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#SixSentenceSunday from Submission Dance

by on July 16, 2017

A tantalizing tease from Submission Dance by Lori King

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The first person she laid eyes on as they entered the large room was her pirate.  He was standing just inside the doorway and to her left as he surveyed the room around him. It was like the air was heavier the closer she got to the mysterious man, and she had to force herself to take slow deep breaths to calm her nerves and her libido.

He was taller than she expected from her earlier view, standing at least six foot two, and his broad shoulders narrowed into a lean waist, and a perfectly bitable ass. Giving herself a mental shake, she thanked Foster for assisting her to dinner, and then joined the buffet line just so she had something to do. Someone as alluring as the pirate wasn’t the best person for a newbie. No, she needed a gentle Dom, not a powerful one. 



Submission DanceSubmission Dance

Marley Saltzman has a secret fantasy. She wants to let go, and submit to a Dominant. Intrigued by the BDSM lifestyle, she attends his monthly fetish party. She had no idea how far out of her element she would be until she came face to face with an experienced Dom. Will this dance end in heartache, or will they both find their darkest fantasies fulfilled?








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