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Sneak Peek: Strange Lake Falls Werewolf by DJ Cruz

by on July 30, 2014

Releasing Tomorrow!


Strange Lake Falls





DJ Cruz


Final cover SLFW book2       Mary Mags McGregor is an ordinary woman who married her high-school sweetheart, and stayed at home to raise her son. After losing her husband to cancer, and her son to college life, she did a short stint in the working world trying to keep busy. It didn’t take her long to find herself unemployed, lonely, and nursing an unhealthy fascination with the local werewolf Alpha.

As one of the oldest pureblood Alpha werewolves left, Alpha Eric Nelson has an obligation to ensure that his lineage continues by mating a female werewolf. Unfortunately he faces two big obstacles; female werewolves are extremely rare and therefore hard to find, and his wolf has grown attached to a human female.
While fighting their attraction to each other, Mary and Ric become entangled in a political tug-of-war. Face to face with the very real possibility of losing Ric forever, will Mary be able to leave her comfort zone and admit her feelings, or will she hide behind Ric’s familial duties? And when he’s forced to choose between Mary, and his pack, how will Ric prioritize for his future? Together they will find out if true love really does conquer all.


He closed his eyes and savored being surrounded by her heat. She was so tight; embracing him like a tight glove until he never wanted to leave her. He kissed her as he set a steady rhythm, glorying in her moans and gasps. “More!  Harder!”  Mary clutched him to her.
Ric pulled out of her despite her protest, and easily flipped her over to her hands and knees. He promised himself to worship her thoroughly later. Right now he needed to be inside of her, making her submit to him. He covered her and put himself at her opening, pushing in slowly, burying his cock deep within her.
“So fucking good.” His wolf tried to rise up. He wanted them to claim her as their mate. All he had to do was bite her neck while he released his seed inside her and then get her to bite him in return. Not a lot of blood, just a little and then they would be mates. Forever.
No. He couldn’t do that to Mary. She wasn’t even a werewolf. He pushed those thoughts aside; all he wanted to do was lose himself in the sweetness of her body. He pushed down on her upper back until her face and chest lay against the mattress. This position made her lovely ass rise up higher.
“Yes!”  He growled as he pounded into her over and over. His claws came out and he dug them into the mattress next to her head.
“Oh God!”  Mary moaned as she started to come again.
“Fucking right!”

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If you missed the first book, Strange Lake Falls Vampire, you can pick it up on

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords

DJ Cruz 1   In one night, Jackie Copley-Tegan’s normal ordinary life turned upside down. Her teenage daughter, Samantha, falls for the wrong guy, which nearly ended in tragedy. Both mother and daughter thrust into a new and unfamiliar world where werewolves and vampires are thriving among humans.
Jackie will have to draw on every bit of strength she has in order to protect her only child, and learn how to cope with the changes in her life. Amongst the chaos a single piece of stability in the form of a young-looking, gorgeous five hundred year old vampire, rattles her to the core, and leaves her wondering just where her place is now.
Adrian Belliveau rarely finds a reason to enjoy his life anymore, so when the pretty woman who is meant to be his mate enters the picture he embraces his destiny with open arms. They both will get more than they bargain for, as they combat lust, love, and jealousy to put down roots in an ever changing world.   ~ ONLY $.99 ~


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