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Check out my Brand New Website!

by on July 14, 2014

First let me tell you that this new website has been over two years in the making. You know that saying “I’m a perfectionist with a procrastination problem,” yeah that’s me in a nutshell. Two years ago as I was preparing for the release of my first book, Fire of the Wolf; I was trying desperately to learn all of the twists and turns of the publishing industry. I knew I needed a landing pad for readers. A place for them to find out more about me, and my work, but in all honesty computer’s, websites, and blogs baffled me. I would Google “Build a website” and end up dizzy and confused by all the jargon. Widgets? HTML? Source Codes?  I finally settled on this WordPress blog because it was the simplest site I could find, and it’s suited me well for two years, but this Spring I decided that after this long it was time to brave the tide and dive on in.

I found an angel in Jason at Solo Box Media! He took all of my brilliant *ahem* ideas, and mashed em up like banana’s into a real live website! Before you run off to take a look, let me tell you about a few of the great features!


Click to get signed up for my monthly Newsletter!

That’s right, instead of blogging about everything I will be sending out a Newsletter straight to email boxes everywhere once a month. On or around – because lets face it life gets in the way – the fifteenth of every month, I will send out “Love Notes from Lori King” to update you.

I hear you gasping for breath, but don’t stress, I will still be blogging. I love hosting other authors, blog hops, and giveaways, so the blog will continue as a way for me to tell you about immediate news, but the Newsletter will be a more condensed way of hitting the Headline events. 🙂


Love in All Flavors BackBook and Series Pages

One of my favorite features is the Book Index and Series Pages. A complete index of all of my books is found under the Books tab, but if you click on any book cover it will take you directly to the Series Page for that book, where you can then see the reading order for the series, find all of the buy links for every book, and read more about them.  Ingenious! I love being able to search for info on only one series at a time with just a click!


Okay, enough jabbering about the darn thing, go now and take a look! I can’t wait to hear what you think. Again, I BIG THANK YOU to Jason, who was probably ready to strangle me with a computer cord by the time we finished this project. It looks awesome, and I’m super excited to use it for years to come!



Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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