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Would you choose a Fetish Party as your first….

by on July 26, 2014

My new book, Submission Dance is releasing Monday, and the story centers on a middle aged woman with the desire to explore her BDSM fantasies. Marley Saltzman has a secret desire to turn over complete control to a man strong enough to handle the reins. At her first fetish party she’s overwhelmed by the variety of kinks and fetishes being explored, take a look….A Fetish & Fantasy Short Story2 - 200x300

   The entire main floor of the house was decorated in a modern style with Mediterranean accents here and there, and she counted six separate rooms that were occupied by couples or groups engaged in one fetish or another.

   In one, a woman hung suspended in the air, woven into a decorative harness of ropes, while a man meticulously created a braid around the curves of her body. The look on her face was utterly beautiful, and Marley shivered as a wave of desire washed over her. Ropes intrigued her and terrified her simultaneously. What if she had a panic attack while tied up? She turned and pushed away from the room assuring herself that ropes weren’t suitable for her.

   She passed by an alcove where two men, clothed only in boxer briefs, knelt with their heads lowered. She studied their unmoving forms for a moment, wondering why they would be there, when another man approached and called to them. The two reacted instantly, rising to their feet, and following their Dominant down the hallway like well-trained pets. An unusual dynamic. Were they put in the corner as a punishment, or were they merely resting there until their Master wanted them?

   A rather large curvaceous woman bumped into her, startling her from her reverie, and apologizing. They exchanged a smile and each went their own way, but Marley did a double take when she realized that the large woman was in fact a man dressed in drag. He was gorgeous, far lovelier than she would ever have believed a man in a dress could be, and he fascinated her. Making a mental note to search out the stranger at some point in the near future for makeup tips, she forced her attention back to the hallway. It was becoming more crowded by the minute, but that didn’t slow the attendees in their perverted pursuits.

   People milled around, greeting each other as old friends, or politely ignoring each other’s presence when they found them erotically engaged. She had been concerned that she was walking into a lawless environment, but everything worked like clockwork. Each person seemed intent on freeing themselves of their inhibitions in some way, and she found herself feeling less and less ashamed of her secret fantasies.6559604_s (2) - Copy

   An orgy of sorts filled and spilled out of the next massive bedroom. At least eighteen bodies were tangled in an erotic train of quivering limbs that sought only pleasure. There were women fucking men and other women alike, and she even saw one man giving another a blow job while his partner ate a bound and gagged female’s pussy. The idea of so many hands, mouths and bodies pleasuring each other was exquisitely erotic, and Marley’s G-string grew damp. She could easily envision herself joining in with the right group, but perhaps not in the middle of the hallway where everyone could see her.

While Marley explores the party and the decadent buffet of fetish, she find herself drawn to a Dominant who seems hell bent on shaking up her carefully laid plans for easing into the lifestyle. What happens when a BDSM virgin dives into the party headfirst?

Find out in Submission Dance, available for preorder on:

Smashwords  and  All Romance Ebooks

It will be available on Amazon, ITunes, Google Play, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Monday!A Fetish & Fantasy Short Story1 - 200x300

And if you missed the first book in the Fetish & Fantasy series, pick up Watching Sin now.


As always, Live Laugh and Love like today is your only chance!


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