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#SixSentenceSunday from Claiming His Cowgirl

by on June 11, 2017

A tantalizing tease from Claiming His Cowgirl by Lori King

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“Are you seeing anyone?” Vin asked abruptly. She felt her mouth drop open, and she shook her head before she could reconsider.

“Why do you want to know?”

He shrugged. “Curiosity I guess.”

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

Grinning a bit like the Cheshire Cat himself, Vin retorted, “But satisfaction brought him back. Nine lives, baby.”




Claiming His Cowgirl

Her sanctuary…Lauren Kensington found refuge at Crawley Creek as a foster child.  She was not looking for love but she found it just in time to get her heart broken. She’s spent nearly two decades creating a successful life for herself far from the wilds of North Dakota, but a family wedding draws her back. When she crosses paths with her long lost love, feelings that burned out are reignited.  

His redemption…Vincent Rhone has walked a tough path, but he’s overcome his obstacles to become a better man. His only regret is pushing Lauren out of his life in an effort to protect her from his wild nature. How will she react when he tells her his deepest desire is to hold her again? 

Their second chance…Forced to lean on each other when nature strikes, these two heartbroken lovers will confront their past. Will they cause each other more heartache, or will this cowboy finally be able to claim his cowgirl?



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