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August Picture Capture! 13 Fantastic Authors Test Their Creativity… #PictureCapture

by on August 31, 2014

Capturing the moment is every author’s goal. We want to express emotions so clearly that the reader’s impacted when they put the book down. So I’ve brought you a collection of authors who are all using the exact same photograph as inspiration for a short scene. They are capturing the picture with their words. These short scenes are NOT part of a book…yet, but they will give you great insight into the authors head!

As always you’re welcome to give it a go and post your story scene in the comments, in fact, I encourage you to try it! Here’s how to do it…2014 - 8 August


Use the photo prompt to write a 350 word scene.

No limitations. No restrictions.

Let your imagination go wild.

Alongside every entry, is the authors contact links, and most recent book cover.

If you like what they did, please leave a comment or even better, buy a book!

So, here is what the authors came up with this month….


Lori King A Fetish & Fantasy Short Story2 - 300x450

Links:  Twitter   Facebook   Amazon

Her white button down shirt was ruined, but Violet could care less. The cool ocean water flowed around their hot bodies as Ash stripped her clothes from her body leaving her shirt spread underneath her to protect her from the sandy beach.

“I want you so much, sweetness, it’s killing me.”

His breath was hot against her ear, and she moaned as his hands stroked over her. Her nipples were sharp points against the satin cups of her bra, and she wrapped her legs around his to hold him in place between her spread thighs.

“Fuck me Ash. Like your life depended on it. Take me and make me yours before you leave me.”

Emotion made her voice crack, but they both pretending it wasn’t there. Using passion and lust to cover their fear and heartache. Tomorrow was soon enough to face the future. Tonight, as the sun set on the horizon, they would come together and make magic.

Bracing himself, Ash rose up over her and stared down into her eyes. She’d never had anyone look at her like that before. Like he was hungry for her.

“I love you Violet Clawson. I’ve loved you since we were fourteen and you first tried out for the Rockets baseball team.” Ash said in a husky voice. “No matter what happens, I will always love you, and if you’re still here—”

She pressed a finger to his lush lips and shushed him, “I’ll be here, baby. I love you too. We’ll have email, and phone calls. Don’t worry, I’ll be here waiting when you get back.”

“Eight months is a long time…” he murmured, pressing a kiss to the center of her forehead.

“I gave you my heart for a lifetime, Ash. Eight months is nothing. Now, make love to me.”



Jessica AndersonJessica Anderson

Links:   Website   Facebook    Amazon

She waited by the ocean’s edge, awaiting her lover’s return.  He had been aboard that pirate ship for far to long for her to be happy about.  She knew she chose to marry into this life style but she hated it.  The constant waiting and never knowing when he was coming home, or if he was even coming home.  She often thought about what would happen if he was lost at sea, or even killed, but she couldn’t see herself without the man she loved.

Her family fought her on marrying him, said a filthy pirate would never be any good for a woman of her wealth and stature, but she refused to listen.  He had her heart, and to her that was all that mattered.  The painful time that was spent away from him often got very hard for her to deal with, and it seemed to get worse every time he was away, but the time together was like heaven on earth, and the place she sat at on the shore was the pearly gates.

She was always out there before the sunset, she loved watching the sunset from the view of the ocean.  It was also the most common time for pirates to come ashore.  Then she saw the ship coming into view.  It was the most exhilarating thing she had seen in months.  Heart racing, she stood up out of the sand, her tears caught in her throat as she saw a body dive into the water before the ship could even stop.

She was frozen in place until the man came up from the water and ran up to her hugging her so tight she thought she would never be able to breathe.  “Oh Philip, I worried I would never see you again.”  The tears finally started to fall as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

“Even Davey Jones Himself couldn’t keep me away from you.”  He returned.

He took her lips in a deep, life-sucking kiss.



Holly S. RobertsHolly S Roberts

Links:  Facebook   Twitter   Blog

“This.” His body slowly brushed against mine.

“Right here.” He lowered his head until I tasted his lips.

“Is why I love you.” He took my mouth.

Air wasn’t necessary. His breath filled me. The cool ocean water did nothing to soothe the burning ache that raged within. He pulled back and I drowned in his green eyes once more.

“Say you love me,” he whispered.

I froze. Three simple words. Words I never trusted anyone enough to speak.

His eyes darkened and for a moment I thought he would leave me—wanting him. Needing him so I could breathe again.

The intensity in his gaze ignited. “You say it every time you look at me. Every time you scream my name when you come. Someday you’ll say the words but until then show me.”

He let me off the hook again. Showing was easy. I pushed my hips upward.

“You’re mine,” he groaned before taking my mouth once more.

I was. I loved him.

And that’s why I hated myself. He was a job and my betrayal would kill him.



Samantha PotterSamantha Potter

Links:  Facebook   Twitter    Fan Page

Droplets of water from his masculine body dripped one by one. Landing on my body, chilling the area immediately, lying under his taught body as my mind flickered back and forth from memories to present. Trying to block out what I’d just witnessed. I looked up into his pale green eyes, looking for any sign to prove he was human.

Only moments ago I was sitting on the beach, watching the large waves hit the surface with a splash. The sun drifting down slowly igniting many shades of colour illuminating the sky, I believe it was a warning. As each day finished the sun would try to shine for a bit longer. Unfortunately given the day I had I was feeling rebellious. Heading to the beach instead of the comfortable surroundings of my home. Watching the current glide in, the cool breeze cooling my skin almost instantly.

Until it happened, thinking I had gone completely mad. Watching something swoop out of the water before diving back in, my heart beat reacting to the odd sight. Goosebumps forming on my skin, it felt as if the air had cooled incredibly within minutes.  Time was limited and my reaction was slow as i watched this creature jump once more, knocking me back into the sand. The full weight of his body leaning on mine was making it hard to breath.

“What on earth are you?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“Your worst nightmare.” He responded in a husky but determined voice.

I could feel my heart rate jump, the pressure from his body making it hard to move. His wet hair covering his eyes partially, making this creature even more mysterious. As he looked directly into my eyes, I couldn’t help but stare back. Staring into his soul, fear leaving me almost immediately as a clear indication of his intentions became clear. Feeling his overly large package dug into my thigh. Lust slowly building as my attraction to this man became clearer.



KD JonesKD Jones

Links:  Amazon    Facebook   Website

After years of being only a wife and mother, Leslie’s life became all about other people. She did not have anything for herself. Then one day, her husband left her for a younger woman and her children grew up and moved away to live their own lives. She felt an emptiness in her life.

On a spur of the moment decision she bought a vacation deal for a week at an island in Fiji. She thought, “What the hell, I deserve this.”

Day one she slept most of the time from jet lag. Day two she ventured out to the restaurant and the pool. By day three she was on the beach and she never wanted to leave. It was pure paradise.

It was on the beach that she met someone that would change her life forever. Robert Caraway was a kayak instructor. He was in his late forties but was still buff and in shape. He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes that almost matched the water he spent most of his time in. She flirted with him when he took her on a kayak lesson and to her surprise, he flirted back.

She only booked one lesson with him but he asked for her to come back the next day. He took them on the kayak to a more secluded island. They pulled the kayak up on the beach so that they could make lunch.

They talked about their lives. Robert was a widower. His only daughter was in college. He used to be a pilot but retired and came to Fiji to open his own Kayak shop. It was his dream. When he asked Leslie what her dream was, she had only one that came to her mind.

“I want to make wild passionate love on this beach with you.”

She felt his hands caress her as his body pressed her into the sand. This was crazy. She should tell him to stop. But she did not want to. She needed this, needed to be touched, needed to be reminded that she was still a woman.



JC CerrigoneJustine Cerrigone

Links:  Website   Amazon   Mike’s Tree of Life

The briny scent of the sea burned her nostrils as Kate welcomed his weight.

“You ready?” Dale’s body grinded into hers.

The sunset seared her eyes as she stared into his. Her sedated expression gleamed in them.

“That sand’s gonna scratch and scrape across your flesh, just like my cock’s going to do to those soft, tender insides of yours,” he whispered.

“I’ve been ready for you since our flight tickets were punched back at the airport,” Kate said, her tone tight with effort.

They’d met on the plane, both disgruntled over having to make sudden trips due to their business obligations.

Dale’s occasional glances throughout the flight had rattled her bones, the attraction intense accompanying an acute certainty.

“What happens once we get off this beach and reality belts us across the face?” Kate snaked her arms around his neck, his skin hot and damp.

“You’re only three hours south of the tri-state area.”  Dale’s palm slid over her breast, fingering her nipple, a nipple that hadn’t had such an aroused peak in months.  His mouth descended on hers. His tongue artfully traced her mouth, bathing her teeth with his moisture.

Thick, sea air moved between them when he pulled back. His brows pulled together.

“I know,” Kate laughed, feeling the additional heat fire in her cheeks.  “I sound like a virgin.  Don’t worry…I’m not planning the wedding,” she said, jokingly.

Dale shrugged.

“I’m not worried, baby.  You sound like a woman who just wants to make sure we have enough to go on so we’ll see each other again.”  Dale’s hand roamed; his touch soothing.  His spell expanded over her, like a puddle during a downpour.

The waves curled and sloshed, edging up the sand, seeping beneath her, cooling her firry skin.

“I suppose so,” Kate sighed, her ribs pressing against the weight of him.

“Let me give it to you straight up,” Dale said, straddling over her hips.  “Once I baptize you,” his pelvis rolled over hers.  “There’s no going back.”



Kalissa WayneKalissa Wayne

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He awoke where the hurricane ravaged waves must have tossed him. Disoriented, he raised his head to look around. The beach didn’t look familiar, but then beaches were rearranged by storms. The burning pain in his body reminded him that he had a passenger he needed to be rid of, and quickly.

Concentrating inward, he separated his molecules from the human he had absorbed from the shipwreck. Stupid humans couldn’t believe that they weren’t as powerful as nature and constantly dared the storms upon the waters. He had happened across a sinking ship on his way to Atlantis and found a lone survivor struggling to reach the surface. He hadn’t had time to see who it was he saved, but absorbed the human’s essence before it was too late.

Even amidst the pain of separation, he was aware that the form taking shape below him was very curvy and very feminine. Once the pain ceased, he opened his eyes and caught his breathe. Lying beneath him was the woman from his dreams.

Her face was ashen and a gash across her forehead was beginning to well with blood but it was her. Her breathing was shallow but seemed to be gaining strength even as he checked her pulse, which was slow but steady. Her damp, dark hair spread around her head in the shallow puddle of water surrounding them.

Even as he watched, her eyelids fluttered and she opened her eyes. Turquoise blue like the equatorial waters, swirling with a mist of confusion, her eyes slowly focused on his face hovering just above hers. As her eyes cleared and settled on his, she opened her mouth and screamed….



Jade BelfreyJade Belfrey

Links:  Website   Facebook   Bookstrand

“The plan couldn’t have come together better.”

She smiled. “Better for who, Ian?”

They laughed together. Although they both were free and clear of all charges now, they would never be off the radar of the men who wanted Ian’s blood.

It was a fight that had brought then to the ‘edge of the world’. Martie appreciated the island’s nickname now, as the sun dipped under the horizon. This wasn’t a bad way to spend their last night here. Although this place held some bad memories for her, it was still where she had fallen in love with Ian. No matter what happened when they got home, no one could take that precious memento of the tropics from her.

Martie felt Ian’s hand on her cheek, gently guiding her face away from the scenery. “Wanna let me in on what has you so worried?”

She bit her lip. “What happens when we leave here?” She had never thought that she would want more from him, but she did. She wanted it all. What had they been fighting for here if none of it mattered state-side?

“Well first, you’re no longer my secretary.”

“I’m not?” Martie was shocked. Ian couldn’t fire her. Not after five years at the company, and certainly not after her work here.

“Nope. You’re my partner now. And your apartment will be boxed up immediately.”

“Really, Ian? Where would you suggest I live?”

“With me.” He kissed her gently, his lips telling her that everything in their relationship had changed in the last ten days. “You’re mine now.”

Martie barely registered him unfastening each button on her white blouse before he pushed the shirt open. “People can see us here!”

The devilish look was back in his eyes. “I’m counting on that, Miss Keegan.” His hard body pushed her back down into the sand. She sighed as his hands forced her arms over her head in submission to him.

This time when he bent his head to kiss her, she kissed him back with an overwhelming need. It was true; she was his now, body and soul.



Michelle RothMichelle Roth

Links: Facebook   Twitter   Website

Normally, Taryn didn’t open up about her past. She was just used to bottling it or ignoring it, but Evan was really easy to talk to. He listened without passing judgment. He asked questions as if he was interested in what she had to say. Most of all, he didn’t give her that look of pity when she talked about it.

Unable to stop herself, Taryn tilted her head back and to the side so she could brush her lips against his cheek.  As she moved to turn her head, he shifted slightly and tilted his mouth down toward hers. She sighed against his mouth as he nipped and teased her lower lip, sucking it gently into his mouth. She shifted slightly, her hand reaching out to rest against his cheek.

She heard a low moan in the back of his throat as his tongue swept into her mouth. She couldn’t help but give an answering moan when his hand slid into her hair and he deepened the kiss. It quickly spiraled out of control. By the time they broke apart, gasping, she was stretched out underneath. His hips rocked gently against her core.

His breathing uneven, Evan leaned down to rest his forehead against hers and said, “This isn’t the time or place but I want to be inside you so badly right now. You have no idea.”

She bit her lip as another wave of pure lust slammed into her and said, “I have every idea.”

She leaned up and nipped at the side of his throat. On another groan he tilted his head and said, “Let’s go home before I do something stupid like fuck you on a beach at three in the morning.”

Taryn released his neck and leaned her forehead against his shoulder. After a moment, he rolled off of her. She immediately felt the ache between her thighs increase. She sighed and said, “I’m incredibly tempted to let you.”



Raven McAllan

Raven McAllan

Releasing Sept 3!

Links:  Website   Facebook  Twitter

The pebbles dug into her ass, and she was damn sure she’d find some in the most unusual places. Tiny ones chafed any area of exposed skin, and not for the first time, Laurie wondered what she was doing.

Jack loomed over her, almost but not quite touching. His breath was warm on her cheek, the minty freshness a contrast to the salty sea air.

Laurie shivered. It was one of the weirdest places she’d ever done anything remotely like this, but she’d decided it would be worth it. Now she wasn’t so sure.

A gull screamed in the distance as she wriggled to try and removed one of the larger pebbles from between her butt cheeks. Out if the corner of her eye she saw a crab appear, stare at them and scuttle away. She didn’t blame it, if she had her way she’d scuttle off as well.

“Are you ready Laurie?” His voice was deep and sexy. The sort of voice designed to make your panties wet, and your clit beg for attention.

“Oh yes.”

Jack moved closer, her breath hitched as she saw the desire in his eyes, and knew it should be mirrored in hers.



Laurie lowered her lashes and waited. It was a wonder he couldn’t hear her heart thumping.

The gull screeched again, louder and closer this time.

“What the…”

Laurie opened her eyes to see Jack scramble to his feet, cursing.

“That bloody fucking gull shat on me.” The look on his face was comical.

Laurie rummaged in her pocket and passed him a tissue.

“That’s blown it. Wait for the fall out,” Jack said as he wiped his shoulder. “I thought this would be nice and simple. Hot girl, secluded beach. Perfect.” He winked. “I should have known better.”

“Okay, fun time over.” The metallic voice boomed out loudly. “Places everyone. Take two.”



Doris O’ConnorDoris Oconner

Links:  Facebook   Blog   Amazon

Anna ran for her life, her torn shirt flapping behind her, as she kicked up the pebbles on the beach. Too loud, she was far too loud. That thing… things whatever they were would hear her.

She choked back tears and ran faster. She’d been warned not to go to the beach late at night, but she hadn’t managed to sleep, and no one had been there until that rough hand had grasped her from behind.

Despite the humidity of the summer’s night the icy cold emanating from that creature had frozen the blood in her veins, together with her scream for help. Moonlight glistening of his fangs, he had yanked her up against his thin frame and her struggles had proved ineffective.

Stumbling in the water that now splashed up her legs, she looked over her shoulder and screamed. The huge Black Panther who had leapt on the vampire seconds before that creature’s fangs had pierced her skin, was closing the distance between them at terrifying speed.

The fact that he was on his own did nothing to stop her terror. No doubt the others would follow him once they had stopped ripping the vampire to shreds.

The panther leapt and Anna’s foot went from under her on the slippery stones. Bracing herself for the impact, she shut her eyes, but instead of claws ripping through her skin, heat surrounded her, and cushioned her fall.

“Anna, breathe. It’s okay, you’re safe.”

Dimly aware of the sensation of being lowered carefully onto the pebbles she daren’t move as warm, masculine hands checked her over.

“Talk to me.  Did he bite you anywhere? Jesus, tell me he didn’t. Anna!”

That last whip like command forced her eyes open and she stared into the concerned amber eyes of her next door neighbor—her very naked, very well endowed neighbor—nestled between her legs.

Heat climbed into her cheeks, and she shook her head and gasped at the intimacy of their situation, and Jacob’s eyes bled to his panther’s.

That explained so much, but what a way to finally get his attention.



JB MillerJB Miller

Links:  Website   Facebook   Twitter

“Oh my God,” I breathed.

Kaden had me under him his mouth working his way down my neck.

It felt so good and so bad at the same time.

“Damn, Sadie,” He groaned. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.”


I think shock was settling in.

Just looking at him made me hot, but damn… Kaden actually touching me? I was on fire.

“Sadie, sweet little Sadie. All grown up and mine for the taking,” He growled.

How did this happen? How did I go from sitting on my own to having sex on the beach?

I could not believe this was happening. When I left the house tonight, nothing like this was in my plans.

Rebeca was supposed to have met me at Captain Jack’s seafood restaurant and we should have had our fry up and girl talk.

Instead, she sent a text telling me that Jamie had man flu and I was on my own. This was one of the reason I was still single.

My mind flew back over the last few hours, How Kaden had walked in to the restaurant as I was about to leave.

How his charming smile and dark smoky laughter caused shivers to run down my spine.

He had told me that since Rebeca couldn’t make it, he thought he would drop by since he was in town.

We laughed, ate some hush puppies and fish, drank a lot of wine and then strolled along the beach.

Everything was great. We were just two old friends catching up on days long gone, when somehow comradery turned into something more.

We went from leaning against each other to leaning into one another. His hand tipped my chin upwards and I watched helpless as his lips dropped to mine.

The next thing I knew, he we were alone on the beach and making love.

In the short few moments it took me to go through the night’s events in my mind, Kaden was hovering over me.

“Ready baby?”

“Oh God,” This was Kaden, my best friend’s brother.



Sherri Hayes

Releasing September 4th!

Releasing September 4th!

Links: Website   Facebook   Goodreads

She ran down the beach, laughing so hard it was getting difficult to put one foot in front of the other. He caught up with her, of course. She’d had little hope to outrun him. Not that she’d really want to in any case.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her down. Once they were on the ground, he laid her down, and placed his arms on either side of her, pinning her down with the lower half of his body. “You think that’s funny do you?”

“Yep.” She giggled.

There was a wicked gleam in his eyes as he reached down and began tickling her.

As she thrashed about, her tank top began to ride up. And as it did, his fingers followed the progression of fabric as it moved. The moment the tips of his fingers touched the underside of her breasts, the air around them changed. She felt it almost instantly.

He stilled, and she opened her eyes. There it was—that spark that had been hovering beneath the surface since her return. They’d been friends since grade school, but what she was feeling was anything but childish.

She saw him swallow, and then he began to pull his hand away. “Don’t.”

They both stared at each other. She knew that if they crossed this line, there would be no going back. What if it didn’t work? Would their friendship survive? She didn’t know the answer to that. But she also knew that she trusted him more than any other man. He’d been there for her when her marriage fell apart even though he was over a thousand miles away.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers.

He only hesitated for a moment. She knew all the questions that were running through her head were on his mind as well.

In the end, they both gave up the fight as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her for all he was worth.


Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back September 30th with another one!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance! ~ Lori

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