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Rev your engine with a new Author – “Big Dog” by Ryder Dane

by on July 22, 2014

Today’s New Release!

Burning Bastards MC

Big Dog

by Ryder Dane

Available NOW!

Ryder Dane

In book one of the Burning Bastards MC: Big Dog, Hugh Dougherty, was out for payback. His only hope was to find the one thing to put an end to a rival club’s treachery. His future depended on something called the Oracle, and everyone around him was feeling his wrath.

Future had been betrayed by the Burning Bastards once, she wasn’t going to let it happen again. She built a life without them, but when they come looking for the Oracle, she was left without a choice. She confronts her past with the MC President by her side; however, is it enough to put her demons to rest were the club is concerned?

Ride along with the Burning Bastards MC as Big Dog struggles to obtain his Future and Future learns that personal demons can be put to rest with the right type of man.

(Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Contains extreme violence. MF with MFM scenes.)



You know Demon and Knight, The guy in black is Freakshow, and the other man is Seth.” He nodded to Freakshow and he opened one of the two cell doors, walked into the room and dragged out a man wearing a Breed cut. He pulled the resisting prisoner over to stand six feet from where she was and grabbed the greasy hair, pulling the man’s head back so she could get a good look at him.

Her blood was running fast and hot.  He was one of the bastards who grabbed her to begin with.  He’d laughed while he violated her body and pounded his fist into her ribs afterwards.  He was also one of the men who killed Frenchy.

She bunched her fist and started forward, but Big Dog held her back.

“Tell me who this man is and what he did the night of the attack.”  He wasn’t giving her a choice, if she wanted to hurt the bastard, she was going to have to relive the night,  She shook with the need to finally have some payback.

“In fact, let’s see who else we have to sweeten the deal for you.”  Seth opened the next door and she waited to see who he was bringing to the party.  Before he had the man completely out of the doorway, she could see that it was Jarl.  The cruelest of the bunch who had tortured her.  She had scars on her body that reminded her of his cruelty every time she looked in a mirror, and the temptation to kill the evil bastard was too much for her to exercise caution, there was an orange red haze over her brain and she yanked her arm away from Big Dog’s grasp, and ran toward her nightmare.  She landed a steel-toed boot to his crotch and reached for the knife she carried in a sheath in the other boot.  Her hand was yanked up with the knife in her fist, and another arm ringed her waist as she struggled to be allowed to finish the job that should have been done at the birth of the monster.


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A note from Ryder…

When I seriously decided to write a book, I was told “write what you know.”  There went my dreams of writing about sexy firemen and Handsome Doctors.  The only other thing I knew was Bikers, MC clubs. and Classic Cars.  The more into the story I got, the happier I was, The words began to flow and I enjoyed what I have written.  I held my breath and took a chance by sending it to JK Publishing. I have not regretted it a minute since I hit SEND.  I do have to say I am very humbled and delighted at the same time with all of the great offers of help and those willing to allow me space on their Blogs and Pages,  Thank you Lori for allowing me to guest in your delightful Blog!


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    Happy Release Day Ryder. Just waiting for it to hit Amazon to start reading!

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