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Alanea Alder brings out the warrior in Rebecca Arkadion…and gives away a book!

by on July 23, 2014

Conversation between myself and my main character Rebecca Arkadion as she tries to convince me to write her becoming a samurai, while I’m trying to write a promo for Fated Redemption.

Alanea: Hey everyone, Alanea here, I’m excited to be visiting today

Rebecca: Commencing argument, stardate 68022.4

Alanea: Now Rebecca hush, I need to talk about Moe, Abby and Rhys’s story today

Rebecca: (nodding) I understand… I’m a previous character, no one cares about me anymore (huge sigh)

Alanea: You know that isn’t true, you practically have your own cult following (Shit! Wrong choice of words!)

Rebecca: (perking up) Really I have a cult??

Alanea: (quickly changing topic) Something like that. So back to Abby’s mating, you know her, your friend Abby.

Rebecca: (nods) I’m so glad she is happy! I know Moe and Rhys will take very good care of her. Don’t tell Aleks, but I’m kinda jealous, Moe is super hot.

Alanea: (dreamily) Yup, he looks so rough with the tats and piercings, but underneath he’s just a big ole teddy bear. When he’s standing next to Rhys with his white blond curls and green eyes I can’t help but sigh.

Rebecca: Downright fuckable. (looks around to make sure Ma didn’t hear her)

Alanea: (snorts) Like you don’t have a mate of your own.

Rebecca: (pouting) I’m kind of mad at him at the moment.

Alanea: Oh lord what did you do now?

Rebecca: (looking offended) Why does everyone always assume it’s me??

Alanea: (just stares at Rebecca)

Rebecca: Okay, okay, I may have ordered a tiny little something from Japan…

Alanea: More anime?

Rebecca: No, ummm, I bought a samurai sword.

Alanea: (blinks)

Alanea: I’m sorry did you say samurai sword??

Rebecca: He hid my gun!!!

Alanea: (covers her face with her hands before looking up) What on earth possessed you to get a samurai sword? How did you skip over shit like, tasers and brass knuckles as substitutes and go right to samurai sword?! Did you get matching numchucks and shurikens?

Rebecca: (pulls out her phone to make a note) Nope, but not a bad idea. But seriously, think about it, a hyena will think twice about attacking if I’m wielding a badass samurai sword.

Alanea: (sighs) Trust me they think twice about attacking you anyway you little psycho.

Rebecca: It’s only a condition if you’re diagnosed.

Alanea: I’m exhausted, you tell everyone why they should read about Moe, Abby and Rhys.

Rebecca: (excitedly) Because it’s the best story! You have angst as poor Rhys recovers from his addiction of being forced to ingest shifter blood, Moe dying to claim his mate, but is valiantly giving Rhys his space as he recovers. Then there are the sparks flying everywhere when Abby hits town, I mean did you see the size of Moe’s bulge when he had Abby pinned against the wall? Yum. Everyone will also get to meet the new peeps that come to town and of course the little surprise we find in Abby’s new place.

Alanea: Good job, I think you have highlighted all the major events, except for when Abby tells everyone about your college days…really Becca? Glow in the dark anal lube?

Rebecca: They deserved it!

Alanea: (laughing) That they did.

Rebecca: So I get to keep my sword?

Alanea: No fucking way.

Rebecca: (smiling brightly) We’ll see…


Thanks for reading! Yes, Rebecca really is like that in my head. As a special Thank You, I am going to give you the readers the opportunity to decide if Rebecca gets to keep her sword. Below is the Rafflecoptor link that will tell you what you need to do to cast your vote and enter to win a free ebook of Rebecca’s story Fate Knows Best and Abby’s story with the delectable men Moe and Rhys, Fated Redemption. Good Luck and I hope you have had fun!




Fated RedemptionAlanea Alder

Moe Jones, aka Mojo, has finally found his mate, but it is going to take every ounce of his strength and a little help from Fate to help Rhys down the road of recovery.

Rhys was forced to drink shifter blood for months and is slowly recovering from the addiction. He is scared to claim his shifter mate for fear that he will lose control and kill him. How can he claim his mate if he can’t drink his blood?

Abigail Wright is in Arkadia on a search to find her best friend from college after an alarming Christmas card. She wasn’t planning on finding her mates, especially two such delicious ones.

Abby finds herself protecting the heart of her gentle giant shifter mate and guiding the steps of her older vampire mate. Together all three discover that they need each other desperately.

When an old enemy targets Rhys, the new triad faces the possibility that they may lose Rhys forever. It will take Moe’s physical strength, Abby’s infallible willpower and Rhys’s indomitable spirit to defeat their enemy.

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