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Remember the reason for the season #4thofJuly #July4th

by on July 4, 2017

My life has been touched by military, both active and retired, and thus it ends up in my writing. When one beloved family member began battling PTSD, the stories and pain carried into my characters. It started with Liam in Reflections of the Wolf, and then there was Vin in Claiming His Cowgirl, Sarah in Broken Surrender, and Payton in Paw Prints on Her Heart. With each new veteran, I’ve delved deeper into the sad world that many of our veterans face each day. On the 4th of July, I’ll be listening to the booms and explosions with my children squealing in pleasure, but many will be hiding in their homes, praying the noise will stop.

Please remember, that veteran’s are not victims, they’re heroes, and as we celebrate with barbecues and family get-togethers, take the time to say thank you to those who have served and are serving. Even when the service is over, they carry the sacrifice with them.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Live, Laugh, Love, ~ Lori

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