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SNEAK PEEK at SUN-BURNT Coming out Oct 12 in the #HeartsUnleashed collection

by on September 29, 2021

Want a sneak peek inside my newest story? Here’s an excerpt from Sun-Burnt…

Paige sensed him the moment he stepped into the hallway. He didn’t make a sound, but his scent enveloped her. Honey and brown sugar with pure virile male. Sebastian Jameson was something very special, but she couldn’t place what. He was most assuredly shifter, a bear perhaps? Could she be so lucky?

“You’re missing the festivities.” He murmured, as he drew up close to her back, his hands coming up to cup her shoulders, his nose pressing against the side of her throat as he inhaled deeply. “Could it be you prefer the silence over the noise?”

“When that noise is made by my boss, absolutely.” She said, breathlessly, her body swaying back into his despite her reservations. “Who are you? What, are you?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing, but I’m guessing your animal recognizes me as someone important, even if your human side hesitates.” He inhaled sharply when she spun in his arms to stare up at him.

“I feel it, but that doesn’t mean I can act on it. I’m in the middle of something…important. I have no time for feelings or relationships.” She said, swallowing back a growl of dismay from her animal even as she said it. “My other self will just have to accept what is.”

“You’re in the wrong relationship.” He said firmly, misconstruing her words. “This is a big moment, don’t walk away before you give us both a chance.”

“I’m not in a relationship at all. I’m just involved in…something. Look, you’re handsome, and charming, and if it were any other time I wouldn’t hesitate, but…”

“Give me a chance to change your mind.”

His head bent towards her, close enough they exchanged a breath, and inside her bear begged her to cave and capture his lips with her own. Unable to resist the physical need building inside, she did exactly that, rising on her toes just enough to reach his mouth. The soft brush of their lips turned into an unquenchable fire that roared through her veins from her hair to her toes. He was absolutely the right man for her bear. 

Once they’d connected, it was like nothing else in the world mattered. She’d found her mate. The other half of her whole self. She’d never felt joy so profoundly, even as her libido spiked and she ached to crawl up the man.

A loud clearing of a man’s throat at the end of the hallway interrupted their interlude, and peering around Sebastian’s wide shoulders, she spied Arnie glaring at her.

“Excuse me for interrupting, but I believe that’s my date you’re manhandling Jameson.” Arnie grumbled, looking murderous.

“I’m you’re assistant, Arnie, not your date.” She corrected, patting her hair and brushing at her gown to correct the feeling of disheveledness that surrounded her.

“You’ll pardon me for stealing her away, won’t you Arnie? After all, she and I have just realized we share a kindred attraction to each other, and I won’t have her slipping away from me on the arm of another man so soon.” Sebastian’s tone was growly, as his bear rose to protect her from the other man. Paige cupped his cheek to calm him.

“It’s okay, I did come with him, I’ll leave with him too. As I said, the timing isn’t perfect.”

Before Sebastian could argue, she walked away from him, leaving behind her heart as she took Arnie’s arm and allowed him to lead her from the building.




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