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#SixSentenceSunday from Dreams of the Wolf

by on August 20, 2017

Dreams of the Wolf by Lori King

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He sat up with a groan, and pulled his shirt off. The light of desire glowed from her pretty blue eyes as they skimmed over his chest and zeroed in on his zipper, and he nearly threw the shirt to the side to pull her back against him. Instead he forced himself to hand it to her.

She frowned in confusion. “What are you doing?”

“Please? Just wear mine instead. I can’t stand to think that you’re wearing the clothes of someone who hurt you.”

“It’s no big deal—” She started to protest.

“Please, just this once don’t argue.”



4-DOTW-SmallDreams of the Wolf


Katie-Jo (KJ) Whetstone is on a mission to save her mother’s life and protect the Quiver Creek pack from Nicolas Kaplan, a deranged werewolf. She has already journeyed across the country from Wyoming to Missouri, to find brothers that she never knew, and now she must lead them back against their own reservations. She’s shocked when her libido goes haywire over the only human traveling with them, Dr. Thomas Jameson.  

Fighting to keep her distance from the mating lust, KJ and Thomas both end up needing rescued. Bryson Samuels is an enemy wolf that makes her body sing as loudly as Thomas does. With strangers for mates, she fights the need to bond, with her desire to be free from the pack. In the end they will all have to decide if they are willing to do anything to protect each other.


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