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Start the #DominantPersuasions anthology by Submitting to Temptation with Jan Graham! #99cents

by on September 15, 2016

Submitting to Temptation by Jan Graham part of the #DominantPersuasions Anthology! It’s only 99 cents!

#DominantPersuasions is only 99 cents for a limited time!


Submitting to Temptation

by: Jan Graham

Accepting a positions at her brother’s law firm seemed like a great way for Susan to get back on her feet after a nasty divorce. That was until she met junior partner, Blake Daniels, a man who personifies everything Susan ran away from when she left the BDSM scene years ago—Dominance. Blake is a patient man, and it’s a good thing he is because waiting for Susan Dean is driving him to distraction. Susan is a submissive, he’s sure of it, but getting her to admit that fact is harder than he envisaged. When Blake decides it’s time to make his move, Susan has no option but to admit her true nature and submit to his tempting ways.


“So tell me about before you were married, I want to hear about when…

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