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On Sale for .99! The Marine’s Seduction

by on October 15, 2020

Roan Storm was born into a family of Marines, and leaving on deployment was nothing new, except this time it was. Bristol Abbot has been his best friend since childhood, but an unexpected moment of passion between them has opened the door to so much more.

Bristol never dreamed that the most important relationship in her life would turn into something new, and now instead of just saying good-bye to a friend she was saying good-bye to a lover.

Still reeling from a night of passion, these friends’ lives turn upside down when two pink lines show up on a pregnancy test.  Bristol wants more out of life than to just be an obligation, so she insists they can handle this like new-age adults.  Roan, doesn’t understand how the woman he needs more than air, can’t see that having her and a baby is his dream come true.

Coming home from overseas, Roan is one determined Marine with seduction on the brain…





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