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Shared for the First Time-HOT-BLOODED by: McKinlay Thomson

by on April 10, 2017


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Shared for the First Time: A Paranormal Ménage Romance Boxset
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Indulge in an exclusive collection of BRAND NEW paranormal ménage romance stories from 9 best-selling authors. Each story takes you on a journey into unknown territory when the characters find themselves in a ménage situation. The thrill of fun and games takes a wayward turn when hearts are involved, and the road to happily-ever-after might prove to be a rocky one. Can these trios find a way to make it work?
Shifters, witches, warlocks and vampires are just a few of the paranormal surprises awaiting you, and only one-click away…

HOT-BLOODED by: McKinlay Thomson

SFTFT 1Crashing her car into a tree to avoid hitting a large black dog and knocking herself senseless, was the perfect end to Felicity Taylor’s already crummy day. Now she’s stuck in the wilderness with no phone signal, no way home, and a serious headache.
Drake Bramwell is a wolf shifter and beta of his pack. When he comes across the injured female, he knows that she is destined to be his mate. Only problem is his brother and Alpha, Riordan. The brothers are destined to share a mate, but Riordan is determined to mate with another wolf, despite Drake’s insistence that Flick is their fated mate.
Felicity doesn’t even know wolf shifters exist, and is thrown by her attraction to the two men. Can Drake convince his brother that Felicity is the female for them? And can they protect her with an enemy bent on revenge?


Felicity opened her eyes and looked around the room. She was lying on the biggest four-poster canopy bed that she had ever seen. It was covered with a dark green comforter and had thick matching curtains pulled back and tied off with tasseled rope.

A large fireplace sat opposite the bed, and a large oval mirror hung above the mantel. Two plush seats sat on either side of the fireplace, and a large cream rug covered the polished floorboards. With cream-colored walls and large bay windows, the room looked like it had been forgotten in time. The large room was decorated in a Victorian style.

Flick’s head spun as she sat up. She put a hand to her forehead and pulled it away wet. Her head was still bleeding, and she was covered in dirt. How the hell had she gotten here? Wherever here even was.

The last thing she remembered was the yellow eyes looking out of the darkness at her and the growling. She remembered the growling very well. Flick had never been so scared in her life. She must have fainted or passed out. She wasn’t sure there was even a difference.

“Hello?” she called out. “Is anyone there?”

She slowly crawled off the huge bed, relieved that she was still fully dressed. Whoever had brought her here hadn’t taken advantage of her while she was unconscious.

“You shouldn’t be out of bed,” a deep masculine voice said from behind her.

Flick spun around and swayed with dizziness. When it finally passed she looked up and gaped. She couldn’t help but stare at the mountain of a man who walked into the room. He was huge. Now she understood the bed. His muscles bulged under his red flannelette shirt, and his thighs strained the material of his jeans.

He had shaggy brown hair that curled around the nape of his neck, and he was desperately in need of a shave. His hazel eyes stared back at her, and he wore a frown on his perfectly chiseled face. He looked like a mountain man, a huge sexy one, and Flick felt her belly flutter.

“I…err…um…” she stammered. “Who are you?”

Amusement sparkled in his eyes, and they crinkled in the corners.

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