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2nd Red Hot Heroes COVER REVEALED: “Her Hero” Miranda Marks

by on October 5, 2015

This is the second cover revealed in the multi-author collection, Red Hot Heroes!

You can see my cover for BROKEN SURRENDER here:



Miranda Marks



Marine Special Operations Team 1

Nate Morrissey has seen all kinds of action in his years with Marine Special Operations, yet nothing compares to the adventure he has at home with his new wife—what little time he’s been home in their brief one year marriage. When he gets called out on a new mission at the beginning of a long awaited leave, his bride lays down an ultimatum. Unfortunately for them both, duty wins.

Becca soon realizes she wasn’t meant to be a military wife. She thought she was strong, but the long months praying and waiting for his safe return have left her broken. When he leaves her yet again, she knows it’s time to call it quits, no matter how much her heart tells her to stay.

Nate isn’t ready to let go of his wife just yet. The fire they share is too hot to ignore. Nate comes home to an empty bed, but refuses to let it stay that way long. Till death do us part means something to Nate and he’s not dead yet…


Miranda Marks

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