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#SixSentenceSunday from Watching Sin #Freebook

by on June 25, 2017

A tantalizing tease from Watching Sin by Lori King

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Alana’s head was thrown back, her long blonde hair streaming down her back, eyes closed, lips parted. Her hands cupped her breasts but could never truly hold the massive globes. The stark black of her garter belt and hose made her skin seem luminescent and drew attention to her slit grinning back at him.

“Don’t stop Doug, she wants your mouth on her,” Killian said.

Without hesitation, Doug dropped his mouth back onto her spread pussy and resumed eating her out. He knew what she liked. Soft circles on her clit with the tip of his tongue, then a hard shove into her passage with a couple of fingers, and… 



Watching SinWatching Sin

Married couple Alana and Doug explore their darkest fantasies with their best friend Killian, but all three players will learn that sometimes watching just isn’t enough. From a heterosexual monogamous couple—to a trio with open minds and hearts, join them on their journey.








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