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Gypsy Wolf by KD Jones

by on January 14, 2016

gypsy%20wolf_amazonLucas is a pureblood Alpha who needs a mate to carry on his lineage.
Diana is a powerful soothsayer who is determined to escape her fate.
Unexpected circumstances bring this unlikely pair together, and the sparks fly between them.
Will they be able to overcome their prejudices and stand together against those that would tear them apart?
There is magic to be found in Gypsy Wolf!



By: KD Jones




“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I can’t stop myself.”

“You don’t even want me, not really.”

“I don’t have to mate you to make love to you. We can enjoy this, and then go our separate ways. All you have to do is say yes.”

It hurt that he didn’t want to mate her. She had a decision to make. Either she could push him away and refuse what they both wanted, or she could take what she wanted for once in her life.


Diana kissed him with all the desire she felt inside of her. She unbuttoned his shirt quickly and shoved it over his shoulders. He helped her by throwing it across the room. He resumed taking her shirt off and gently pushed open her knees. He brought her feet up on the edges of the bed and then leaned forward, inhaling.

“You smell so damn good, Diana. I have been craving the taste of you for so long now.”

Vaguely, she thought she should feel embarrassed, but the way he looked at her made her feel beautiful and desirable. Things she had never felt before. She wanted more, she wanted everything he had to offer.



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