t believe in mumbo jumbo!

What author are you dying to meet? OR What author have you met that you had a fan girl/guy moment?

I’d love to meet John Grisham as I’m a great fan.


The Random:

How would your spouse or best friend describe you in three words?

Mad, bad and dangerous to know.

What was the last movie you went to see?

The Grand Budapest Hotel

If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?

At university I was called hamster. I expect it’s because I was found to be cuddly.

What is your favorite quote ever?

There ain’t no sin, and there ain’t no virtue. There’s just stuff.’  John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your super powers to be?

I’d like to be invisible.

What song is on your iPod/Mp3/Stereo right now? 

Walk The Line

Favorite place to curl up with a good book? 

In the bath


The Good Stuff:

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you what would it be?

 A bottle of vintage champagne

What feature on the opposite sex attracts you the most?

Sense of humour and wit.

What actor/actress would you be willing to run away from your life for?

You can’t run away from your life.

If you had a warning label, what would it say?

Danger! Live wires!


       Ko je ta zena? “Who is that woman?” Zoran Pavlović trained his binoculars on the pigeon-haunted roof of the derelict cinema, his eyes zoning in on the endless blue-jeaned legs, the wind-blown auburn hair, the high, full breasts jutting against the thin fabric of her sherbet-lemon T-shirt. She was primetime. A hardening heat coiled through his groin.

“That’s Deborah Tremaine, sir, the interior designer who’s spearheading the campaign.” His aide sweated nervously in the summer sunshine. “I think we ought to…”

“I think,” Zoran said and dealt him a trenchant glance, “you should leave the thinking to me. I want you to stay here and monitor this lunatic fringe.”

Nice view, Zoran muttered as he assessed his options for handling her. She was brandishing a crimson flag emblazoned with the purple slogan Save Our Heritage Now! having scaled the ladder hauled into place by her supporters. Singing “We Will Overcome,” they’d blockaded the bulldozers and charmed the guard dogs into shadows with choice chunks of meat.

Zoran sprang from the Land Rover, a powerful body in black— denims, T-shirt, trainers—and cut a swift path over the rubble. Tipped off that activists planned to stage a long sit-in, they’d already spiked redevelopment for months—months that left him seriously out of pocket. It couldn’t go on, it wouldn’t go on. Action was imperative—action that would be characterised as friendly persuasion in his native Serbia, although possibly something quite else in England—but he’d ride out the storm. He’d ridden out worse.

“Quite the warrior princess, Boadicea,” he murmured as, storming the treads, he scaled the parapet with spider-like agility. He flicked her a cool, controlled gaze, his belly knotting as he registered the luminosity of her skin, the scent of lavender shampoo in the shining cloud of hair, eyes of lapis blue, a soft mouth that promised so much.

“I’m Zoran Pavlović. We haven’t met before…”

Their eyes swerved together and held, and suddenly Deborah’s heart was drumming with the most primitive sexual charge. She felt like melting ice, lost and floating in a warm flood. As the sensuous amber-richness of his cologne infused her senses, a wave of entrapment clutched her and she inched away. “I’m sure I’d remember if we had.”


Find Serena Fairfax @




Tuesday Tease from Primal Surrender – coming May 13!

Primal Surrender is releasing in less than a month on May 13!

This is the third and final book in The Surrender Trilogy and thus ends our visit to Stone River, Texas.  Because I know how much you enjoy being teased, I’m sharing a snippet from the book every Tuesday between now and release day! So make sure you’re following my blog so that you don’t miss any!

Primal Surrender3 - Primal Surrender

The Surrender Trilogy III: Brothers Mack and Ryker Thompson know the pain of failure intimately having recently fallen from the heights of success. One a former football star, and the other a master at his artistic craft, they couldn’t be more different from each other. Mack hides behind anonymity in order to cover up his pain, while Ryker figures it doesn’t matter if the glass is half-full or half-empty as long as there’s a bartender refilling it all will be well. Broken and haunted by the mistakes of their past, neither expected to find a ray of sunshine in the clouds of their pity party.

Claudia Schmidt, is the only daughter of a real estate tycoon that has a plan for turning the small town of Stone River into a suburb of Austin, Texas. When she is sent in to replace the project manager, and convince the town of the necessity of the project, she finds herself falling in love with the town, and the Thompson brothers.

Although ménage relationships aren’t foreign to Mack and Ryker, neither one intends on living one, so how can they decide who gets the girl? And what if the girl wants all or nothing? Welcome back to Stone River…

Primal Surrender will be releasing to ALL major eBook sites on May 13!

Tuesday Tease…

“Sweetheart, I’m going to give you give you five seconds to get in your car and shut the door, because if you don’t I’m going to kiss you, and once I kiss you I have a feeling there will be no going back for us.”

She let out a gasp of indignation and then her breath caught. He was serious. Torn between the desperate desire to taste finally taste him, and her own instinct for self-preservation she swayed on her feet. Only his hands on her biceps kept her from toppling.


She jerked backwards and both of her hands landed on the center of his chest. Just the physical connection made her pussy throb and her skin burn.


Her mind was spinning as she pressed on hand to his chest, “Wait a second. Don’t I get a say in this? Who says I even want you to kiss me?”

“You’re still standing here.”

Lightning struck the moment their lips touched. Fire sizzled through her veins, and pooled directly between her thighs. She gasped on impact and he took it as an invitation to invade her mouth. That’s exactly what it was, and invasion. Her senses were completely overwhelmed and she melted into him, her arms sliding up around his neck as he braced himself on the car behind her with one hand and tugged her body tightly to him with the other.


I hope you enjoyed the tease! If you haven’t had a chance to read the first two books in The Surrender Trilogy, pick them up now!

1 - Weekend Surrender2 - Flawless Surrender

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RELEASE DAY!!! Caress of the Wolf – The Gray Pack 5 is available now!

5-COTW-LargeCaress of the Wolf

The Gray Pack Book 5

In a time of transition, only the strongest will thrive…

Whitney Gray is less than thrilled that her werewolf pack is hosting another packs Alpha battle. She figures the Diego wolves have done enough damage to the Gray wolves to last a lifetime, but when cousins Cadence and Mateo Diego step into her life she finds herself on a new and dangerous path.

Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright, and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her and her family from a threat that ends up being way to close for comfort.

The newly mated trio begin planning for a life or death battle, and end up on a journey from betrayal to forgiveness, but when you’re battling the past, someone’s bound to get hurt. - Buy It -

The Gray Pack Reading Order

Fire of the Wolf

Reflections of the Wolf

Legacy of the Wolf

Dreams of the Wolf

Caress of the Wolf

Buy all five books in the series here:


Read a Steamy Excerpt….

Mateo struggled to find the right description for what he had just witnessed. His body and his wolf ached to claim their woman, too, but he held himself back. It was Cadence’s right as his Alpha to claim their mate first, but the tiny flicker of doubt in his brain wasn’t soothed by that knowledge. What if now that she had mated his cousin, she decided that he was enough for her? Could she brush him off now that she had a true claiming done?

His questions and self-doubts proved to be unfounded when she slid off of Cadence’s lap and turned to face him. Her body was that of a sensual vixen as she crawled across the bed to him. She reached out a hand to fondle his oversized cock and pressed her forehead to the center of his chest.

“My God, you’re huge.”

His throat tightened. “I understand. You don’t have to—”

She lifted her head and pressed her finger to his lips. “I want to. Just let me ease into it, okay?”

When he nodded, she threw one leg over him and rose up over his straining cock. Her nipples skimmed across his chest, and he growled. Her lip curled up into a tiny smile and she did it again, looking pleased when he tensed and panted harder.

So the little wolf wants to tease, does she?

He planted his feet on the bed and rocked his hips, aligning his cock with her dripping slit and grinding against her. A gasp and a shudder was all he got before she reached down to clasp his girth in her hand and line him up with her body.

Inch by torturous inch she eased down over him, accepting him into her, molding all around him. When she flinched in pain, he wrapped his fist around the base of his cock, blocking her from dropping lower.

The flash of irritation in her eyes made him laugh. “Easy, amor. We’ll work up to that. Just take what’s comfortable. It will be enough. You already feel like heaven to me.”

His words seemed to soothe her, and with his hands guiding her she began a steady rhythm of thrusts and twists on his cock. Her breasts bounced as she moved, but his eyes were focused on her face. Every muscle twitch, every gasp, seemed to bore right into his soul, etching a permanent mark on his being as he made love to his mate for the first time.

When he felt her body begin to shudder around him, he pulled her down until she was pressed against his chest. Tightening one arm around her midsection to hold her in place, he arched his neck to give her room. The bite barely stung before a wave of heat took over, washing through him from head to toe and back to his groin. It was all he could do to twist his head and bite into her neck, matching her claim before he gave in and shot his release deep inside of her body.

When his vision cleared, the first thing he saw was his mark of claiming in the crook of her neck. That tiny ring was as important to their way of life as any wedding ring, and it sucker punched him that he was a mated wolf.

A whisper in his head, so quiet he barely heard it, echoed his shock and awe at the day’s events, but it was gone before it really registered.

“Holy smokes.” Her breath was hot against his cheek, and he could feel the sweat on their joined skin starting to cool. She shivered when he ran his hand up her spine, and he smiled at her words.

Cadence disappeared out the bedroom door, returning a moment later with a wet cloth. Whitney let out a yelp of surprise when he began to clean her body, and Mateo laughed at the blush that climbed her cheeks.

“Don’t be embarrassed, love. I just want to take care of you before you fall asleep,” Cadence told her, kissing her shoulder blade before moving his hand again.

She held still long enough for him to finish, but she refused to meet Mateo’s gaze until it was over and Cadence moved away. “I’m sorry. I’m just not used to anyone doing that.”

“Doing what, mi reina?” he asked as she shifted to lie at his side and curled her body against him. “Taking care of you?”

She shrugged and ducked her head down without answering. Her hand skimmed over his chest and her fingers played in the sprinkle of dark curls that lined the center of his body. Did she know how much that small touch of affection turned him on?

“We will always take care of you, little flower. You’re ours to protect now.” Cadence met Mateo’s eyes as he re-entered the room, and they shared a moment of silent understanding. This was their mate. Even if they never intended to share one, she was a precious gift that they would give their lives to protect.



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Thank you to all of my readers for loving The Gray Pack as much as I do! I have more books planned for the series, so stay tuned!


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Inside Tymber Dalton’s Crazy Brain…

Tymber’s Crazy Brain…

The brain…the brain. *sigh* A writer’s brain is a craaAAAAZZYYY thing. Literally.

No, seriously. It’s LITERALLY insane. Mine is, at least.

For example, I was all set to work on one of my other series books this month, when a chance, off-the-wall comment to a friend while I was bitching about the Facebook app for my iPad, and BAM!

Yes, just like on the cooking show.


“Here,” says my muse, “you don’t have enough rattling around in that already scattered noggin of yours. BAM!” (Except without any cool glitter or pixie dust or whatever.)

“NO!” I screamed. “I was JOKING!!! JO-KING. I do NOT need ANOTHER series right now!”

“Oh, too bad,” sayeth the muse. “You got one. Not going to make you let go of this one. You will write it.”

“I don’t want to write that right now! I’ve got other books to write!”

Muse: “Take it, take it, TAKE IT!!!”

Me: “Do I at least get lube?”

Muse: “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…no. Bend over.”

Me: *sigh*

So, yes, now I’m working on ANOTHER series. A rollicking, hopefully funny post-apocalyptic ménage series that’s a mix of the A-Team, The Walking Dead (except not zombies) and Mad Max. With ménage.

Its focus is on the special military team called the Drunk Monkeys, who are actually pretty kick-ass dudes, and have to save the world in every book while getting laid and not, you know, dying. LOL I’m tentatively calling book 1 “Monkey Business,” and every title will have “Monkey” in it.

Meanwhile, my latest book in my Triple Trouble wolf-shifter series is now out, “Triple Cross.” It’s book 7 (technically the 10th book if you count all the prequels. LOL) And can be found at:

Tymber DaltonSeer and wolf shifter Elain Pardie-Lyall has a baby on the way. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, she’s got to conduct a little grave robbing, battle vengeful cockatrice…and then there’s the accidentally exploding moose. Just an average day in her crazy life. It’ll get a whole lot worse before it gets better as she uncovers a painful secret from her husband Ain’s past.
Ain is willing to let Elain do what she needs to in the course of her Seer duties. What he didn’t expect was a chance to atone for an old mistake. Fixing what was means sacrifices for one of their friends, and even more drastic changes for their future.
Now Elain has to figure out how to keep her secrets. Not just from her men, but from her family, friends, and allies. But with only the Devil to lean on, can she turn away from ancient patterns of vengeance and embrace a future of forgiveness?



Also, coming soon, “Lost Bird” (Coffeeshop Coven 2) on 5/2/2014, Tymber Dalton2

and “A Clean Sweep” (Suncoast Society 8) on (tentatively) 5/30/2014.



You can find me at:


Thanks, and Happy Reading!!


Thank you Tymber Dalton for visiting my blog with Triple Trouble 7 – Triple Cross! I can’t wait to see how your new Drunk Monkey’s series turns out! As always readers, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

Six Sentence Sunday – Caress of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 5) 6/6

six six

Caress of the Wolf  (The Gray Pack Book 5) is releasing in just three short days on Siren-Bookstrand,  (Preorder it HERE) so to celebrate I have reinstated the Six Sentence Sunday tradition temporarily! Each Sunday between now and release day (April 9) I will share 6 sentences from the book just to whet your appetite for Whitney Gray and her Diego mates.

Here is the link to the first Sunday Six:

Here is the link to the second Sunday Six:

Here is the link to the third Sunday Six:

Here is the link to the fourth Sunday Six:

Here is the link to the fifth Sunday Six:

First the book info:


In a time of transition, only the strongest will thrive…

Whitney Gray is less than thrilled that her werewolf pack is hosting another packs Alpha battle. She figures the Diego wolves have done enough damage to the Gray wolves to last a lifetime, but when cousins Cadence and Mateo Diego step into her life she finds herself on a new and dangerous path.

Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright, and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her and her family from a threat that ends up being way to close for comfort.

The newly mated trio begin planning for a life or death battle, and end up on a journey from betrayal to forgiveness, but when you’re battling the past, someone’s bound to get hurt.

 Reading order for The Gray Pack:

Fire of the Wolf

Reflections of the Wolf

Legacy of the Wolf

Dreams of the Wolf

Caress of the Wolf



six six



“Maybe we should help you, love. You seem a little limp to be standing in there on your own.”

Her eyes sparkled with rekindled desire, “Sounds great to me, but we might be late to the party.”

“I’m okay with that,” Mateo called from the bathroom as he turned the shower on.

Cadence winked at her. “We’ll just explain that we had to wait on our mate to select her outfit for the evening. Everyone knows how women are about their clothes.”

Her elbow nailed his kidney and she spun around and bounded toward the bathroom. “Just for that, you can stand at the end of the tub without the showerhead, wolf-man.”

Okay so I can’t count, oh well, it’s close to 6 sentences!! :D Be sure to leave me a comment to let me know if you enjoyed the snippet! And preorder the book at!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

Lori King-01 (2)

EXCERPT: Caress of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 5)

Caress of the Wolf

The Gray Pack Book 5

Releasing April 9th!

Releasing April 9th!


In a time of transition, only the strongest will thrive…

Whitney Gray is less than thrilled that her werewolf pack is hosting another packs Alpha battle. She figures the Diego wolves have done enough damage to the Gray wolves to last a lifetime, but when cousins Cadence and Mateo Diego step into her life she finds herself on a new and dangerous path.

Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright, and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her and her family from a threat that ends up being way to close for comfort.

The newly mated trio begin planning for a life or death battle, and end up on a journey from betrayal to forgiveness, but when you’re battling the past, someone’s bound to get hurt.

Preorder it here:



Whitney was in the middle of describing her new contract with a local wildlife magazine when the fragrance hit her straight in the gut. It swamped her senses so fully that she moaned out loud, drawing confused looks from her friends. She couldn’t help it. The sharp scent of sandalwood filled her nostrils, fogging her brain. Her breath was trapped in her lungs, and her heart was racing. She could feel her wolf butting against her, trying desperately to get out, to find the origins of the deliciously enticing aroma. Her skin tingled all over, and even the tiny hairs on her neck stood up as it became stronger.

Twisting her head, she heard the crunch of feet on the grassy front lawn, followed by the rumble of male voices. Her body started trembling with anticipation, and it all clicked in her head in an instant. Her mate.

Her heart pounded at the one word growled by her wolf, and she gasped as it bounced in her brain like a ping pong ball. Her mate was headed this way, and her wolf wanted him desperately. No, not wanted, that wasn’t a strong enough word. She needed him. Her body ached with the need. She could feel the points of her canine teeth as they lowered, and her bones screamed out to shift and run toward the scent of her soul’s other half.

The door pushed open and she heard a sharp male voice snarl, “Move, now.” Devin and Damon came through it first as a growl escaped her throat that was matched by someone on the other side of the door.

Wait…was that two growls? What the hell was happening?

Before she could question it further, she was on her feet, moving toward the front door. Devin and Damon were forcibly pushed out of the doorway, and a pair of the sexiest and scariest looking men she had ever seen filled her vision.

Her pussy wept into her panties, and her nipples stood up hard as diamonds, begging to be touched. Her wolf whined with pleasure at being this close to its mate, but the human side of her brain was struggling and her hands were trembling. Confusion hummed through her as her eyes darted back and forth between the two. They were the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, but they both carried an aura of bad boy, too. Who was her mate? Shouldn’t she just know?

Instead of moving closer, she took a step backward, away from the unknown. The two men growled simultaneously, and the slightly shorter of the two stalked toward her first, with the taller one right in his shadow.

In that moment, the fear of the unknown was overcome by an animalistic desire to be in her mate’s arms, and she moved forward, meeting the first man in only a couple of steps. He wrapped one arm around her waist and used the other hand to grip the nape of her neck, tilting her head backward. She felt her lips part as he dropped his head down. When their mouths met, she whimpered loudly in her throat, and her body caught fire. It raced through her system, lighting her soul up from the inside out, and she very nearly came in front of everyone.

His mouth was hard and forceful, but his tongue swept leisurely over hers in a sensual dance. Tempting and teasing while demanding and devouring. It was everything she had hoped to feel when she met her mate. She felt their souls touch as he held her, and she wanted to laugh, cry, and eat him alive all at the same time.

A second pair of hands touched her shoulders, and her wolf relaxed even further at this new touch. Her body responded by pressing back against his hardness. It was several moments before she grasped the fact that she was being held by two different men, and her wolf was ecstatic about both of them.

Roughly jerking her mouth free from the stranger’s passionate onslaught, she panted, trying to recover her breath and her brain function. Two men meant two mates. Fuck no, her brain screamed at her, while her wolf rolled around inside of her like a happy puppy.


The Gray pack

Be sure to preorder Caress of the Wolf  (The Gray Pack book 5) via Siren-Bookstrand today! –Preorder Link–

As always readers, don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

Take a peek at Patty’s Homecoming by Honor James

Patty’s Homecoming

Montana Wranglers 1

Honor James

Trouble is following Patricia Graymont home. But she needs somewhere to hide for a while, to sort through everything that’s happened, and as the saying goes, there really is no place like home. The only problem is having to face the two men she still loves and once left behind.

Blake Jacobson and Corbin Franks have worked on the Graymont Ranch for as many years as they can remember. They have a love for the land and the work they do is to keep it as natural as possible. They also both love the owner’s daughter, but once upon a time, they had to let her go to become the woman they always knew she could be.

Her homecoming was everything Patty could hope for, and more. Already feeling a little raw emotionally, seeing Blake and Corbin again was like a healing balm to her soul. Now, all they have to do is survive the coming storm.   –BUY IT–




Read an excerpt!


The sound of a door slamming was closely followed by loud curses of a creative, if inaccurate, nature. Lifting his head up from the books he’d been semi-diligently going over, Daniel peeked out the window. What he saw was one of his hands, half-dressed, arguing with Constantine, his housekeeper.

Rolling his chair closer to the window, he cracked it open. He didn’t need to, the whole house had air conditioning. Nope, he was being a nosy old man and cracked it to eavesdrop. Not that he was old. He was only sixty and still going strong. He’d had a great life, an even better one with his beloved wife Charlotte, God rest her soul. She’d given him thirty-five years of marriage, love, and the best sex of his life. She’d also given him every single one of his gray hairs, two sons and a daughter.

Connor worked the farm and, one day, would take over for him. Brendan was a lawyer in Great Falls and handled all the legal matters for the farm, not that there were a lot, but it was a business. And his baby, Patricia, was in New York working for an interior designer and one day, God willing, would go out on her own. In the meantime she was living life, enjoying her career and called him every weekend to chat a mile a minute. Just like her mama used to do whenever she was excited, or pissed off. Chuckling, he shook his head. That girl could talk the ear off of anyone and try the patience of even the Pope himself.

“I’ve told you a dozen times Constantine, and I’m sorry I have to apparently declare it to the whole damned world, but I’m not interested,” Blake, the half-dressed hand, said in a loud tone. Daniel’s attention was dragged back to the goings-on outside the window.

“That’s not what Trevor said,” the woman shrieked. “Do you think I would be there if you hadn’t apparently been pining for me?”

“Pining!” Daniel winced. He hadn’t known that Blake’s voice could go that high or that loud. “Woman, I have never nor will I ever pine for a woman. Especially you, Constantine Delgado. You are a busybody and way too much maintenance. And if I ever, ever catch you trying to jump me while I’m in my rack sleeping again, I will personally kick your ass out of Montana one step at a time.”

The woman shrieked at the top of her lungs, pure frustration there, Daniel thought. His next thought was he would be needing a new housekeeper. And he was spot-on with that assessment, especially given her next words. “Don’t fucking bother you degenerate! I quit!” she screamed. With that volume, Daniel was pretty sure all of Montana knew she’d just quit.

“Good!” Blake sneered right back at her. “I pity the next fool that dares to take you on. I only pray that he’s got a wife that puts you in your fucking place.”

Another shriek and Constantine was storming toward the house. Eyes going wide, Daniel shut the window and rolled his chair back into place just in time for the front door to smack the siding. Wincing, he turned his attention to the books as she went to her room. More banging, door slamming, and a lot of swearing.

One of the problems with having a single woman on the farm was that the men tended to forget about her sex when they were working and let loose with some creative language. Not that he normally minded. The only time he enforced it with the hands was when Patricia came home to visit. ’Course, most of the lads thought of her as a baby sister, so that helped keep the cursing to a minimum. Not that he was fool enough to believe his baby girl couldn’t out-swear them all. She could. He was just in denial and would remain so until the day he left his farm and went to meet up with his Charlotte in the hereafter.

His head came up as he realized that silence reigned in the house all of a sudden. Oops, thought it too soon. A door slammed and angry steps stomped toward his office. Pasting on a bland expression, he looked up. “Constantine, uh, are you going somewhere?” he asked. Okay, an Academy Award was not in his future, but she was too pissed off to notice.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Graymont, I can’t work here any longer. I quit,” she said, slamming her suitcase to the floor.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Constantine. May I ask why?” He tipped his head and hoped he looked confused and slightly curious.

“It’s got nothing to do with you, sir. It’s…” she waved a hand viciously if vaguely about. “It’s them! Those no-good, vile men!” she hissed.

Fighting a chuckle, he nodded slowly. “Well, I’m sad to see you go, Constantine. But you have to do whatever is right for you, dear.” He grabbed his checkbook and wrote her out a check for her last pay plus a little extra. Passing it to her, he sighed, “If you need references, you have them call me. You did great work while you were here and I’m going to make sure they know that.”

She folded the check, stuffed it into her purse and hefted her suitcase. “Thank you, Mr. Graymont. I am sorry to leave you in the lurch like this.”

“Don’t even worry about it. We’ll make do.” He waved her off. “Drive safe now and if you need anything, let me know.”

A stiff nod was her only answer as she spun away. The door slammed behind her and he turned to watch her march to her car. The finger she threw toward the bunkhouse was telling—immature, but very telling. So were the spinning tires and gravel kicked up behind her as she tore up the drive toward the main road.

“Wow, that girl is mad,” he muttered, reaching for the phone. Hitting a number on speed dial, he grinned when his buddy at the Mission Post picked up. “Morty, how’s it going? Good, good. Nah, usual shit and lots of it, given what I’ve got out in the north forty. Listen, I need you to run my ad for a housekeeper. Yup, she thought she’d get into one of the lads’ pants and he told her otherwise. I know, damn women are just too pushy. A little subtlety goes a hell of a lot further. Yup, sounds good. I’ll drop the check off tomorrow when I’m in getting supplies. What? Yeah,” he chuckled. “We can grab a beer. Let’s say around four if that works for you. Sounds good, see you then Mort.”


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