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Shared for the First Time-LOVE & MAGIC BY JADE BELFRY

by on April 9, 2017


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Shared for the First Time: A Paranormal Ménage Romance Boxset
Romance Rebels Publishing
There’s a first time for everything…

Indulge in an exclusive collection of BRAND NEW paranormal ménage romance stories from 9 best-selling authors. Each story takes you on a journey into unknown territory when the characters find themselves in a ménage situation. The thrill of fun and games takes a wayward turn when hearts are involved, and the road to happily-ever-after might prove to be a rocky one. Can these trios find a way to make it work?
Shifters, witches, warlocks and vampires are just a few of the paranormal surprises awaiting you, and only one-click away…


17621909_667905786727030_3705256218618619583_oSamantha, a straight-laced bookstore owner has worked hard to distance herself from the notoriety of her family – no easy feat for a woman descended from witches. Still, small-town gossip made it impossible to date so Samantha gave up on romance, much to the chagrin of her Mother and Grandmother.
One dark and stormy night, and after far too many cocktails, the senior ladies start their caldrons bubbling. Their toil and trouble manifests more than they bargained for when two men go to war to win Samantha’s heart. Jack, her employee now finds her irresistible, and Greyson her long-time friend suddenly confesses his love. Although the spell was meant to find her just one man, Samantha wants them both!


“I brought back a bottle of wine back from France. I think you two will enjoy it.” Greyson handed Samantha a heavy bottle, and she turned it over in her hands. The label was in French, but she remembered enough from high school to know that the label described the liquid as a dark red, cherry and cinnamon infused wine.
“I’ve never heard of this kind before.”
“The locals say it’s for special occasions only. It’s something to drink when you want to open your third eye.”
Jack laughed. “Like a wine for your chakra?”
It had been a long time since Samantha had drunk alcohol. A corkscrew was found after a bit of a search, and Greyson did the honours of opening the bottle. The wine was as dark as she expected, but extraordinarily thick. It was almost more syrup than wine. Three full glasses barely put a dent in the bottle.
Samantha took a gingerly sip from her glass. The wine was great, smooth and cool, although it hadn’t been pre-chilled. But oddly enough, she didn’t taste any alcohol at all.
Samantha watched both men take much bigger sips, enjoying the wine as much as she did. They could drink as much as they want and not have to worry, safe and sound in the apartment with the added bonus of the store being closed the next day. They would have all day to recover if needed from staying up late and imbibing too much.
“Did you have any of this in France?” Samantha asked as Greyson set the bottle down on the coffee table and sat back down after pouring them each a glass.
“Yes, and it was quite a wild night. I had gone to see the follies after a shoot, and I don’t remember how I got back.”
“That sounds dangerous—anything could have happened to you.”
Greyson nodded. “I’m a risk taker, remember?” He took another large swallow of his wine and turned to Jack. “Jack, what’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?”
“Me?” Jack turned his gaze from Samantha and looked over at Jack. “I guess moving out here.”
“Too bad that you ended up in this town,” Samantha half-joked.
“No, I like it here,” Jack said solemnly, looking her directly in the eye. There was something there, something in his gaze.
Samantha looked away quickly. Greyson was right, this was strong wine, and although she couldn’t taste the alcohol, she could feel its effects. She felt butterflies in her stomach; something she hadn’t felt in years was being awakened.
“If you like it here, I think it has nothing to do with the town,” Greyson said sitting back on the couch and crossing his legs.
“Maybe it’s because of Anita at the diner,” Samantha said a little spitefully.
Realizing what she’d said, she clamped her lips shut, looking anyplace but at Jack. She couldn’t believe she had spoken her thoughts aloud. This wine was certainly opening them up.
“It’s not because of Anita. I spend time at the diner to give you your space. And maybe because of the food. But mostly to give you your space.”
“They do make a mean cheeseburger.” Greyson’s wine was more than half gone. When Samantha picked up her glass for another small sip, she saw that her glass was similarly drained, although she couldn’t remember drinking that much.
“And you two are just friends?” Greyson pried.
“Employer/employee.” Samantha specified.
“Well, I would like to think we’re friends too,” Jack clarified as he gulped down the rest of his wine.
“Yes, okay. Friends,” Samantha agreed.
“But I’d like more,” Jack admitted, setting his empty glass down on the table. Jack reeled after he realized what he had said. “What is this wine? Truth serum?”
“Maybe. You’re telling me that you two have shared this apartment for months now and nothing has happened?” Greyson looked between the two of them, now staring at each other after Jack’s bombshell.
“We each have our own room,” Samantha replied, blushing.
Greyson gave her a look that made her shiver. “You and I have always been friends, and that didn’t stop us.”
“You two slept together?” Jack looked between the two of them, surprised.
Samantha shrugged, as if it had been no big deal. “We were kids. We were experimenting.”
“You were my first,” Greyson admitted thoughtfully.
“Mine too.” Samantha had a sly smile on her face.
“What happened? You two just drink too much one night?”
Samantha shook her head. “No, it was all fully premeditated. We both knew we wanted each other, so we planned ahead. Saved money and rented a hotel room.”
“I even talked my older brother into renting it for us because we were too young to rent it ourselves.”
“We went there one Friday night right after school. I don’t think I got nervous until I actually got inside that room.”
“Same here. Remember we watched TV for a bit, trying to relax?”
“Yes, and then you turned on the adult preview channel and just the description of the adult movies was enough to get us hot.”
“How was it?” Jack asked sitting up at the end of the couch seat, seeming eager to hear their answer.
“Jack, really!” Samantha hissed. The wine was certainly making Jack bold. A few hours ago they had to almost beg him to come out with them, and now he was hanging on their every word. She should feel self-conscious about talking about such personal things with Jack, but for whatever reason, tonight she felt…fully comfortable with both of them. And as if Jack had been a friend as long as she had known Greyson.
“It was fantastic. Samantha is an amazing lover.”
Wow, did Greyson really say that? They hadn’t discussed that night since it happened, let alone talk openly about their former sex life with another person. Yet suddenly he and Jack were as open and chatty as best friends.
“I actually think for the first time, that’s pretty smart,” Jack interjected. “Sex between friends, that way no real feelings are involved.”
Greyson put up a cautioning hand to stop him. “I disagree with the feelings part. I’ve always loved Samantha.”
“Just not in that way,” Samantha added, expecting Greyson to agree.
“Yes, in that way.” He finished his wine and turned to Jack before she had time to process that information. “If you think that there’s nothing wrong with sex between friends, then maybe you should just go ahead and kiss her,” Greyson instructed, turning his heated look between both her and Jack.
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I just didn’t think…” Jack trailed off as Samantha caught his eyes.
“…You just don’t think she wants to be kissed?” Greyson finished for him.
“Kiss me, Jack.” She didn’t know where it came from, she felt fully sober, but without reservation. Suddenly all she wanted to do was be kissed. It had been so long. Employer/employee relations be damned—she wanted his lips against hers!

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