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KD Jones – New Release – RONIN (Galactic Cage Fighters 9)

by on October 19, 2015

RoninGCF 9
Galactic Cage Fighters 9

By: KD Jones

Haunted by the memory of an incredible night in the arms of an amazing woman, Ronin is frustrated that she now acts like she wants nothing to do with him. He refuses to accept that. Growing up with nothing of his own, he’s fought hard to leave behind a world of mindless fighting and drug abuse. He wants a fresh start, and he’s ready to fight for what he wants most.
Sersan has been lonely her whole life, despite having an overprotective brother and a handful of friends. As a Reptan, half human and half Leptan, she is too different to be easily accepted by either species. She’s always done what was expected of her, but she longs to do something for herself. One moment of weakness brought her a night of passion in the arms of a man she’s always admired, and for the first time she feels desirable and loved. Letting him go is a lot harder than she ever expected, and she realizes her moment of weakness has come with a cost.
With seemingly insurmountable odds against them, these two seem fated to go their separate ways, lonely and broken. Is there any chance they will find that the best things in life are worth fighting for?



Read an excerpt!

Ronin cupped her face between his hands and leaned down, putting his mouth on hers. His lips were warm and firm. She melted into his kiss. She didn’t remember much after that. Her body lit up like fireworks as her passion burst out of her. She climbed him like a tree and clung to him, rocking her body against his. The skirt needed to go. In fact, it would be perfect if all their clothes would just spontaneously combust. She wouldn’t settle for anything less than skin on skin. They both completely forgot about everything around them, they were so absorbed in each other.
“Where did everyone go?”
“Away.” Ronin raised her up higher and helped her to wrap her legs around his waist so he could walk them over to a table. He laid her down on it and pushed her skirt up higher, revealing her black thong.
Her heartbeat was racing with anticipation. She wanted him so bad. She rubbed her hands over his bare chest and arms as he slowly removed her thong. There wasn’t time to get completely undressed. They were both desperate in their desire for one another.
“Pleassse, Ronin.” She wasn’t above begging.
“I can’t wait, I need to be inside of you now.” He reached down and tried to unbutton the leather pants. He growled when they didn’t unhook right away. He ripped the fly open and shoved his pants down. His large cock sprang free, hard and ready to go.
She reached for him, taking him into her eager hands. The feel of him made her feel powerful. She could hurt him, but that was the last thing on her mind. She pulled him gently toward her opening.
“Wait, I need to make you ready first.” Ronin put a hand on hers to halt her.
She leaned forward. “I’m ready for you, I’m alwaysss ready for you.”


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