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@AutismAwareness Month Giveaway 2 – JEWELRY!

by on April 6, 2017



The campaign for Autism Awareness is particularly personal for me because I have several family members on the spectrum. One of my nieces was just diagnosed at eleven years old, but has struggled her whole life with being “different.” She’s an exceptional girl, with a mind that never stops working. Spending time with her truly keeps me on my toes, and the conversations I have with her are astonishing for someone so young. I wonder sometimes why people say that people with Autism are disabled, when in fact, they’re just viewing the world through a different lens. Certainly some folks have more struggles than others, but with my niece, I think her Autism has been a blessing in my life. It’s made me look at things her way instead of society’s way. That in itself is a miracle.

This week my giveaway is for this stunning necklace by Etsy shop: Under Cover of Lightness

Autism Necklace

Winner will be announced here on my blog on April 12th! To enter, just comment here with how someone with Autism has impacted your life in a positive way!

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  1. jodiebivins permalink

    I have worked with many children that have so called illnesses and a very special young lady in an ER touched my heart when for whatever her reason decided she was only going to be around me while they treated her parents her abilities in solving mathematical problems were amazing and we spent the rest of that night together even after her aunt arrived and I went back everyday day til her parents were released. I will always treasure that time together because I found out on the last day she had never took to anyone like she had me. God Bless Her Heart

  2. Linda Herold permalink

    I am a special ed teacher and I have met a few sweet kids with Autism. Currently one of our teachers is learning how to best help her grandson who has been diagnosed with Autism.

  3. Tracey permalink

    I don’t know anyone with Autism but I support awareness! Bless you Lori!

  4. I have a younger cousin and he is the most caring gentleman in the world….he puts people before himself always

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