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Picture Capture – Flash Fiction Event! 12 Authors + 1 Photo = 4200+ words of Sexy Magic!

by on June 30, 2014

Capturing the moment is every authors goal. We want to express emotions so clearly that the reader’s impacted when they put the book down. So I’ve brought you a collection of authors who are all using the exact same photograph to inspire a short scene. They are capturing the picture with their words.  

As always you’re welcome to give it a go and post your story scene in the comments, in fact, I encourage you to try it! Here’s how to do it…

This months picture prompt


Use the prompt to write a 350 word scene.

No limitations.

No restrictions.

Let your imagination go wild.

Alongside every entry, is the authors contact links, and most recent book cover.

If you like what they did, please leave a comment or even better, buy a book!

So, here is what the authors came up with this month….


Lori KingA Fetish & Fantasy Short Story1 - 200x300

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Crissy stared across the massive room at Wyn Malone, excitement and anxiety making her body boneless and moist—everywhere. She was only human, which was more than she could say for the sex God she was preparing to be intimate with.

Brand new to modelling, she never anticipated landing a job that included such a big name, but somehow her name had been selected, and here she was. Wyn was the current golden boy of the modeling industry. With his brown curly hair shot through with streaks of gold and crimson, and amber colored eyes he reminded her of a calico cat, but when he moved, there was no doubt he was no tame house pet. His long leanly muscular body moved with grace and power, making panties drop everywhere he went.

“Models to your mark.”

The director’s sharp voice interrupted her fantasizing and Crissy jumped out of her seat. She’d reached the platform before she even realized she was moving, and she fought back a wave of nausea when the stylist reached for the belt on her robe.

Wyn stepped into the spotlight wearing only a button down dress shirt that hung open, and a pair of dark slacks that were perfectly tailored to his body. He had more lines and ridges on his abs than a potato chip, and her mouth watered to lick each one.

“Hi, Crissy isn’t it?” He held out his hand to her like she wasn’t standing there in just a pair of tiny bikini panties with a bow on the back. There was no way he could miss her nipples drawing up into tight peaks when the skin of their palms connected. He tugged her close, and she could hear the camera shutter already clicking as he bent his head to murmur near her ear. “I’m Wyn, you’re date for this evening. If you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll buy you breakfast in the morning.”

Before she could respond, he was turning to face the camera as the director called out instructions, and she was forced to pretend she wasn’t fuming at his arrogance as she pressed her aching breasts to his broad back, and wrapped her arms around him.



 Kalissa WayneKalissa Wayne

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“I’m in the elevator now. I’ll be in the apartment within two minutes.” Jeff said into his cell phone.

“I’m about ten minutes behind you. Can you wait that long?” The soft sexy voice of his wife whispered into his ear.

“I’ll try Carla. But it’s been hell today….”

“This will teach you to go camping with your brothers. You got home after I had left for work this morning. Your itch would have been taken care of if you’d come home on time.”

“Just hurry home, my love. I’ll be waiting.” Jeff ended the call and impatiently watched the numbers on the elevator screen click by. Why did they need to live on the 30th floor? Oh yeah, his wife loved the corner apartment and the view of New York. Tapping his foot impatiently, he watched as “27” flashed by on the panel. When it reached “30” he hurried out the open door and down the hallway, digging his keys out as he went.

Even as he slammed the door closed he was ripping off his tie, quickly followed by his suit and underwear. Jumping in the shower, he let the water run over his body but refused to touch himself. He had been hoping Carla would still be home this morning to take care of the ache he’d experienced since yesterday afternoon but he’d been out of luck. He’d been forced to endure meetings all day, just thinking about Carla and the relief he’d feel tonight.

He didn’t dry off as he stepped from the shower, instead he grabbed an old blanket and headed back into the living room. Throwing the blanket over the sofa, he slumped onto it and stared at the door. He didn’t touch himself to ease the pain, knowing only Carla could help.

When he thought he’d go insane, needing to scratch his itch, Carla walked through the door. Smirking, she kicked her shoes off and sat beside him. Pulling a bottle of pink stuff from a bag, she said “Lover, let me help you with your poison ivy…”


Jade BelfreyJade Belfrey

Links:  Website   Facebook    Amazon

Sean cried out as the nails dug into his flesh. It felt like his skin was splitting, and yet there wasn’t a scratch on him. This was all just part of her illusion. Georgia was a powerful mentalist. Sean was too, but he was new and untrained. He was practically defenseless against her attack.

One word and this all would end. But if he gave in, they were all doomed.

Sean would give anything to just be an ordinary college student again. He used to sleep too late, play his guitar and eat too much pizza.  He had been in love with the same girl since middle school. That part of his life seemed so far away now.

Since the Great Storm three months ago, his life had been pretty strange.

“Remember she’s not really here.” Sharlene urged, keeping him focused on reality.

Sharlene’s life had changed that night too. Depending on how you looked at it, the Gift was either a blessing or a curse.

Sean and Sharlene had decided to use the Gift for good.

Georgia hadn’t.

Sharlene could change the perception of time. She could speed it up or slow it down, which came in handy during a test or when sneaking in after curfew. Otherwise her power was pretty harmless.

Sean was able to manipulate people’s emotions. It was a powerful ability, and one that had placed him on Georgia’s radar. If she could combine his ability with her own, she would have the power to force innocent people into committing crimes.

Georgia was a master of mental violence. Having her invade his mind was the most painful thing Sean had ever experienced. His control was slipping and he could feel himself start to give in. He couldn’t let that happen. He just needed to hold on a little longer. It would take every bit of his strength and maybe even his sanity.

Time slowed around him as Sharlene focused all of her energy on him. For a moment he had relief from the pain. He opened his eyes in surprise. “Keep going, you’re saving me.”



JC SzotJC Szot

Links:  Website   Bookstrand   Amazon

“I need to see more assertiveness from you if you want to play with Paul during this trip,” Danny said through gruff laughter.  “Nothing turns Paul on more than a woman who’s active in the pursuit.”

The tips of Jade’s fingers glided over his skin as her arms encircled him.  He could feel her breath catch as her breasts pressed into his back.  Her nails clawed at his flesh. Danny relished in the scratch and burn as her touch etched over his skin.   He knew how to build Jade’s excitement.  He needed to bring it to new heights tonight so when they welcomed Paul in everything flowed like soothing, warm water.

Danny and Paul had been planning this weekend jaunt for months.  When Danny proposed the idea to Jade one night over cocktails he’d read the gleam in her eyes.

Jade had it all.  A sensual seductiveness and courageous spirit lurked inside that pristine, body of hers.  Danny just needed her to be a bit more confident and show Paul that she could be bold and was more than willing to be shared.  Tonight would be their practice run.

“Come on, baby,” Danny growled, spinning around in her arms.  He raked long, dark strands away from her damp face.  Jade was heated and ready.  He could smell her ripening in the thick air.  His eyes flicked to the bed. She’d taken off her jeans and panties.  The flickering light of the candle pulsated on her breasts.  Peeked nipples pushed through her lacy, white camisole.

Danny slid his palm down her navel, gently searching through her moist curls.

“Jesus,” he hissed.  Slick warmth coated his fingers

“I want your mouth,” Jade whispered, tipping her head, her gaze heavy.  The tip of her tongue lined her upper lip as her fingers slid up his cock.

“Man,” he shook his head.  “You’re gonna be good.  Now remember…there’s gotta be enough for two.”

“There will be,” Jade said, cupping his balls in her palm.  “Don’t you worry, but tonight we feast in abundance.”



Mackenzie WilliamsMackenzie Williams

Links:   Amazon   Bookstrand    Facebook

“I said I have to go.”  Dylan huffed out a frustrated breath as he felt her hands come around his bare chest.

“Why?”  She purred the words in her usual annoying but hard to ignore whine.

“Ms.  Gold, I told you last time that I can’t be with you again.”

“Ms.?  I thought I told you to call me Harper.”

His just slightly older boss walked around him, trailing her long warm fingers under his open shirt.  When she stood in front of him, staring deep into his eyes, she continued her hand down his stomach, to the top of his dark slacks and pulled roughly.

“Ms. Gold,” Dylan put a little anger into those words.  “I can’t, I shouldn’t.  You know that.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his body.  He expected to see hurt or disappointment playing out in her bright blue eyes.  He saw neither.  What he saw was playful determination and lust.

“We are both single, we’re both adults.  Why shouldn’t I get what I want?  What I need?”

Harper twisted her wrist free from his grip.  She took both hands and ran them up his tight chest and over his shoulders.  She slowly slid Dylan’s shirt off his arms.  When it stopped momentarily against his hands, she hastily ripped it the rest of the way down.  The shirt fell to the floor behind him.

He had the strength, obviously, to stop her physically.  But did he have the strength mentally?  She was now giving him her best “good girl” look, biting her bottom lip.  Just the way that she knew he loved.   Without getting permission, she went for his belt and started to undo it.

“Harper, don’t.”  Even he could tell that his conviction was weak.  He wanted this as much, if not more, than she wanted it.

Dylan stood there motionless and let his eyes fall shut as he felt her undo what was left of his business suit.  He stayed that way as she worked them down to expose his erection.  She went to her knees and wasted no time.




KD JonesKD Jones

Links:  Website    Facebook    Amazon

Brian didn’t know what he was thinking when he agreed to come to the night club Paradise.  He wasn’t ready to move on yet.  He was still trying to get over his ex-girlfriend Rachel running out on him with his best friend Matt just two and a half months ago.

He had met his ex-girlfriend in college.  She had shoulder length blond hair and pale blue eyes.  She was tall and had a runway model’s figure.   She was the prettiest thing he had ever seen.  But beauty on the outside didn’t carry through on the inside.

He knew things were falling apart in their relationship.  At first they fought all the time.  To avoid the fights he would work late and she would go out with her friends. One night a few months ago he went to visit his best friend Matt and found the two of them in bed together.  Of course Rachel tried to blame him for her cheating on him.

He shook his head as he drank his beer.  No more thoughts of Rachel or Matt. What he needed was to get drunk and get laid.  He had the beer; he just needed the woman to go with it.  He turned to lean against the bar and scanned the crowd.

There were gyrating bodies on the dance floor all moving together in some kind of rhythm.  One in particular caught his attention.   She moved her hips back and forth with the music.  His cock thickened in his pants imagining pressing his body against hers.

The woman was about five feet two inches of sexy.  She was short and curvy in all the right places.  She had long black hair and luscious bronze skin.  She looked directly at him with dark brown eyes that made him think of deep, dark chocolate.  She was the exact opposite of his ex-girlfriend.  He could picture her undressing him and running her nails down his body.

The woman lifted her finger and motioned for him to join her.  Yeah, she was just what he needed.




Alanea AlderAlanea Alder

Links: Facebook    Twitter    Website

“Please don’t go.” Her voice sounded raspy as she tried to talk with the knot in her throat. She couldn’t afford to cry, not now. She wrapped her arms around his waist and let her forehead drop between his shoulder blades. She was trembling with the effort not to fall apart.

“We discussed this. You’ll be safer when I’m gone.” Rafe’s voice was cold, as if he had already distanced himself from her to avoid the heartache of saying goodbye.

“There’s no guarantee that I’ll be safe when you leave. Please don’t do this, I can handle anything that happens if you’re beside me.” She knew she was begging but couldn’t stop herself. It was hard to swallow now and her eyes burned as tears fell in warm rivulets.

Careful of his strength he lifted her hands and stepped out of her arms. He turned and for a second she saw the icy resolve melt, he never could handle her tears. Shaking his head he took a step backwards.

“Living without you will be the hardest thing I will ever do in this life. Waking up without the scent of your shampoo on my pillow, because you never stay on your damn side of the bed will be hard. Walking through my apartment without finding post-it-notes with random shit on it stuck everywhere will be hard.” He swallowed and she watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed slowly with effort.

“But I can do hard. What I can’t do is live knowing that I got you killed. That would be the worst kind of hell I can imagine. I live in fear of what I would become if something happened to you.” His hands shook as he zipped up his leather jacket. His jaw clenched.

“So get married, have babies and forgot you ever knew me. God help any man that ever breaks your heart.” Without another word he turned and walked out of her apartment.

Falling to her knees, she didn’t care about being strong anymore. He was gone. Covering her face with her hands she sobbed. Nothing mattered now.




Corinne DaviesCorinne Davies

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“Yes, Can I help you?”

June stood dumfounded staring at the male chest in the doorway.  Her mouth had gone dry and all the long agonizing hours of training fled her brain. The guy’s shirt hung from his elbows as if he’d been about to take it off. His pants sat low on his hips sending all sorts of lascivious thoughts regarding his size through his head.  Gracious, it had been too long since she got laid if she was mentally salivating over a man like this.

Have you lost your mind? Get with the program, J. Her partner’s voice snapped at her via the earwig transmitter she was wearing in her ear snapping her out of her visual lustfest.

“Hi, I’m part of the Happy Paws animal shelter on Fifth and we are getting the word out that there is reports of an abused dog wandering around in the neighborhood. Have you seen him?” She held up the picture of some dog she’d found on the internet.

“This really isn’t a good time for me.”  The man started to shut the door but she stuck her boot in the way preventing it. His eyebrow twitched and he looked at her in shock.

“Sir, if reports are correct this dog could be injured and dangerous if it’s in too much pain. You don’t want to hear of a child being attacked in your neighborhood do you?

“I haven’t seen any dogs around.” He narrowed his eyes at her as if daring her to do something else.

“Heeeeeey, I’m getting tired of waiting.” Two hands appeared from behind him, obviously female considering the way her nailed-tipped fingers curled into his skin. The woman’s nasally voice grated on June’s nerves.  Her thumb nail roughly flicked the man’s nipple making him wince. He reached up at grasped her hand. The glint of the diamond bracelet June was watching for glinted from under his shirt.

She dropped the picture and whipped her gun out from the holster at the small of her back. “Freeze asshole.”




Amy J. HawthornAmy J Hawthorn

Links:  Website   Facebook   Bookstrand

“Guess who?” His heart lurched at the dark seduction in a sweet voice he hadn’t heard in over six months. Had it really only been half a year since he’d seen her? His heart said it had to have been longer, but the calendar won the debate.

Where the hell had she been? And why had she gone?

Then his brain flickered, ready to completely short-circuit when those devious, delightful hands slid down his abdomen. He glanced down to see long, amethyst polished nails spark in the low light as they scraped over his flesh, sending shivers of pure heated sin racing through him.

A hushed sigh brushed over his ear and he forgot his name.

He remembered hers. Laurel.

He tried in vain to shake the lust induced fog from his head. He needed answers like he needed his next breath.

“Why?” That single word was the only coherent thought he was capable of voicing. Three little letters that contained a mountain of importance. He’d thought what they’d felt for each other had meant as much to her as it had to him. Yet, if it had, she wouldn’t have run from him, disappearing without a trace.

“I’ll explain. I promise, but I need you now. Please?”

Please? He could never deny her anything, even at the price of his own soul.

Silken hands trailed lower and found the button of his jeans. Then finally after what seemed an eternity she had them open and it was a damn good thing. He needed the relief with a desperation threatening to madden him. His cock throbbed, swollen and eager to feel her tender caress.

Laurel open the front of his jeans, brushed a light finger over him then slid her hands up his belly, over his pecs and pulled his open shirt over his shoulders and down his arms. When he felt the press of bare breasts, with hard-tipped nipples against his skin, he saw stars.

“I can’t tell you how badly, madly, desperately I missed you.” Her sweet voice, a tremulous apology in his ear.

Could he forgive her?




Michelle RothMichelle Roth

Links:  Twitter   Facebook    Website

“No, Stella! I can’t do this again. I can’t watch you do this to yourself. I care too much.”

“Steven,” Stella cried, as she wrapped her arms around his broad chest. “Please. Don’t go!”

On a sigh, he uncurled her fingers from his chest and turned to face her, saying, “Please don’t make this more difficult than it already is. I’m in love with you. I’m willing to leave everything behind and start a new life with you. I don’t know what else I can say to make you understand.”

Eyes shimmering, Stella’s voice was almost a whisper as she said, “The last time I tried to leave him, he put me in the hospital. I’m terrified.”

Seeing her start to tremble, he pulled her into his arms and stroked a hand over her hair. He had never been able to resist Stella. It had been foolish of him to even try.  “I’ll protect you,” he said, pressing his lips to her brow.

He felt a wave of pure hatred roll over him at the thought of Stella’s husband. It turned out the honorable Senator John Thompson from New Hampshire was a piece of shit. And he had Stella trapped under his thumb.

When she lifted her face to look at him, she said, “My bags are in the trunk of my car. Every week when I come to see you, I pack them. I’m just so scared. What if he finds us? It won’t be just me that he hurts.”

“Say the word and we’ll leave tonight. I’ve got an uncle in Vancouver who’s RCMP that we can talk to. Surely his influence doesn’t reach all the way to Canada,” Steven said, hopeful for the first time today.

On a ragged breath, she said, “If I stay, one day he’s going to kill me. I know it. I have to leave.”

“You’re sure?” Steven asked, willing her to be strong.

“Yes,” she said, her face resolute. “How can I ever repay you?”

Picking up her hand, he said, “Be mine.”

“I’ve been yours since the day we met.”



Jenika SnowJenika Snow

Links:   Website   Facebook   Fan Page

He kept his back to her, his body hard and rippled, and big enough that she knew he could crush a man with little thought. She traced the lines of his muscles with her gaze. She was afraid of Caleb, afraid of his strength, of his silence, and of what he could do with his bare hands. Would he hurt her? Yes, but only if she asked, and she did…many times. She closed her eyes and envisioned herself under him, of his hands on her, squeezing lightly, taking from her only what she was willing to give. She took a step forward, and another, and then she was right behind him. Only inches separated them now, and she inhaled deeply, took in the dark, spicy scent that always surrounded him.

“What are you doing, Sunny?” Caleb spoke softly, deeply, and with enough authority that she felt it down in her bones.

“I want to touch you.” she said just as softly. Sunny didn’t touch Caleb…not unless he gave her permission to. A moment of silence stretched between them, and she could hear her heart pound in her ears, and feel it pump in her throat. This was what she had with him, this give and take, this strength and surrender. She wouldn’t have it any other way. The shadows played across his big body, and whenever she was beside him she felt so fragile and vulnerable. Their relationship wasn’t conventional, but that was how they both wanted it. She was his, he was hers, and bending to Caleb’s will was the only thing she lived for. He made her feel alive, made her pain and hurt leave. Slowly she became whole with him, but it was only because of Caleb.

“You’re such a sweet girl, Sunny.” He looked over his shoulder at her. “You’re my sweet girl.”

She nodded. “Only yours.”

He stared at her with dark, piercing eyes. “You are mine, only mine. Touch me, pet.”

And that was what she did.




Mardi MaxwellMardi Maxwell

Links:  Bookstrand   Website   Facebook

Emily knew that in a few moments Zed would slip into his shirt and then a few moments after that he would give her a quick kiss and be gone again. This time he might be gone for several days or even a week. She refused to even think about the possibility that he might not return at all.

She slid her hands around his waist and dug her fingertips into him leaving behind deep impressions in his skin. He grunted then covered her hands. His head went down and she knew he was looking at the gold bands that adorned their entwined fingers.

She kissed him between his shoulder blades then rubbed her cheek over his skin, breathing in his scent. “I love you, Zed. I always will no matter what happens.”

“I love you, too,” Zed said as he turned and wrapped his arms around her then held her against him. He automatically swayed back and forth. An unconscious effort on his part to comfort her. “I’ll come back to you. I promise.”

“Kiss me,” she said, her voice soft. “Kiss me the way you kissed me the night we met.”

Zed’s eyes lit with humor. “You mean the way I kissed you three days ago?”

Before she could answer his lips met hers. His tongue stroked the seam of her lips then slid between them. Gently, slowly, he delved into her mouth and explored it. She tangled her tongue with his and he tightened his arms. Several minutes later when he freed her mouth their breaths flowed together. One breathe, one life, one love.

“Promise me you’ll be good while I’m gone, baby.” His light blue eyes were dead serious.

Emily tried to keep the smile from her lips but failed. “What trouble could I possibly get into?”

Zed slid his hands beneath the curve of her butt and lifted her against him. “The going to prison for the rest of your life kind of trouble. Promise me you won’t leave the cabin.”


Thank you so much to all of the authors who participated! I hope you’ll encourage us by letting us know if you would like us to continue our specific stories. Just leave a comment for us in the comment section. We’ll be back July 31st with another one!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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