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Shared for the First Time-CONTRABAND by: TL Reeve

by on April 7, 2017


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Shared for the First Time: A Paranormal Ménage Romance Boxset
Romance Rebels Publishing
There’s a first time for everything…

Indulge in an exclusive collection of BRAND NEW paranormal ménage romance stories from 9 best-selling authors. Each story takes you on a journey into unknown territory when the characters find themselves in a ménage situation. The thrill of fun and games takes a wayward turn when hearts are involved, and the road to happily-ever-after might prove to be a rocky one. Can these trios find a way to make it work?
Shifters, witches, warlocks and vampires are just a few of the paranormal surprises awaiting you, and only one-click away…


Contranband TeaserWaking up in the middle of nowhere, isn’t such a bad thing when you’re a hot blonde with a nice rack. What sucks, is waking up with no memory of how you got there.
The only thing I know is my name, Paislee Olsen.
Stuck with a crew of four men, a building full of illegal, but enjoyable contraband; I’m down for whatever my job is supposed to be.
However, my desires for all four men is getting harder to control every day, and unfortunately, playing with them might be out of my hands. The owner of the illegal cargo is demanding it and a ransom payment for a member of our team. If we don’t give into their ultimatum?
I always wanted to go down in a blaze of glory. If I’m going to die, why can’t I have a little fun in the meantime?


Fear rocked her. The realization Jett could be used for bait, shattered her. “No. You’re wrong. Why? Why would they do that to us? We supply everyone.”
He took another step forward, and held his hand out to her. Seff moved from his position in front of her. She stared at Hauser for a moment before taking his hand to stand. Their bodies brushed one another, and sparks of electricity skittered across her skin. “If you want the coveted spot, why wouldn’t you go after the best first. Throw your weight around.”
This close to Hauser, she could smell his spicy aftershave and the wild hint of his wolf. The one that drew her to the men of their little pack. “Hauser what are you doing?” she whispered, darting her gaze toward Aryn.
“Nothing why?” He nuzzled her cheek. “I’m checking you for a spell.”
“By rubbing your nose on my cheek?” She winced when he touched a particularly sore spot.
“Shh,” he admonished. “Each spell has a smell. Don’t move.”
She swallowed hard. This close to him, she shook. Paislee fisted her hands at her side, so not to touch him. No way she’d break her rules of engagement. However, when he buried his face in her neck, she went weak in the knees.
Oh God, he means to kill me.
His rough chuckle did nothing to steady her. “She’s been hexed. I can smell it on her.”
Well, lucky me.

Paislee tried to think of everything that happened after her little incident with Hauser. Still the blank void persisted along with the ungodly ache at her temples. She rubbed the spot with the tips of her fingers, trying to calm the agony beating there. Perhaps she’d been foolish not to want to remember who she was or how she came to be with these men, still some things were better left sealed in a tight container for all eternity … including her memories.
Yet, no matter how much she tried to focus on something else, her thoughts circled back to the night of the mission. It had been simple. Jett and she were going to meet Hans. The man had a wicked paranoia streak. He didn’t trust many, and those he did trust were kept at arm’s length. The man claimed he liked Paislee, so, they agreed she’d go and Jett would back her up. Though they were selling their supply for a paltry sum, according to Ewan, it would save their lives in the long run.
A war was coming.
Over the years, their alpha’s attitude had changed. He’d grown more irritated. Unhinged. Ewan had to do this. Hans could use the weaponry for the fight, and Ewan could take the money to hide their pack. She encouraged his ideas. They’d been the most compatible of all of them. Ewan was easy on the eyes and intelligent.
However, it didn’t stop the two of them from going toe to toe. Paislee repeatedly told Ewan to use his cache to fight beside Hans. He replied with a simple lift of his shoulder. No, he made a better peacemaker than a fighter. Hauser and Seff, on the other hand, were raring for a fight. Both men wanted to inflict as much damage as possible to those who would destroy their world. Which confused Paislee in the beginning.
Humans and paranormals weren’t on the best of terms, yet they’d taken her in as though she were one of them. They trusted her … or did trust her, until today. She closed her eyes as she dried her face. What the hell happened, and why had Jett told her to run? Think, girl, think. Figure it out.
Only, it hurt to do so. As she closed in on her memories, the pain became unbearable, and she whimpered, grabbing onto the counter to keep herself steady. Obviously, pushing only made things worse. Once she dressed and made herself look somewhat presentable, she headed for the kitchen to grab that cup of coffee she desperately needed.
The men were huddled around the gear sitting in the middle of the floor. The idea of it being there pissed her off more than the amnesia. They had protocol for this shit. No munitions boxes were allowed on the living grounds. All of it stayed in their warehouse across town. It protected them from human search warrants and questions from their alpha. Yet, she willy-nillied the shit to their home like an asshole, high on life.
She growled. Then cursed herself for being a freaking idiot.
“Guess coffee won’t fix your mood either,” Aryn remarked.
“Nope, so won’t.” She turned to face him and bumped into the wall of his chest. “Damn it.”
“And you did it all without spilling a drop.” He grabbed the cup from her while gracing her with one of his panty melting smiles. Even after five years of being with them, she wished she could remember how she got there or why.
“Lucky for you.” She tried to step away from him, but he tightened his hold. “When are you going to give me a chance?”
When hell freezes over? “You have to stop with this nonsense. It’s indecent.”
He nuzzled her neck. “But you’re fucking Ewan and Seff on the regular. You’re leaving Hauser, Jett and I with blue balls.”
Well, wasn’t that a shame? “I can’t. I don’t know what I’m supposed to…” She sighed. “How can you or Hauser, who hates me by the way, or even Jett want me after I’ve had sex with Seff and Ewan?”
He brushed his hips against her lower belly. “It’s kind of hard not to.”
She bit her lip to not laugh at his pun. “Yes, I can see it is.”
Aryn chuckled. “Hauser likes you. He’s worried is all.”
“About Jett.”
“Yes, among other things. He’s got a lot on his plate, and he fears letting anyone down. Give him a chance, okay?” He grazed his lips across her temple, which sent it to pounding again.
“Son of a bitch,” she hissed. “I swear when I figure out who did this and what they want from me, I will return the favor in kind.”

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