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What do I wear? Book Conference Edition

by on July 11, 2016

So you’ve reserved your place at a Book Conference. You’ve secured your flight, your hotel room, and your roommate. What now?

Now comes the fun part! Deciding what to wear during the big event!

12993539_1715850558686101_3996715293027087379_nFirst, take a look at the event schedule. Are there parties that allow for fun costume wearing? Some conferences like RT Booklovers Convention, will host a couple of massive events in the late evening that are phenomenal if you like to go all out and dress up. It’s the perfect time to hone your creativity and go big. However, it’s absolutely NOT required to dress in costume.

12973604_1722955931316855_1953363183264603392_oIn fact, I don’t recall any event I’ve been to that required costumes for a party – not even if it’s called a “costume party.” So if you aren’t a fan of playing dress up, take a deep breath and relax. No worries! Wear what you’re comfortable in!

Jeans and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable! Better yet, jeans and Lori King t-shirt!

5-14-16 Pink Ladies costume Bryce Evans, Lisa Carlton, Lori King, Stacy Jordet, Jo Teerman

A couple of things to make sure you pack…

COMFORTABLE SHOES (This is a must! In some cases the hotel rooms and the convention center are literally a mile apart. You’re going to be walking a lot most of the time-bring the heels, but take flats too, be comfortable.)

SWIMSUIT (Most hotels that are big enough to host a con, also have a pool, and there’s nothing better after a long day of book buying, than sipping a margarita by the pool!)

SWEATER OR JACKET (This is because you’re likely traveling somewhere you’re not familiar with, and the weather outside can be unpredictable, but so can the temperature inside. Some venues crank up the AC to compete with the mass of bodies, and it can get downright chilly.)

4-16-16 MeI personally like to take two outfits per day. My day wear (comfy clothing that is still business casual) and something for the evening festivities (ie: costume, formal, dressier outfit). Readers have to be less concerned about wearing business casual, but I recommend all authors dress to befit making a good first impression. Think of a book signing as a job interview. You wouldn’t show up to an interview wearing cut of jean shorts and a tank top, so if you’re an author, don’t pack it for your book signing.

Any other tips, suggestions, or things I just plum forgot? Post them in the comments! I’d love to hear from you, and I can’t wait to see you at the next event! Check my Appearances tab for where I’ll be next!

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