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Primal Surrender

Surrender3Primal Surrender

Surrender Series 3

Brothers Mack and Ryker Thompson know the pain of failure intimately having recently fallen from the heights of success. One a former football star, and the other a master at his artistic craft, they couldn’t be more different from each other. Mack hides behind anonymity in order to cover up his pain, while Ryker figures it doesn’t matter if the glass is half-full or half-empty as long as there’s a bartender refilling it all will be well. Broken and haunted by the mistakes of their past, neither expected to find a ray of sunshine in the clouds of their pity party.

Claudia Schmidt, is the only daughter of a real estate tycoon that has a plan for turning the small town of Stone River into a suburb of Austin, Texas. When she is sent in to replace the project manager, and convince the town of the necessity of the project, she finds herself falling in love with the town, and the Thompson brothers.

Although ménage relationships aren’t foreign to Mack and Ryker, neither one intends on living one, so how can they decide who gets the girl? And what if the girl wants all or nothing? Welcome back to Stone River…

(M/F/M, consensual BDSM. There is ‘No’ touching or titillation between siblings.)

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She paused before opening the car door and turned to face Mack. In the dark shadows of night he seemed more raw and dangerous, and her heart fluttered a little in her chest.

“I wish—”

“I’m sorry—”

They both started to speak at the same time, and broke off with a laugh. Mack shook his head, “If you’re going to try to apologize again, you may as well keep quiet. This wasn’t your fault in any way. It’s been coming for a long time.”

She nodded and stared at the button in the center of his wide chest in silence. His hands came up to wrap around each of her elbows and he rubbed up and down as though trying to warm her. If he only knew how hot she already was for him.

“I was going to say I wish this night had gone differently, Claudia. I will make it up to you on our second date.” His warm breathe caressed her cheek as he dipped his head down, and instinctively she lifted her face.

“There you go again, assuming there will be a second date.” She drew back, but her voice was so breathless he just grinned. Even in the dim moonlight she could see the deep groove of his dimples and the white flash of his teeth. The man had a killer smile to go with his sex God body.

“There will be.”

Three words, and her knees nearly collapsed. The confidence and command in those three words sent goosebumps skittering across her skin and she struggled to maintain her dignity. What would he think if she begged him to touch her right now?

“Sweetheart, I’m going to give you give you five seconds to get in your car and shut the door, because if you don’t I’m going to kiss you, and once I kiss you I have a feeling there will be no going back for us.”

She let out a gasp of indignation and then her breath caught. He was serious. Torn between the desperate desire to taste finally taste him and her own instinct for self-preservation, she swayed on her feet. Only his hands on her biceps kept her from toppling.


She jerked backwards and both of her hands landed on the center of his chest. Just the physical connection made her pussy throb and her skin burn.


Her mind was spinning as she pressed on hand to his chest, “Wait a second. Don’t I get a say in this? Who says I even want you to kiss me?”

“You’re still standing here.”

Lightning struck the moment their lips touched. Fire sizzled through her veins, and pooled directly between her thighs. She gasped on impact and he took it as an invitation to invade her mouth. That’s exactly what it was, and invasion. Her senses were completely overwhelmed and she melted into him, her arms sliding up around his neck as he braced himself on the car behind her with one hand and tugged her body tightly to him with the other.

Somewhere in the recesses of her brain she heard a tiny voice warning her about getting involved when there were so many hurdles between them, but in that moment she couldn’t hold on to it. There was no gap too wide or mountain too high when his mouth and hands were on her body. Instead, she felt as though she had finally found a home. A safe place where she could revel in this one man’s desire and need for her.

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