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Bryce Evans – Cravings – Read an Excerpt!

by on November 4, 2014


Alpha City, Book 2

By Bryce Evans

Zoey Malone has it all. Her best friend is now her sister in law, and her partner in a new and thriving business, she’s treated like a princess by the members of her pack, and she’s found the man she wants to give her heart to in Kayden Lynn, Alpha of the Panther Pride. When business takes her to sunny Las Vegas and puts her in the path of Alpha wolf Johnny Ringo; she has to make a decision between the guaranteed security Johnny offers, and a deep soul-stealing love with Kayden.

Forced back to her hometown, and hurt by the man who’s held her heart for years, she and the rest of the Malone Pack are threatened by outside forces. Will Kayden be the man she knows he can be, and come to her rescue, or will his pride put an end to their future before it starts?



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Zoey pulled her dress down for the hundredth time. She loved the dress, but it showed more leg than she wanted it to. Damn Donnie! He had talked her into buying the dress saying that all the men would be looking at her, and she would have plenty of dates after tonight. Still, uncertainty crept up inside her. She lacked the most important skill a woman could have when it came to men, and that’s self-esteem.

Tonight was the night. She had promised London that she would flirt and have some fun by putting herself out there and allowing everyone to know she is on the market.

Zoey slowly opened the door to the Rusty Nail Pub. She had been here hundreds of times, but tonight was different. Tonight she was a new woman with a new dress and a new attitude. Only thirty seconds in the door, and she wanted to throw up. Everyone seemed to turn and gawk at her when she finally entered.

Donnie ran up to her grabbing her hand. “Now, don’t you look slutty?” Stopping mid stride, Zoey looked up at Donnie panicked.

“What? You told me to wear it. You said it looked good on me.” Zoey couldn’t help the hysteria coming out of her mouth. Her eyes widened, and her body went into flight mode, but before she could run out, Donnie got into her face whispering. Even over the music, she could hear what he was saying to her.

“You look great, Zoey. That dress is fantastic and makes your legs look like they could wrap around a man’s body for days. So stop and listen to what I’m saying. Yes, people are looking at you. They are checking you out and liking what they see. If I weren’t gay, I would take you outside and fuck you on the hood of my car. That is what I’m trying to say.” Zoey stared up at her friend and couldn’t stop the giggles as Donnie’s comment sunk in. Then Donnie started laughing with her.

“You whore.” Zoey snorted out.

“You slut.” Donnie responded, as he broke out in a fit of giggles with Zoey.

“What are you two laughing about?” London asked as she walked up to her two best friends.

“Nothing. Just getting our little girl here in the right frame of mind.” Donnie looked down at Zoey. “Now, think like a wolf looking for their prey, and walk like you own this damn place. Let’s head for the table and get this evening started. Capiche, my little wolf?”

Zoey nodded and pushed her shoulders back with confidence. As she walked toward the Alpha’s table, she swayed her hips provocatively. She could see people had stopped talking and watched her walk past, especially the men. The only attention she wanted tonight was not even at the table. He wasn’t even here tonight.

She hated that about herself. She heaved a sigh and scanned the pub a little more looking for Kayden.

“He isn’t here yet,” London whispered in her ear. Zoey shrugged trying to act as if it didn’t bother her as Nolan Banks pulled a chair out for her.

“Now, now, what do we have here?” Nolan teased. “I don’t believe we have met yet, Miss?” Zoey smiled as Nolan acted as though she was a stranger.

“My name is Zoey Malone, and what is yours, big boy?” Zoey teased, and then winked at him. Nolan was the best, and he made a tense situation into a bearable one.

“Well Ms. Malone, how about we dance? With a dress like that, I think you need to be center of attention tonight. Well?”

“Shut up, Nolan. That is my sister you’re talking to. I know you are going to say something, and it’s only going to piss me off.” Ryder interjected.

Ignoring her brother, Zoey extended her hand to Nolan. “Well, kind sir, I would love to dance with you.” She did feel special as Nolan escorted her out to the dance floor when a fast song came on. The stars must have been in line because Kayden walked through the door with none other than Jena Carnes. He hadn’t seen her yet, but she saw him. Putting on a show, Zoey did things with her body that she didn’t know she had in her. Dancing at home in front of the mirror doesn’t count. Tonight was her night to shine, and make Kayden Lynn jealous as hell.


Zoey watched as Kayden and Jena sat at the Alpha’s table. She could see Kayden look at everyone, but nobody was talking. All eyes were watching Nolan and her on the dance floor, except her brother, that is. He had his face in his hands. Kayden’s eyes followed their gaze, and she knew the moment he saw her. His eyes turned bright green, and she could actually see steam come out of the man’s head. She laughed to herself because this was exactly what she wanted. His expression was worth every damn dime she spent on her dress.

She continued to watch Kayden, even though he didn’t know she was watching him. He stood up mad as hell and thundered over to Ryder’s side. She couldn’t hear what he was saying, but he was pointing a lot at her and Nolan.

Giggling to herself, Zoey felt powerful for the second time in her life. The first time was when she beat the shit out of Penny Sanders. This was the second best.

Slowing down, the song turned into a slow one. Nolan pulled her body into him holding her close. “Did he notice?” Nolan whispered in her ear.

Zoey acted as if she didn’t know whom he was talking about. “Who?”

“Come on, Zoey. I have known you your whole life, and as soon as Kayden Lynn saw you grow your hair out in the tenth grade, he was smitten with you. He doesn’t talk about it, but we all know. Did he see your dance moves?”

She was hesitant to answer him, but the look on Nolan’s face told her he wouldn’t let it go until she did. “Yes.” Zoey answered. “Is he pissed off?”

Nolan twirled her around and glanced back at the table.

“Oh yeah, he is good and pissed off now. Let’s see what we can do to make him even more pissed.” Nolan replied, and then flipped her backwards kissing up her neck.

The growl could be heard over the music as Kayden stomped over to her and jerked her away from Nolan. “What in hell do you have on?” Kayden’s expression was angry, but instead of yelling at him, she just smiled and looked down at her dress.

“You mean this old thing?” Zoey’s hands stroked down the short dress then looked around at all the men in the room. “I think it is doing exactly what I want it to do.” Zoey winked at the table of bears that were eagerly watching her.

Nolan laughed as he took her hand and escorted her back to the table leaving Kayden on the dance floor fuming. Zoey didn’t look back at Kayden. She couldn’t. If he wanted her, then he would have to fight for her. He couldn’t act as if he liked her one minute, then act as though she wasn’t there the next by bringing a women she hated the most to their table. How his mind worked made no sense to her.

Kayden approached the table and sat down hard beside Jena. The look on the woman’s face was priceless. Apparently, Jena knew something was going on between Zoey and Kayden, so she made her move.

Leaning over, Jena whispered in Kayden’s ear then licked it. Everyone at the table was watching the interaction between Kayden and Jena. Zoey kept telling herself to look away, but she couldn’t stop staring.

“Zoey, you look great tonight, sweetheart,” Brody King suggested, bringing everyone’s attention away from Jena’s show.

“Why thank you, Brody,” Zoey smiled back at the grizzly bear. Brody King was forever surprising her. He would take her on rides around the forest on his back and show her things in the forest she would have never seen even in wolf form. He had a kindness that none of the others had. Even though he was the biggest and scariest of all the Alphas, he was by far the most gentle and sweetest of them all. Brody was the one who looked after her the most, and she loved him like a big brother.

Pulling her out of her memories, Brody stood up, went to her side, and held out his hand. “Let’s dance, sweetheart.” Zoey smiled, reached out to curl her fingers around his, and followed Brody to the floor.

“What’s going through that head of yours, sweetheart?” Brody asked. She felt so little in his arms. His hands were massive as he held on to her. She could always talk to Brody. He never judged her even when she was wrong.

A moment of silence followed before she spoke. “Everything, I guess.”

“Kayden?” Brody answered.

Zoey’s eyes widened in surprise. “Why…do you think that?”

“We all see how he looks at you. He always has. Now he looks at you in a different way. You’re the person he wants the most, but he thinks he doesn’t deserve you.” Zoey gasped not believing what she was hearing.

Sputtering her words trying to form a sentence, Zoey asked, “Why…why would he think that, Brody? I’m just a wolf. Nobody special. He’s an Alpha and needs a strong mate, one who can give him whatever he needs. I…” Self-doubt surged forward as she spoke. Here she was again letting all the stuff Jena said about her get into her head. It was hard to shake the years of bullying that made her feel so small. It was such a hard habit to break.

“You remember the day I took you to Pier’s Point?” Zoey nodded, thinking back about those fun days. “That day meant a lot to me. I finally talked you in to jumping off that cliff into the water. It was wonderful to finally see the smile that came on your face when you came up out of that water. You looked like you were on top of the world. You went for it even when you thought you might get hurt. That is the Zoey Malone I know. The one who needs to see just how important she is to her family and friends. If Kayden can’t see that and if he thinks you’re not good enough, then he isn’t the man I thought he was, and you’re not the girl I know you are if you allow him to get away with it.” Tears ran down her face as she listened to the giant tell her how important she was. Brody knew how to touch her heart.

“I just…” Zoey tried to talk but couldn’t come up with anything logical.

“Now, let’s have some fun tonight, and when a man asks you to dance, don’t think about it; just go for it. She isn’t important to him. We all know that, and what is amazing, she knows it too. Now, the playing field is even because Jena knows how important you are to him, and you have an advantage there. Have fun, Zoey. Stop looking at him for once, and let him chase you,” Brody explained, then twirled her around until she couldn’t stop the laugh that came out of her mouth.

She could feel the tension ease from her shoulders. For the first time in her life, someone told her how it really was, and she finally got it. Brody was a man of few words, but when he spoke, you paid attention. He was a freaking genius, and she was going to follow his directions to a T. She felt happy and relaxed when she looked up at Brody. It looked like he was nodding to someone then quickly glanced around the room. She made sure she didn’t look back at the Alpha’s table when Lex Crenshaw walked up to her.

“Can I have the next dance, Zoey?” Lex asked. Zoey liked Lex. He was kindhearted too, until you pissed him off. It must have been something about the bears because most of them were sweet and gentle unless you were their prey or made them angry.

“Sure Lex, if Brody doesn’t mind.” Lex and Zoey both looked up at the Alpha.

“As long as you take care of my girl here. You know I think of her as my sister, right?” Brody’s voice was higher as he said the last part.

“Yes sir, Alpha.” Lex replied and held his hand out for her. Kissing her on top of the head, Brody walked off leaving her with Lex.

Zoey did what Brody suggested and danced with almost every bear in the room and a few wolves. She laughed at how the bears joked with the other wolves when they tried to dance with her before the song ended. It was all in fun, but she enjoyed the attention.

Finally, near the end of the night, Zoey informed Lex that she needed a break, and he escorted her back to the Alpha’s table. Pulling her chair out for her, Lex kissed her hand and walked away.

It was hard, but Zoey never looked over at Kayden. She sat and made conversation with London and Donnie the rest of the night.

Leaning over, Zoey whispered in Donnie’s ear, “I need to go to the bathroom. I will be back in a few minutes.”

“Do you need me to go with you?” Donnie asked.

“Nope. I think I can handle that on my own.” Zoey got up and slowly walked to the bathroom talking to friends as she passed their table. She walked into the stall and did her business. She felt free for the first time and was actually having fun. She righted her dress and opened the stall door. Figures, it couldn’t last long as she stared at Jena Carnes and one of her friends standing by the sink, waiting for her no doubt. Zoey walked over to the sink and started washing her hands.

“Do you really think a man like Kayden Lynn would want someone like you?” Jena remarked. Instead of immediately responding, Zoey took her time washing her hands. When she finished, she could see Jena struggling to react but didn’t touch her. She knew if she did, she would be disciplined by the Alpha.

Without looking at her, Zoey spoke with self-confidence. “You know, Jena, this isn’t high school anymore and what Kayden does isn’t my concern, but don’t worry, Sugar, I’m positive he wants you for one thing and one thing only.” Zoey leaned closer and commented, “The Alphas talk about you when they are together.” Zoey continued to walk toward Jena who had never seen her do this and apparently, it was unnerving her, so she backed up a step. “They talk about the ‘sure thing’. They say you’re only useful for a fuck and not a good fuck at that. They also say you’re not the mating kind, just the fucking kind.” Zoey tossed the paper towel in the trash can and started to walk out.

Finally, she had enough of Jena telling her what a low life she was. Tonight was the last night she would ever take shit from Jena Carnes again. She heard Jena make her move and was prepared for her. Zoey turned around and blocked the punch Jena was throwing. Jena thought that she could hit her with her back turned, but Zoey had continued her training and flipped Jena, launching her against the door, knocking it down in the process. The noise was loud as Jena and the door flung against the outside wall.

Zoey could hear people running toward the bathrooms. Apparently, the noise was louder than she thought. Looking back, Jena’s friend was wide-eyed and stepped back away from her.

“Oops.” Zoey showed the wolf her teeth then walked out.

Stepping over the moaning Jena, Zoey walked down the hallway with a half smile on her face. London, Ryder, and the entire table of Alphas were looking down the hallway as she walked toward them. Kayden’s eyes were wild-looking as she approached him.

“Kayden, your date is lying on the floor. You might want to go and pick her up.” With that statement said, she continued to walk back to the table where Brody was still sitting with his hands crossed over his chest. She could see the smile widened as she sat down.

“You know Brody, I think we need to go back to Pier’s Point soon and go swimming. Would you be up for that?” Brody laughed and stood up from the table.

“I think that is a wonderful idea, sweetheart. Let’s blow this joint and go get breakfast somewhere. I think you did all the damage you can do tonight,” Brody suggested. Donnie ran back to the table as Zoey picked up her purse.

“I’m coming with you guys. I think the party is over here,” Donnie muttered, then turned and looked down the hallway snickering.

“Let’s go eat. I’m starving,” Zoey sang in a giddy voice as she took Brody’s arm and walked out of the bar.


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