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Demons make the Darkest of Lovers #ExclusiveExcerpt from @ElleBoon1 DARK LOVERS #ShiftersHallowsEve

by on October 1, 2016

Shifters Hallows Eve

Nothing will stop this demon from reaching his mate! Elle Boon is blowing minds with her new story, Dark Lovers, part of the #ShiftersHallowsEve Anthology from Romance Rebels Publishing

Creed had been in and out of Hell for thousands of years, but usually of his own volition. The only time he’d needed help leaving was the last time, and never had he tried to enter without alerting anyone. He was the bastard son, feared by just about everyone, and with good cause. Now, he was taking in three beings who were so far removed from ones who should be there, most likely on a deadly mission, yet he truly gave less than no fucks. Yeah, he was a bastard. The only thing he cared about was finding Raina, and securing her safety. He’d then do his damndest to ensure the men with him made it out alive, if not a…

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