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Indulge yourself with KD Jones new release: Katieran Prime Miracle

by on February 9, 2015

KD JonesMedic JadEN is called back to Katiera to help with the new problems developing with inter-species breeding. He is forced to work side by side with Kat, the female he lost to another male, and with the male she mated. Tensions are high as JadEN realizes that he still cares for Kat. He hopes that traveling to Kiljor on a research mission will give him the space he needs to overcome his lingering feelings. What he doesn’t expect is to encounter a new female who draws his attention like no other. The more time he spends with Rose, the more addicted he becomes. She is a habit he fears will be hard to break.

Rose Garrett is a therapist from Earth, a dedicated medical professional. So when she realizes that she’s developed feelings for one of her patients, she must find a way to resolve it or risk losing the position she’s worked so hard to achieve. She feels time away would benefit her, so she agrees to travel to Kiljor to help the returning Kiljorns adjust to life after experiencing a trauma. The trip is over-shadowed by the irritating Katieran doctor who does nothing but get in her way. She could overlook him having a difficult personality, but what she can’t overlook is how her body responds to his.

Two lovers find themselves caught up in the middle of civil unrest. Nations must join alliances in order to defeat an enemy among their own people. What will it take to bring two people together who seem so different, but long for the same thing? Join JadEN and Rose as they search for their own miracle.

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JadEN tasted his dream lover, licking the swollen lips of her pussy as her juice flowed over his face. He growled at her, letting her know how much he loved her scent and taste. Nothing else had ever tasted this good. He could eat her all day and night and never get enough.

She gripped his hair as she pulled him tighter against her entrance. She kept telling him that what he was doing felt so good to her, but she wanted more. He loved that she was just as aggressive as he was. It turned him on. He wanted more of her, too. She was an addiction, and he knew having her once would never be enough. He applied more pressure, using his thumb and forefinger to tweak her clit.

“JadEN, please.” The female squeezed his hips with her thighs as she begged him to take her.

Hearing her say his name made him growl possessively. He rose up over her body, nuzzling against her breasts and then nibbling a spot on her shoulder. He pushed his cock deep inside of her, and they both moaned. He set a fast and deep pace, thrusting over and over. When they both reached their climax, they shouted out as they released.

“By the Goddess, Rose!” He released his seed deep within her, satisfied that he’d claimed her for his own.


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