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Old friends become new lovers… #CrawleyCreek #Romance

by on June 22, 2017

7 LawmanThe Lawman’s Lover

Crawley Creek 7

A divorcee whose broken dreams are buried so deep she can’t remember where she put them.  

A Deputy Sheriff with a mountain of responsibilities weighing him down. 

 A fling. No strings attached. No plans for the future. 

Until someone’s heart gets broken. 

Find out how Deputy Colby Bricker and waitress Elizabeth Newcomer take their shared past and build a new future, in this sister story to the Crawley Creek Ranch Series.



Colby’s head lifted and he smiled widely, showing perfectly straight white teeth and the deep dimple high on his left cheek. “Morning, Bethie.”

“It’s Elizabeth—” she corrected, setting the coffee in front of him with a sharp huff.

“You’ll always be Bethie to me. You don’t grow up with someone being called one thing and then change it overnight. Besides, you don’t look like an Elizabeth,” he observed, lifting one large arm onto the back of the booth seat so he was turned to face her.

Her eyebrows rose. “Oh? What exactly does an Elizabeth look like?”

“Polished, cold, and untouchable.” The way he spoke the last word sent a tingle down her back that centered right between her legs and she could feel her cheeks grow red. The glint of amusement in his coffee-brown eyes made her fidget in place and she tried not to notice the attractive way his neatly trimmed beard and mustache framed his perfectly kissable lips.

“And I’m none of those things?” she questioned, in a creaky voice.

Colby cocked his head, his eyes going from the top of her blonde hair, all the way down her curvy frame to her unappealing grandma shoes with non-slip rubber soles. “I wouldn’t say that. I see polish, in the sense that even an unpolished diamond is breathtaking, and if the cold inside you will ease the heat inside of me, I’d say you could be the most touched woman in the state.”

Elizabeth was anything but cold at that moment. In fact, she was sure the pitcher full of ice water in her hand was going to be boiling if she looked at it. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with anything intelligent to say in response, so she just blushed harder and left him hanging.

Her legs were trembling as she refilled water glasses all over the restaurant before she could hide in the back and take a moment to catch her breath. She couldn’t believe Colby Bricker was making a play for her. He’d been one of the popular guys in high school. Always linked to one of the cheerleaders, or the class president, or some other girl with a solid future ahead of her, and usually a slightly less strict moral compass. He’d had no time for a reverend’s daughter back then, but they weren’t teenagers anymore. In fact, he was leaps and bounds from the jock he’d been in high school. Now he wore the dark gray deputy’s uniform as if it were a second layer of skin.

If the badge on his chest and the handcuffs on his belt weren’t enough, the gun at his hip was enough to make her weak-kneed and giggly. It was ridiculous, just like his calling her Bethie. She was a grown woman. She deserved the respect of being called Elizabeth by the adults around her.


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