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December Picture Capture – It’s YOUR turn! Try our Flash Fiction challenge and win!

by on December 30, 2014

Capturing the moment is every author’s goal. We want to express emotions so clearly that the reader’s impacted when they put the book down. So each month for the last 18 I’ve brought you a collection of authors who used the exact same photograph as inspiration for a short scene. They take the time to capture the picture with their words, and then share with all of our readers.

BUT, this month, we’re playing the game differently. To celebrate 18 solid months of Picture Capture fun, we’re asking YOU to jump in and give it a go!  Here’s how to do it…

———->2014 - 12 December

Use this photo to write a 350 word scene.

No limitations.

No restrictions.

Let your imagination go wild. Now post it in the comments for everyone to read!

If you’re an author be sure to post your website or blog link along with your comment.

I’ll choose one at the end of the week and that person will win bragging rights and $10 Amazon gift card! Ready?



  1. Jayne permalink

    “Coal, that’s what you’re getting for Christmas. “
    Once again, Sara was talking over the announcer of the football game I was watching. All I ask for after a long day at the office is to come home and become one with the couch while I watch Monday Night Football. Sara usually left me alone, disappearing into her room to read one of her little romance books. But tonight she just keeps interrupting me.
    The camera shot spans across the cheerleaders, their hair flying with their dance, as I waive her off, “Busy, hon.” I follow up with a drink of my cold ale, remembering to put the glass on a coaster. That should show her I’ve paid attention to her comments.
    Suddenly my view of the game is blocked by a field of red and I lean over, trying to watch the play unfold. She reaches out for my tie and pulls me back to center. “No, No, No, you bad boy,” Sara chuckles.
    I look up to see skin, lots of skin, and her dark hair spilling over shoulders. Where her breast should be are mounds of soft fur. My hands itch to touch them, to see if they are as soft and full as they look. I start to reach up…
    “Hands on the couch,” she chides, holding my jaw with her hand. “You’ve been a naughty boy and don’t deserve any presents this year.” Her fingers rasp against my evening beard and I find myself thinking of the sound of my beard rasping against her inner thigh. I glance down at said thighs, to find a short skirt barely covering them. I really want to unwrap her from this skirt and see what present she hides underneath. Lacy, thong, bare?
    Sara tugs on the tie, redirecting my view back to her face. “Ah, there you are,” she says. “Now I have your complete attention. No more Monday Night Widow. For now on, I’m the only halftime entertainment you need.”
    My mouth waters, watching her lips move, wishing they were whispering along my body.
    “Deal,” I say.

  2. melissa schooley permalink

    He’s done it again. Every year we have been together his idea of a Christmas present is handing me his black credit card and telling me to buy to my hearts content. I spend hours and sometimes days planning his present and this is what i get in return. I try not to let the hurt show but Not this year, this year i will take what want if he doesn’t get it or won’t give it to me then I’m gone. After all i deserve to be treated like the goddess i am! How many offers have i had to leave him but still i stay. First loves are the hardest to let go….Please don’t break my heart this year.
    I waited up for him to get home and finally heard a vehicle pull up please let it be him. I don’t want to deal with another holiday well wisher .
    Omg where is my robe i don’t want to ruin the effect of my outfit.
    The door opens…… he walks into a dark room…. the lights suddenly turn on and he gets pushed onto a chair I grab his tie. So tell me have you been naughty or nice??? Your answer will determine how ths night plays out.
    Are you ready?

  3. Christmas party time, how I hate these get-togethers. Everyone two faced, laughing like they were besties! the boss so drunk he was an an embarrassment! I sit in the corner watching the drama playing out before me…Jayne thrusting her fake rack toward every available man…Toby, dressed to kill, poor lad, he tries, there will be a sweet girl for him one day. The new admin clerk, trying to hard to belong! How much longer do I have to endure this!

    I suddenly felt hot, censed that I was missing something, something important! The feeling started deep down. I searched the crowd, looking for that which was I couldn’t see. Something wasn’t right! Then it hit me, an overpowering pull to a pair of dark eyes watching,..drawing me in…daring me to keep contact!

    This stranger wasn’t part of our group, he picked up his glass, weaved his way through the bodies, never taking his eyes off mine. I was caught, drowning in the darkness and warmth. Tall, dark, rugged his tux fitted perfectly, dress shirt opened at the neck, tie undone and hanging down his body! He raised his eyebrows, that look in his eyes….OMG he knew what I was thinking, feeling….how!

    I am not a party girl, I would rather be curled up with a good book and glass of wine. Being 6′ and curvy, I always felt I intimidated the boys. They wanted the blond haired, blue eyed, slim and outgoing girls

    He can’t be looking at me like that, he isn’t real, no one seems to notice him moving between them. That earlier feeling grew to a point I craved his touch. He stopped in front of me, placed his glass on the table and held out his hand. I looked down, his other hand caught me under the chin, forcing me to look back into his eyes. That was it…I was lost in the depths, I took his hand, stood, he drew me to his side a protective arm around my back, I knew then that this was forever!

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