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I’m joining in the Release Party for Gracie Meadows & Lucy Kelly today!

by on July 15, 2014

Today two of my friends are releasing new shifter books! They’re teaming up to throw a big release day bash on Facebook, and they’ve kindly asked me to join in the fun! From 6-7pm EST (5-6pm CST) I’ll be there giving away goodies – including an ARC copy or two of Submission Dance before you can buy it!

Here’s the link to the party:

And here’s more info on the two new books!


Lucy Kelly is releasing: Laura’s SecretLucy Kelley

In book on of the Changelings: Laura Donahue believes she’s as human as everyone around her. When she discovers shifters aren’t just myths and fables but really exist in the world, she sets out to meet them.

Laura discovered their enemy, the Shayatin, evil humans who steal magic from shifters have targeted large shifter communities. The last thing she expected when she brings them valuable intelligence, was running into shifter law. A law that states, if a human finds out about shifters, they are either killed or must find a shifter mate—fast.
The method her new friends use to find her a mate has her blushing. Will one be found in time or will her new friends have to follow the laws and end her life?

Buy it at:   All Romance     Amazon     Smashwords     Barnes & Noble     Kobo

Find out more about Lucy Kelly via her Website:

or Find her on Facebook:



Gracie Meadows is releasing: Bear It AllGracie Meadows

In book four of the Hidden Pack: Cece Tru has always been part of a threesome with her best friends, known as the smart one of the group. What no one knows is Cece has a secret even her close friends have no knowledge of. One night’s events change all that, and more.

 Greyson Lewis and Samuel York are bears who own a bar and enjoy the easy life. However, it changes when a friend calls them late one night, taking their lives from easy to complicated when he shows up with the small little red-haired woman. The situation has the potential to change the bears’ lives forever.

 Darkness looms in the shadows waiting for everything to line up for their plan. But the one needed for it to unfold gets away, leaving them scrambling to keep their plan from falling apart.

When the dark side and the good side fight to keep what each thinks is theirs—will the battle of yours and mine end with no winner?

Buy it at:  All Romance     Amazon    Smashwords     Barnes & Noble     Kobo

Find out more about Gracie Meadows at her Website:

or find her on Facebook:

Join me at the Facebook party today! I have it on good authority that there will be tons of goodies given away, and excerpts shared!

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!


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