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@AutismAwareness Month Giveaway 2 – JEWELRY!

by on April 6, 2017



The campaign for Autism Awareness is particularly personal for me because I have several family members on the spectrum. One of my nieces was just diagnosed at eleven years old, but has struggled her whole life with being “different.” She’s an exceptional girl, with a mind that never stops working. Spending time with her truly keeps me on my toes, and the conversations I have with her are astonishing for someone so young. I wonder sometimes why people say that people with Autism are disabled, when in fact, they’re just viewing the world through a different lens. Certainly some folks have more struggles than others, but with my niece, I think her Autism has been a blessing in my life. It’s made me look at things her way instead of society’s way. That in itself isΒ a miracle.

This week my giveaway is for this stunning necklace by Etsy shop: Under Cover of Lightness

Autism Necklace

Winner will be announced here on my blog on April 12th! To enter, just comment here with how someone with Autism has impacted your life in a positive way!

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  1. Trina Graham permalink

    My neighbor has a son with Autism, and seeing the world thru his eyes, has been an experience I’ll never forget.

  2. Melissa Hunter permalink

    My 16 year old is Autisic, and has changed my life, he is an amazing child.

  3. Heather permalink

    I took care for a boy for 3 & 1\2 years before they moved. I loved every minute that I got to spend with my lil bewitched boy. He loved to watch Bewitched. He had to wear a Bewitched shirt everyday. I love & miss him to this day.

  4. Kathy Bushrow permalink

    I often visit classrooms to observe my teacher candidates. In one classroom, the teacher asked me to stay and meet a student. He was incredible. At times he seemed to exist on a parallel plane talking to people I couldn’t see, and then he would stop and talk with me. I enjoyed stopping in and chatting whenever possible. He shared a lot of his hidden world over time.

  5. Tammy Zimmerman permalink

    My granddaughter has such a soft heart her father had adha so I learned to do things different with him but she is a sweet child and easly hurt love her and try to do more with her when I have her more one on one but learned to let her be when she needs her space.

  6. Jeanette Vargo permalink

    I truly appreciate you doing this. Both of my daughters are at a minimum SPD, but the oldest struggles with autism as well. She brings such joy in our life. For her executive function is a struggle but she can see patterns that we don’t and can analyze details in an amazing way.

    In my family, I believe many of us would have been diagnosed if they did that when we were young. I am lucky because while I have several traits, it is mostly visible on me as I an unable to feel embarrassed. My cousin was not as lucky as he is non-functioning. My brother also struggled more than I as he has decreased executive function.

    Autism is such a variable term and means so much to each of us that are touched.

  7. Betty Mileti permalink

    This is beautiful! My daughter Bella has
    Non-verbal autism. She is 16 and has living
    and growing into a wonderful funny and smart
    girl. She has taught us that the simple things in
    life is what is important.

  8. My daughter has ASD. She’s articulate, affectionate, and affable. But she’s got her anxieties, misses social cues, and needs to stim (through running). Despite her challenges, she’s now at colllege and started a club there for fellow students who like manga, anime, video games, SF, fantasy…. So my ASD girl is now President of the Massive Nerd Society at her university. πŸ™‚

    I think she’d love a necklace like this, especially as April is her birth month! And I agree with you: those with autism are differently abled; understanding how they view things is paramount.

  9. Cheryl McMahan permalink

    My oldest son was born @ 31 wks, and has a very high functioning form of autism. He is 28, a mgr at a restaurant, drives, normal but has difficulty with certain emotional levels I guess would be the best way to describe it. He wasn’t diagnosed til he was 13. At first, they thought all along it was ADD, bc he is so smart, but certain things didn’t quite add up it in the overall scheme of things & a pediatric neurologist figured it out. My son has alot of battles with depression, and has days where he doesn’t want to talk to me at all. Other days he’s fine like today.

  10. jodiebivins permalink

    I have worked with many children that have so called illnesses and a very special young lady in an ER touched my heart when for whatever her reason decided she was only going to be around me while they treated her parents her abilities in solving mathematical problems were amazing and we spent the rest of that night together even after her aunt arrived and I went back everyday day til her parents were released. I will always treasure that time together because I found out on the last day she had never took to anyone like she had me. God Bless Her Heart

  11. Stephanie Russell permalink

    I just love this. I have quite a few people I know with Autism. Bless you for supporting. love the necklace.

  12. Lynda Ochs permalink

    My cousins son Nicky has autism. For the first 4 years of his life he wouldn’t hug anyone and never said he loved you. He also never said mom. When he turned 5 he turned to my cousin and said, I love you mom. Omg it was the most amazing day ever. Today Nicky is 20 years old. He plays every instrument out there, and is a singer in a band. He’s amazing.

  13. My grandson has Autism, it is a mild case, but it does impact on the family. I wish people could be a little more understanding of kids who are different. People could be so cruel sometimes. He is such a loving boy, and the light of my life.

  14. Rhonda Butterbaugh permalink

    I work at an elementary school where there are several children who have Autism. I was always sensitive to the issues of this but working around these children has really opened my eyes and I”m am so much more active in involving myself in any way I can. It’s made me more tolerant in my everyday life also!

  15. Cynthia Hilyer permalink

    I work at an elementary school as the student nutrition manager. There is this on little boy that has changed my life. He is so sweet and I have come to look forward to seeing him everyday. When he first started there he refused to look at anyone and he had to have someone with him to help. I still talked to him just like I do every other student. He then started wanting to fist bump me as a way of saying hi then it went to doing it to everyone in the kitchen. He now comes on all by himself and gets his stuff. He wants me to eat breakfast with him every morning and we sit at our special table.

  16. Sonya moon permalink

    My 9 year old son has autism and I have learned a lot from him sometimes it’s hard but we get threw each day and to watch him grow and see how far he’s come in life has filled my heart with so much love. I have also learned a lot from him

  17. I have to grandchildren who are Autistic and they amaze me every day! They’re accomplishments that they achieve on a daily basis makes me so proud.
    I was at my daughters wedding a couple of weeks ago and after we all went to dinner. I was crying when I was watching my 7yr old grandson eat! My daughter and I couldn’t get him to eat anything but chicken nuggets for years and to watch him try all these different foods ( we were at a buffet ) just over-whelmed me with such pride.
    My grandkids are a joy to my heart every day.

  18. Madeleine Ruest permalink

    I have nver met anyone with Autism,but I support autism awareness…

  19. Donna _A permalink

    My grandson is autistic and I love him just the way he is.

  20. Lisa permalink

    We had our son tested in the 7th grade for Aspergers, part of the spectrum. He had some of the signs but they didn’t want to diagnose it as such since they were changing the spectrum. He is a gifted, bright young man who will do great things in life but they will be harder than others to achieve them.

  21. Samantha Day permalink

    One of my nephews is autistic, and I love him so much. He makes me smile. He calls me Sissy and he is so smart especially with electronics. My brother is so proud of him and so am I. He is also very loving.

  22. Linda Herold permalink

    I am a special ed teacher and I have met a few sweet kids with Autism. Currently one of our teachers is learning how to best help her grandson who has been diagnosed with Autism.

    • WINNER – Linda Herold send an email to to collect your necklace!

      • Linda Herold permalink

        I am so excited to have won! This is truly a special necklace! Thanks so much!!

      • Linda Herold permalink

        I am so excited to have won! Linda Herold 2466 Legacy Way Lodi, CA 95242πŸ˜€πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ˜€

        On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 2:26 PM, Lori King Books wrote:

        > Lori King Books commented: “WINNER – Linda Herold send an email to > to collect your necklace!” >

      • Linda Herold permalink

        Lori did you get my information?

  23. B.K.Barb permalink

    I know of a boy who has autism and he seems sweet.

  24. Nicole yurecko permalink

    I actually would love to give this to my best friend. Her 3 year old son is on the spectrum and is non-verbal. He’s such an amazing little man and has showed all of us the pure joy in everything (but especially swings, as they’re his favorite!!) He’s always such a pleasure to be around! ❀️

  25. Tina Carlson permalink

    One of my friends son is Autism,
    Omgoodness since I have meet him, I look at things differently, when he hears my voice he comes n gives me a hug n tells me he loves me and he his going to marry me πŸ™‚
    He his the sweets boy I know, n I smile every time I think about him,

  26. kwhite867 permalink

    My 6 yr old grandson was diagnosed with Aspergers and we are all learning how to cope but this lil guy has such a gleam in his eyes and a heart of gold. He has even told us that he will teach us his ways lol on how to cope.

  27. Linda Rimer-Como permalink

    Many years ago, we had a young boy in the neighborhood that had autism. He was none verbal, but so sweet. He would come over and sit on the porch with me for hours. I often wonder what he is like now!

  28. Constance Lynn permalink

    My son. He is the reason I smile everyday. He also helps to keep me grounded and humble. He is always happy, doesn’t ask for much. And loves with his whole heart. People will stop us just to see his smile. In the summer program he participated in being around him made some of the college kids change their major, to working with the handicapped.

  29. Katie Jochumsen permalink

    My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4. It’s been a definite learning experience but fun at the same time. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

  30. Bonnie hildwein permalink

    My 2 nephews both have different stages of autism….
    They love unconditionally and true.
    They could teach the world about peace, love, acceptance and understanding.

  31. My cousin’s son has autism. It is amazing to see what he can do even with the issues he has with this. He succeeds where I have seen others fail, just with being so determined.

  32. Lea Edwards permalink

    My 18-year-old son was diagnosed at the age of 5 with severe, high-functioning autism. He has been mainstreamed from the time he started school, and is set to graduate high school in May! He has always maintained an A/B average! Lord knows, I never did that in school! LOL He asked me one time what was wrong with him (he knew he was different), and I explained about autism. He asked me if that made him dumb. I told him it made him special! He is amazing with a computer, and can type somewhere in the range of 80 to 90 wpm. He may always live with us, but I do think he will be productive in society. He almost always is happy, no matter the circumstances, although recently has been depressed and stressed with school and an older brother whose health has been bad, but is now declining slowly. He helps me with his brother, changing diapers, feeding him, and changing his TV when needed. He says if you need me, you know where I will be! In his room, on his computer! LOL I thank God every day for such an amazing, sweet and inspirational young man as my son!!!

  33. Julie permalink

    Our son who helps us see things differently everyday… learning that seeing and doing things differently is a colourful ride… that I would not change for anything in the world because this is what makes him …. well him.. love him lots ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  34. Lynne Gauthier permalink

    I’m an autism grandmother turned mom. I’m raising my now 13 yr old grandson since he was a baby. I had him diagnosed and have been his advocate his whole life. I’m also homeschooling him. To him I’m just mom, to me, he’s a brand new way to see the world. I had a baby four years ago so he became a big brother and he took on that role so much better than anyone could ever have expected. He has truly blessed our family.

  35. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 7. He is now a freshman in high school and honestly inspires me every day to try and be a better mom and human!!;)

  36. Michele Henderson permalink

    I have an adult son with a disability so I have been around all different disabilities. When I was around 10 my step-father whose nephew had down syndrome and he married a lady that was called savant back then with math and numbers was amazing to talk with her. I was a para-educator with a young man who loved the alphabet and could say it backwards and knew every capital of every state among many other special skills. You just never know what an interaction with a single person will impact your life.

  37. Tracey permalink

    I don’t know anyone with Autism but I support awareness! Bless you Lori!

  38. I have a younger cousin and he is the most caring gentleman in the world….he puts people before himself always

  39. Michelle VanDaley permalink

    I teach Pre-K Sunday School at Church and when this little boy who has Autism first started in my class he would sit under the table and I would hand him paper and crayons to color, he was so shy and would not come out the entire class – week after week I would try little things to coax him out and eventually he began playing with the other children and participating in the class. His biggest accomplishment was actually getting on stage with the class and singing in front of the entire congregation. I cried tears of joy. He has grown leaps and bounds and is now in 3rd grade in a regular class room, He no longer needs or wants the special help he used to receive. I love that he still calls me Teacher and comes to visit me to let me know how he is doing. His hard work and dedication to wanting to be in a regular class showed me that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

  40. Kelley permalink

    I use to work in the schools and working with children with autism is awesome.

  41. Debbie Rice permalink

    My Daughters oldest has autism there have been challenges for sure,but he rises above and that inspires me too he’s my Hero.

  42. My daughter Mckenzie is a teacher at Kindercare. She has 2 children with autism. She has taught the other children that she teaches that it is OK to be different and now all the kids are at ease with each other. She has found ways to get them to eat or drink when they need to. She has done a lot of research. When she was younger she had two friends that had younger siblings with autism. For some reason they drawn to Kenzie. She is so awesome with them all. She’s amazing with awareness all year around for autism. On her 18th birthday she got a tattoo if puzzle pieces on her shoulder that says dare to be different. The necklace would be for her.

  43. skebel permalink

    My 12 year old grandson was diagnosed with Asperbergers syndrome two years ago. He is such a unique, special young man and I would like to be more like him. He doesn’t take BS from anyone, he calls them on it. He is direct without being mean spirited.

  44. Leanne permalink

    I’ve grown up all my life with a younger brother who is different. People weren’t diagnosed in those days..just slow. But he sees life with the enjoyment of a child constantly. It’s always made me more tolerant and accepting.

  45. Michele Orlando permalink

    Thank you for posting your personal connection with Autism!
    My daughter is on the spectrum and I found that reading helps me relax, so I can be a better parent! Thank you for what you do and helping out our children who otherwise would not have a voice!
    Happy Reading

  46. Lynne Gauthier permalink

    I’m raising my grandson who has autism. I also homeschool him. I’m his mom, teacher, friend, grandmother, advocate and most of all his biggest cheerleader and fan. I fight for him daily and love and adore him. It hasn’t been easy by any means. But he us so pure and genuine in everyrhing. He’s helped me see and understand the world in a whole new way. Patience and understanding and nonjudgement goes a long way in this world. Milestones come at different times in life but they are oh so sweet. People always say he’s lucky to have us in his life, but we are the ones who are blessed.

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