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#SixSentenceSunday from Dust on the Bottle

by on May 28, 2017

A tantalizing tease from Dust on the Bottle by Lori King

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“Do you know how much I’ve missed you?” he rasped against her throat, kissing his way across her pulse point and up over her chin to her lips. She’d never been a limp lover, and their connection flamed quickly.

Lips locked, and tongues tangled as they both melted into the embrace. Her glossy hair tumbled over her shoulders into his face. It smelled like apricots, and his cock twitched.

With both hands, he lifted her, fitting her thighs around his hips so that he could rock against her hot core. He needed to feel her again. She’d been the only thing in the world that ever brought him joy, and he felt like a parched man in the desert drinking from a crystal-clear oasis.

Whatever beautiful twist of fate had brought her back into his life didn’t matter; all that mattered to him now was keeping her there.



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Dust on the Bottle

Freelance Photographer Monica McCray has one goal, never pass up an adventure. Coming to Crawley Creek Ranch, she finds one.

Kyler DeWitt’s inner demons are close to killing him. Booze and self-pity leave him a ticking time-bomb.

When these two forces collide, a passion like no other ignites. Now Monica realizes the adventure she wants includes North Dakota roots, but will she be enough to keep Kyler grounded or will she be just like the dust on one of his bottles?



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