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GIVEAWAY! Whiskey Starr brings us “Beat To Their Heart”

by on August 18, 2014

Tomorrow, brand new JK Publishing author Whiskey Starr, is releasing her first book, Beat To Their Heart! Her and I have become friends via Facebook, so when she asked me to read the book early and review it, I jumped at the chance. I’ll admit I was excited. I love rocker books. There’s something about the dirty, gritty, hard-core lifestyle, blended with the flash and glamour of fame, that revs my engine. So I sat down this weekend with an early copy of the first book in the Surviving The Dream series, and here are my thoughts…

Beat of Their Heart is the story of Joey Hart, and Skylar Morgan. A hard-core rocker at heart, Joey grew up with nothing, and his adult life has become nothing but his music, and the occasional bang with a groupie. He and his three best friends have worked their asses off to get their band, Chasing Tail, a deal, and now that it’s here, it’s brought as much disappointment as it has success.

Completely opposite of Joey’s grim, gritty existence, Skylar Morgan lives for her six year old son. Born gifted with special needs, Milo is a HUGE part of the heart of this book. He adds humor that can only come from a six year old, and a level of honesty that I don’t think the book could have done without.

Joey and Skylar meet under unusual circumstances, and the two are drawn to each other by something undeniably powerful. An unfortunate situation brings them closer together, and with each turn of the page (or in my case, click of the Kindle button) these two grew hotter. Their relationship was tested and they were pushed and pulled by external forces, but the bond between them seemed to keep drawing them back. Like a rubber band that won’t break. I was smitten by Joey, as his bad-boy exterior hid a sensitive, loving soul, who took to being a ready-made father like a fish to water. Skylar was the perfect blend of mom, and real woman. She fought the fears that every single mother would when faced with bringing a new person into her child’s life, and the huge transitions that were thrust upon her. The other band members of Chasing Tail, were both the humor, and the sorrow of this story for me. They made me laugh, and made my heart ache for them. Like lost boys that just need someone to wrap them in a hug and love them. (FYI I’m absolutely volunteering)

A couple of my favorite lines:

“I love a woman who is passionate about her cake.”

“Casey winked at her before handing her a chart to a patient with irritable bowels in need of a bedpan. Oh the joys of having sex at work, you leave and you get the shitty cases.”

“Instead of calling for help, you hung out and got into trouble. Guess it sucks getting your dick stuck in the zipper, Joey. It’s the rocker way. Goodbye, Joey.”

Despite a handful of editing issues, I really believe that Beat To Their Heart is the start of a great series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Whiskey Starr has for us next.  I highly recommend that everyone grabs this new book, and don’t forget to leave your own review for it!



Whiskey StarrWarning: For Mature Adult  Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually  explicit content. MF

In book one of Surviving the  Dream:

Circumstances in Joey Hart’s life has him spiraling out of control.  He knows it and so does everyone around him.  A loner by normal standards who only cares about himself and the music.  When the band Chasing Tails catches a break, he and the other members fight to find a balance between stardom and everyday life.  A near tragedy causes them all to stand up and take notice of what really matters—living.

Skylar Morgan is an ER nurse with responsibilities.  However, one night out to see a local band places Sky on the radar of a bad boy and she isn’t sure if she can handle him.  Several months go by with no contact, and she is comfortably back to her everyday routine, until the ER doors open and in walks a man that has starred in  her dreams for months, turning her life upside down.

Can Joey move on from his past to open his heart for a new chance of happiness?  Will Sky be able to move on and trust someone openly with everything she holds dear?  Or will the two of  them find a different rhythm instead of the beat of their heart?




Whiskey has graciously offered up two fantastic prizes, and all you need to do is leave a comment! Be sure to tell Whiskey how much you love rocker books so that she’ll hurry up and release the next one. 🙂

The first winner will receive this necklace…


And the second winner will receive an ecopy of Beat To Their Heart!

Contest ends Tuesday evening when Whiskey draws the winners.


Release Party

Whiskey is hosting a week long release event on Facebook, and she’s giving away some great stuff, and sharing the original lyrics of songs by Chasing Tail. Be sure to stop by!


Find out more about Whiskey…




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  1. Whiskey Starr permalink

    Congrats to Gwen Meyer for Winning the necklace!!
    and Congrats to Kelly H. for winning a free ecopy of Beat to their heart.

    If you both could send me a PM I will get them out to you both.

    Thank you everyone who commented!


  2. Gwen Meyer permalink

    Looking to make this a new hobby LOL – need to win some stuff to start it – Love the insert on this one would love to read the whole thng

  3. Haven’t read any rocker books, will have to put the on my list, excerpt sounds interesting! Have a great release day!

  4. Kelley H. permalink

    I haven’t never read your books. But it sounds great and I am always looking for new author’s books to read hehe

  5. Love the excerpt and patiently(not) waiting to read it. Hope you have a fantastic release day!!!!!

  6. kim thorne permalink

    i have never had the pleasure of reading your books but would love to. you rock!

  7. I haven’t read your books yet, just found you through Lori King ❤ I LOVE the excerpt!!! I can't wait to read it.

  8. Diana Merritt permalink

    Looks great. I am just starting to read the rocker book thanks to another JK author and I am loving them.

  9. Janka Dustan permalink

    Cant wait to read this book, sounds absolutely fantastic, congrats Whiskey on your first book. Love the necklace 😉

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