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New Release from Bryce Evans! Beta’s Delight

by on March 16, 2016

The phenomenal Bryce Evans is releasing a second story in her series, Dixon Pack! I love me some shifters! WOOT!


1625774_1978921369000762_4212917893040794791_nBeta’s Delight (Dixon Pack 2)

by Bryce Evans

Simone Alexander fled her life for a new one in the small town of New Hope. Entrusted with a new friend’s secrets, she finds herself immersed in a world of shifters that she never even knew existed. Her plans to open a bakery of her own seem riddled with hurdles—the biggest being a wolf shifter named Bane.
Beta wolf of the Dixon Pack, Bane Cross, was intrigued by Simone when she was a still a stranger on the other end of the phone. His plan is to charm her when he finally meets her in person, but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.
Can Bane untie his tongue long enough to protect Simone when danger from her past shows up on her doorstep, or will this sugary sweet baker break his heart?

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She watched as he smiled back at her, before, finally, getting up to take his clothes off. Simone pushed up on shaky limbs to watch, and God, he was incredible. How she had resisted this for so long, she had no clue. The man was huge as he stood before her, letting her take in what was hers.

“Mine.” She whispered.

“Yes. I’m your mate. This is yours, and nobody else’s. Just like this is mine.” Bane crawled back onto the bed, hands tracing her beautiful curves. “Are you still with me?”


Gently, Bane opened her legs wider, then slowly rubbed his cock up and down her wet folds, driving her crazy.

“Please.” With that one simple word, Bane pushed inside of her, stilling himself, panting.

“More.” She urged, wrapping her legs around him, pulling him in closer.

“Damn baby, hang on. I don’t want to hurt you.” Bane pulled out and slowly pushed back in.

“I don’t want slow.” She whined, like a child pitching a tantrum, but she wanted him now. Using her legs, Simone pulled herself onto him, making him go deeper, feeling the girth of him as he pushed against her walls. He was holding back, trying not to hurt her, but she wanted all of him.

Finally, he pushed in, thrusting harder and harder until tears slipped from her eyes. For the first time in her life she felt this intimate connection with someone. She could feel the love he had for her as he brought her closer and closer. She had never had a lover that fulfilled her needs first. Bane was different. Bane was her mate, and he would do anything for her. She knew this and he would never intentionally hurt her.

Stopping, Bane wiped the tears away. “I’m sorry, Simone. Did I hurt you.”

“No, no, please don’t stop. It’s…just never been like this for me. You’re not hurting me. I promise. I just feel so…so full and loved for the first time in my life.” She could see the relief as he caressed her face.

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