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Happy 4th of July from Lori King – WIN an ebook now!

by on July 4, 2016

While I’m not a huge fan of fireworks, I do love the 4th of July for other reasons. Mainly the family togetherness. In our house, it’s a bit chaotic with three boys running around blowing things up, but it’s never boring.

One of my sons favorite 4th of July fireworks is the tank. It’s a small item that’s very common, but they love to have tank battles. ie: they each light one pointing at the other and run when the sparks fly. Yeah I know, they’re going to get hurt, but I promise you it’s not as bad as it sounds.

When I was a kid my favorite firework was the sparkler. I loved waving it around as the sun was setting and we were patiently waiting for it to be “dark enough” to shoot all the big stuff off.

My youngest son, loves parachutes. They shoot high in the air, and a parachute pops out, drifting back to the ground. Sometimes there’s even an army man attached! He loves chasing after them, and trying to catch them as they fall.

Missy 7-3-16

Missy went to Grandma and Grandpa for protection from the kids snappers.

This year, as most of my readers know, we have a new addition to our family in the form of Missy the pit bull pup. She DOES NOT like fireworks. At all. In fact, she cowers the moment one of them pops, crackles, or sizzles. So that’s been a unique challenge this season.


Tell me what you love or hate about the 4th of July? What’s your family tradition or favorite firework? One commenter will win an ebook of their choice from my backlist! Make sure your email is in the comments so that I can contact you!

Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Jill permalink

    I love the 4th because it was my Grandfather’s birthday 🙂 & I love watching fireworks!

  2. Cathy Sailer permalink

    I love the get together of friends family and lots of food now I can only get to do something with my antisocial husband I would be good

  3. I absolutely love to watch fireworks. Fortunately for me I can watch them from my front yard. I can see the Universal Studios show. I can avoid the traffic and being crammed with lots of people and just enjoy the show.
    I had a barbecue today and front row seating to s great fireworks show.

  4. Leona permalink

    I love the traditions my husband and I are starting with our son. He is 3 and has gon to see the fireworks every year since he was in the womb. He absolutely loves them. We didn’t get to take him this year due to the weather BUT I let him watch them on Facebook where some friends in other states posted them. He was happy with that. Next year he will be big enough for his own sparklers. Can’t wait for that!

  5. Linda Walker permalink

    Always love family get togethers on the Fourth. Mainly though this day is/was my husband’s birthday so we always celebrated him. He passed away last August so today was one of good memories but sadness that he is no longer with me.

  6. Tammy permalink

    I used to love fireworks until I rescued Max 10yrs ago and he absolutely HATES them but this year he is going deaf and I put his Thundershirt on the minute they started and max slept through most of them. Earlier we went to my aunt’s hose with my mom because my uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago and we didn’t want my aunt to be alone today. There was about 10-15 family there and it was really nice out!! We had a good time, then it was home to the war zone!!

  7. Beverly Blank permalink

    I’m thrilled with the Fourth of July because my first Granddaughter was born on that day…so we’ve been celebrating the whole weekend starting with a big barbecue on Saturday with family & friends, ending on the 4th with another small cake & family. It’ll be a blow out every year now & it’ll be so great to watch her go through these important moments in her life.

  8. I just enjoy the fireworks. When we were younger and it was legal I also love the sparklers. Now in some cities it is not legal to have sparklers. Shame.

  9. jennifer beck permalink

    this will sound crazy but I love the smell of the fireworks and I always work

  10. The fireworks are beautiful but I worry about fires. California has been in drought for five years and we have many fires destroying things. My pack of dogs are split. Some are afraid and the roots charge the fences assuming we are under attack. I hate the people who sober up and shoot off there fireworks after midnight!

  11. Tiffany J permalink

    I love BBQs and spending the whole day outside. Happy 4th to you and yours!

  12. Rose Howse permalink

    I hate the 4th of July mainly because the neighborhood noisemakers upset our pets. It was the WORST when I had my 169 pound Saint Bernard, as soon as one went off, she would squat and void (pee) wherever she was, gallons of St. Bernard urine in my rugs was not a good thing….

  13. Leanne Rogers permalink

    I’m not from the USA so I’ll liken it to our Australia Day, it’s the togetherness of family, the picnic tables n the beach and watching the city fireworks on tv. I do hate the illegal ones set off in the burbs.

  14. pamelatalleyokayfine2 permalink

    I love the Marin County Fair. Every year the Fair has a concert in the evening. Tonight’s concert is Foreigner. I am really looking forward to seeing them again. Has been awhile since we have seen them. I also love a good fireworks display. Happy Fourth of July, Lori.
    Pamela Altman Talley

  15. Tammy January permalink

    Love the cooking outside and watching the kiddos. Sparklers are fun and only one my daughter enjoys. Nothing better than hamburgers and hot dogs grilled outdoors. Can’t forget cold watermelon for dessert.

  16. kaisquared4 permalink

    I enjoy the colors but not the noise of the fireworks.

    • kaisquared4 permalink

      Forgot my email emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com

  17. Juli Hall permalink

    I don’t really like fireworks, I have to wake up extremely early for work and they always keep me up later than I like.
    email is

  18. Yvonne Evans permalink

    I love the whole day. I love the parades, the time with family, the food, hot dogs, burgers, chivken, potatoe salad, corn on the cob, watermelon apple pie, chocolate cake, the pool, sparklers for the kids and the the fireworks.

  19. Andy permalink

    I love the parades

  20. I love the fireworks. My family and I go every year to the firework display in town.

  21. Porchia permalink

    My favorite memory of the Fourth of July… That was the day I conceived by oldest son. Ha Ha.
    Started his life off with a bang. 🤗🎉🎉

  22. Kelli Heneghan permalink

    My mom is from a huge family and we use to always have a family reunion over the 4th of July. It was always at my aunt’s house–she lives on a mountain in Virginia. We don’t have it every year now and I can’t always go when they do have it. I really miss those get togethers.

  23. My favorite 4th of July is going downtown for the festivities from food, to music to,face painting. Five blocks on one street blocked off till about 5 pm, arts crafts are all displayed for the festivities. When I was a kid my dad took me and my friend and parked in a parking lot to watch fireworks.

  24. Lorraine Hill permalink

    My favorite memory is going to the University of Illinois with my grandparents who I thought did the most awesome fireworks show. Man that was 50 years ago but I still love fireworks shows to this day.

  25. Francis permalink

    Happy Independence Day!!
    My favorite thing is the family togetherness. I can’t stand the loud fireworks. But love the beautiful colors of some. I think it’s the artist in me. And most of all I love the food!! Foodie at heart!!! Although this year I am not cooking anything just enjoying it all.
    Miss your sweet face!

  26. Pamela Huggins permalink

    I love watching fireworks! My favorite childhood memory is going camping on the lake my family we always had a blast. Now it’s fun watching my kids and grandkids make memories to look back on.

  27. I love fireworks! Especially the really sparkly ones. We don’t shoot them of bit we sometimes go to a park where there’s a fireworks show.
    Thanks for the chance.

  28. Diane Martin permalink

    My kids loved to come home and do fireworks here. And now my grandson does too. We live next to a big parking lot so there’s lots of room. He loves to shoot off the frogs that have sparks shoot out their hind end. It is hilarious to watch.

  29. Cindy Woolcott permalink

    I have fond memories of growing up and 4th of July’s spent together grilling out hotdogs and hamburgers and Mom’s potato salad oh what a yumfest and playing with my cousins sparklers and running through water sprinklers to cool off ,the laughter and joy of simply being together as a family I miss those days I no longer have Mom and Dad and it is just myself and my roomie so the dynamic is different but I still love and celebrate the holiday it is just different

  30. Andrea Heymont permalink

    I love getting off of work early! The sparklers were always my favorite, too, although the 5-year-old in me also likes the snap-bangs (the little paper-wrapped ones that you throw on the ground for the bang they make!). As for tradition; growing up in NYC, every year, there would be a barge in the middle of the East River, and they would do the most amazing fireworks shows, so we would go see that.

  31. Lisa permalink

    Happy 4th! I love spending time with family, having a cookout and watching the fireworks esp the finale!

  32. Debbie Watson permalink

    We enjoy going and watching the fireworks over the lake. My favorite memory would have to be going with my grandpa to pick out the watermelon and cantaloupe for our family bbq when I was little.

  33. Teresa Fordice permalink

    My Daughter turns 33 tomorrow and I didn’t know I was in labor. Just thought I was tired that night watching the fireworks!!

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