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Who was Hawke Inspired by? #CrawleyCreek

by on March 17, 2016

My series, Crawley Creek, was inspired by my foster sisters, Sarah and Ashley. They were a very important part of my family and seeing them go through being in the foster system sparked a deep need in me to help other foster children. Someday I’d like to be a foster parent, but for now I’ve filled that hole in my life by writing about foster children who found a happy home on a ranch in North Dakota.

Hawthorne (Hawke) Kapshaw (Rudi Dollmayer)

Model Rudi Dollmayer

I’m sure you already read about the first three brothers…. Drannon in Forget Me Knot, Roman in Rough Ride Romeo, and Vin in Claiming His Cowgirl. Now you’ll be getting closer to Hawke, as he attempts to seduce a city girl who has no interest in being seduced. 

Hawke is the Peter Pan hero we all love to see grow and achieve more for himself. He’s truly enjoyed his freedom as a bachelor, and he has the notches in his belt to prove it. For visual inspiration I looked at the model, Rudi Dollmayer. He has a sexy body, and a young face, and I could see Hawke’s playful charm in his face. Tell who you think suits the men of Crawley Creek?

Make sure to preorder Hawke’s Salvation before it releases next Friday, March 25!

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