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Crawley Creek is getting a makeover! #CoverReveal #FreeBook #ContemporaryRomance

by on May 11, 2017

Last week I was in Atlanta for the RT Booklovers Convention, and there were thousands of free print books up for grabs. Everywhere I went there were authors passing out copies of their books, and there was even a swap table where readers could trade books they weren’t interested in. What I learned from watching everyone with their free books, is how often readers judge a book solely on its cover art. I know in theory everyone says “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but that’s exactly what was happening all around me.

The experience cemented the idea in my mind that I needed to give the Crawley Creek Series and update. Originally when I started the series, I thought it would stay in the contemporary western genre without any trouble, but as it has evolved, it’s changed monumentally. It covers military, PTSD victims, suspense, adoption, foster care, addiction, family issues, rape survivors, and even abuse. This change means that the original covers weren’t accurately representing where the series was going, so I jumped in head first to give them an update.

Here are the first four covers for your viewing pleasure! Tell me what you think, and which one’s your favorite and someone will receive a free print book from me! Check back soon to see the next 4 updated covers!

1 CCreek

Don’t forget!


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  1. Francis Holten-Staton permalink

    Love the new covers! Very hot!

  2. Kathy Bushrow permalink

    I really like the covers. They are upfront, seem to tell a little about the characters, and still don’t overpower the senses. They draw me in with tje pictures. Of course, the smirk on the woman’s face on book 4 makes me really curious. My favorite is Claiming His Cowgirl.

  3. Rhonda Butterbaugh permalink

    I love Forget Me Knot!

  4. I’m favorite is Claiming his Cowgirl!

  5. Joan Baker permalink

    Claiming His Cowgirl. Is the best!!!!!

  6. Rhonda Butterbaugh permalink

    My favorite in this group is “Forget Me Knot” I’m loving all of these new darker covers!!

  7. Sheila Fishburne permalink

    Claiming his Cowgirl, it’s a hot cover.

  8. Brenda permalink

    I really like them all but Claiming his cowgirl is my favorite.

  9. Cait Day permalink

    They look fantastic! My favorite cover of these is sunny Side up.

  10. Tracy Jacobs permalink

    Rough rider

  11. Lynne Gauthier permalink

    I love it!

  12. Has to be “Claimimg his Cowgirl”. Chase Borst!!!

  13. Jenn B permalink

    i really like Claiming His Cowgirl pic [😃] ❤

    ~Jennifer Bolin~


  14. I love the new covers!!  Claiming his Cowgirl is my favorite so far, man in a uniform and tats.  YUMMM!!  – Crystal 

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