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What am I working on? #amwriting #MyWANA #JustWrite #authors

by on June 24, 2017

Open package with books. Image with clipping pathAs I’ve said on other social media, I’m going on a hiatus from reader events so that I can focus on writing. I have a lot of work I want to get done and the only way to get the books out to you is to take some time to #justwrite.

First up, is the 5th and final installment in the Surrender Series. Fantasy Surrender initially published in June 2016 as a short story in the Dirty Doms Anthology, but I’ve taken it and started expanding it into a full-length book. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m hoping to get it out to you in July.

This book brings us back to Rachel and her Brooks brothers five years into their marriage, and together we’ll celebrate their anniversary with humor, romance, and of course hot sex. Each man has his own unique way of telling her how much he loves her, and in the initial short story, we got to see Parker’s idea of a hot date. Check out this snippet…


Fantasy Surrender…


Veering right, she sought out the only place she thought she might fit. It was a small nook that naturally occurred between a pile of rocks and two massive trees. Years had passed since she’d first noticed it so she had no idea if it was even still there, but right now it was her only hope.

Thankfully, the space still existed, although it certainly looked smaller than she remembered. Her pack wouldn’t fit inside with her. Making a snap decision, she removed the backpack and placed it on a branch on the other side of the gravel path out of sight of anyone passing by, before wriggling into the small space.

Bare bark pressed against her back while her breasts mashed into solid rock, but she was no longer visible to anyone. She tried not to think about the possibility of snakes hiding below her feet in the darkness because she’d surely panic and give away her location.

It was mere moments before she heard Parker round the bend on Kraven’s back. She could picture him in her mind’s eye, dressed in black on his black horse, looking dark and dangerous. No bad boy in a western movie would stand a chance next to her muscular husband. With dark hair and dark eyes, he would have fit into Hollywood perfectly, but he was built for a hard day’s work, and he loved their Texas ranch.

She ached to poke her head out of the hidey hole and lay eyes on him, just to soak in the sight if nothing else, but she couldn’t give up the chase yet. She wanted that sunroom, and even more, she wanted to best her Dom.

The sound of Parker climbing off the horse, sent a shiver of alarm racing over her skin, and she could hear her blood pounding in her veins. Suddenly, she had a terrible urge to pee, and she bit her lip to keep from groaning.

“I know you’re close, sunshine. I can smell you on the breeze. You smell sinfully delicious.” Parker’s deep voice filled her head and made her whole body clench with need. “When I find you, I’m going to strip you naked, and feast on you until you beg me to let you come, and then I’m going to paddle your ass raw for leading me on this merry chase.”

Fighting back a laugh at his disgruntled statement, she cocked her head and followed the sound of his movements. He was on the wrong side of the path. He was looking on the side she’d hidden her pack. If he found it, she’d be without any supplies for the rest of the night.

A moment later she was silently cursing her lack of skills when he let out a whoop and a loud laugh.

“I’ve got you now. You’re not going to make it very far without any supplies, love. You’d better just come out from wherever you’re hiding and give up.”

There was no way she was giving up. He ought to know her better. She held her breath and listened closely to his movements. To her dismay, it wasn’t long before he moved across the path and drew closer to her hidey hole.

“Alright, baby, I’ll make you a deal, you come out of your hiding place, and I’ll talk to the guys about building your sunroom next summer.”

Rachel nearly laughed out loud. There was no way she was giving in to that deal. He hadn’t agreed to anything, and besides, she wanted her sunroom now. Not next summer. She could smell his spicy aftershave on the breeze, and she sucked in her breath, clinging as tightly to the rock in front of her as possible, praying the shadows kept her hidden.

To her surprise, he moved past her spot and deeper into the woods without spotting her. As much as she wanted to be joyous he’d missed her, she was about to burst with the need to pee. Perhaps if she shimmied out while his back was turned, she could sneak away unnoticed?

Unable to think reasonably with her bladder so full, she gauged his distance from her to be about a dozen yards, and it seemed like enough to her. Using her already exhausted upper body, she pushed herself free of the tight spot as quietly as possible. She didn’t pause to check his whereabouts, the moment she was out, she took off in a headlong sprint toward where he’d left Kraven on the path.

She could hear him curse behind her, but she focused on the leap onto Kraven’s back. Her foot hit the stirrup, and she thought for one blessed moment she’d made it when Kraven began to move forward until she felt Parker’s hands on her hips pulling her back.




If you’ve missed out on the Surrender Series, which is contemporary western menage, you can find all the buy links here>>>> SURRENDER SERIES




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