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Why I don’t want you to “like” my Facebook posts…

by on June 16, 2016

Recently, a reader asked me if she’s helping me by “liking” all of my posts on Facebook, and sadly, I had to tell her that she wasn’t. What’s that you say?

Most FB users have come to think of the “like” button of FB as an acknowledgement of sorts. I saw your post – LIKE. I agree with you – LIKE. I support you – LIKE. I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet – LIKE.

Because “liking” has become so routine, that in essence it means nothing these days. Facebook’s algorithms are picky. They’re looking for engagement, but that doesn’t include likes. They’re looking for comments, discussions, and shares. The more comments and shares a post gets, the more often it will be shown in your friends timelines so that they can add to the discussion.

Customer Audience Engagement People Connected Arrows

So if I post a teaser and Stacy comments on it, FB will then show it to Debbie and Marcy. If Debbie comments, and Marcy shares, then Mark, Beth, Chris, and Dee will see that same post. And so on. So if you see me comment on something you’ve shared for me, it’s to get the post more visibility AS WELL as to thank you publically for taking the time to share.

So this is why I didn’t “like” your FB post. It’s not because I’m living under a rock. It’s not because I don’t like you. It’s not even because I don’t agree with you. It’s probably because FB didn’t show it to me, and thus I couldn’t join in on the discussion.

This is NOT to say I don’t appreciate the likes from my readers and friends.

Euphoric winner winning at home

Lori King when she gets a LIKE on her posts!

But PLEASE, feel free to comment on ANY post you see from me. Likes don’t actually help me, they just make ME feel good. FB doesn’t care if you like my posts, they only care if you make the time to comment or share it.

So this being said, if you see me posting in a promotional FB group like “Fictional Men” and you want to help me, just comment about how much you loved the book or how much you want to read it. Easy-peasy and it boosts my posts so that other readers get to see it!

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For my stalkers – er….Dedicated Followers…here’s the FacebookĀ links to my series pages so that you can share EVERYTHING I post!

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***Edited to add a link to another more detailed post on the FB algorithm.


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