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The Lawman’s Lover Excerpt

by on September 15, 2016

The Lawman’s Lover


A divorcee whose broken dreams are buried so deep she can’t remember where she put them anymore.

A Deputy Sheriff with a mountain of responsibilities weighing him down.

A fling. No strings attached. No plans for the future.

Until someone’s heart gets broken.

Find out how Deputy Colby Bricker and waitress Elizabeth Newcomer take their shared past and build a new future, in this sister story to the Crawley Creek Ranch Series.


Lori King 1


Shaking off his fantasies, he reached out and took her hand in his, clasping her palm against his so that they were connected skin to skin. “Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’d risk anyone’s wrath to have it?”

Her eyes widened, bouncing between his face and their clasped hands before she nodded.

“And were you able to get what you wanted? Even though someone told you no?” he asked, genuinely curious about what the innocent preacher’s daughter might have wanted so badly. When she tipped her head in acknowledgement, he continued. “That’s how I feel right now, Bethie. I’ve been hoping you’d warm up to me and give me a chance to take you out on a date sometime.”

“A date?” she squeaked, tugging her hand free of his. “I don’t date.”

Amusement filled him at her genuine surprise, but he bit back his laughter. “I’m glad, because that means it will be even more special when we go out together.”

“What?” she gaped at him in surprise, and he decided to just keep pushing her. Wooing hadn’t worked for him, and neither had flirting, so maybe it was time for the more direct approach.

“When’s your next day off?” he asked, picking up his silverware and cutting into his eggs.

“Thursday.” She said simply.

“Good, I don’t go in until eleven that night. I’ll come by and pick you up at six we can grab dinner and maybe a movie?”

“I don’t think—”

He grinned, “That’s the best part about movies, you don’t have to think. They hand feed it all to you. Are you still living with your dad?” He knew full well she was, but he wanted her to be a willing party in the adventure they were about to go on.

Beth’s jaw flexed, and she stood a little taller. “Yes, technically I still live with my father, but I live in the guest house behind the parsonage. Reverend Newcomer? You remember him?”

Colby refused to fall for her bait, so he just grinned and nodded, “I don’t think I could forget him. His face was burned into my brain after the lecture he gave me, Romeo, and Hawke for egging the old Kilburn farm.”

The reminder did the trick, easing the tension that lined her body and her lips curled up slightly, “I remember that. We were heading home from youth group when you three came barreling out of the fields, arms full of egg cartons.” A giggle escaped her and she shook her finger at him, “You three weren’t very smart back then.”

“I’m not so sure things have changed much, but a guy can hope.” He responded with a shrug. “Thanks for breakfast, it’s delicious.”

Beth’s face was beautifully relaxed and she was smiling for real when she walked away from him, and he was pleased as punch. Just making her happy for a moment was fantastic, but he was even more determined now that it wasn’t going to be enough.

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