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Willow Brooke is bringing Justice to the Fight Club Series!

by on August 30, 2015

Justice by willow brooke

In book one of Fight Club- Brooke Winters has traveled through the burning pits of hell and back, taking the scenic route before she finally found herself enough to escape the hell she called marriage. Life was a struggle, but she was free. Free to teach her children what life was supposed to be like. Free to spread her wings and fly. Freedom had never felt so good.

Amy Johnson has been best friends with Brooke since high school and fled her own nightmare back to her hometown. When Brooke hears about the abuse Amy has been going through, she insists on moving Amy and the kids in with her and plans an epic girl’s night that will change their lives forever.

Michael Sanchez and Kurt Lewis both hold title championships in the UFC mixed martial arts. The guys are all a tight knit group, fighting each other in the octagon and with each other outside the ring. With most of them having colorful backgrounds that range from military to business men, their assets enable them to make a difference in the world by righting wrongs that the system overlooks. When Brooke’s ex makes an appearance and sets his time and energy on revenge, the Fight Club is born.

Are there real men out there who are capable of real love? Can a group of badass fighters stop Brooke’s ex before things go too far and time runs out?


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