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KD Jones #NewRelease Ketieran Prime #8: Kiljorn Commander

by on May 26, 2014

Thank you so much Lori King for having me on your blog today.  I am excited to tell everyone about my new book coming out on May 27th, 2014.  It is an extra special event because May marks my 2 year publishing anniversary.  My very first book published was Katieran Prime and it is only fitting that the book releasing the month of my anniversary is from the same series.

 NEW RELEASE May 27th, 2014


 Katieran Prime Series #8

by KD Jones

KD Jones


Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  MF.

In book eight of Katieran Prime:  Commander TylOR of the Kiljorn nation has a mission to guard the wormhole from enemies of old and new enemies within.  He shares this mission with the half-brother who he only recently met.  The two brothers don’t get along.  To make matters worse, the one female who has plagued him since he first met her is going to be traveling with him.  His brother tortures him with constantly flirting with the female.  TylOR fights his inner battle to claim the female.  If he doesn’t soon encounter an enemy he can kill, he might have to take out his brother while waiting.

Dr. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Connell has a PhD in linguistics, a doctorate in social cultures, and a doctorate in foreign languages.  She has traveled all over Earth learning new cultures and experiencing the thrill of living on the edge.  When she travels to Katiera she thinks it will be the pentacle of her academic career.  Lizzie gets a lot more education than she had anticipated.  First, she is almost captured by the Katieran’s long time enemy the Morins, only to be sort of rescued by the most egotistical, yet attractive man she has ever met.  One she finds she has a hard time ignoring.  Lizzie survives one battle from the Morins, only to find herself fighting an internal battle of wills that she fears has an inevitable outcome.

TylOR and Lizzie have fought their attraction for one another from the very beginning.  They have tried to ignore each other but circumstances change forcing them to be in close proximity of one another.  They must face their feelings for one another while handling the dangers they are thrown in.

Will they survive long enough to see their relationship through?  Will the enemy end them before they can start?  Come follow the journey as both TylOR and Lizzie discover there are some things you just can’t fight and some worth fighting for.


Read an Excerpt!

“What should I do…about Elizabeth?”

AshOR chuckled.  “From my experiences with Earth Females, I have learned two things will work every time.”

TylOR waited and waited but AshOR was being overconfident holding back.  He was near the end of his tolerance.  “What two things?”

“One, the male is always in the wrong so the male has to say he is sorry.”

“But what if I am not in the wrong?” TylOR asked with confusion.

“You are male so you will always be in the wrong in her mind.”

“That is ridiculous.  I have to apologize even if I am right?”

“Yes, and apologize even if you don’t know what you did wrong to begin with.  Practice saying, ‘Honey, I was wrong and you were right’.  It works every time.”  AshOR nodded his head.

TylOR tried it out.  “Honey, I was wrong and you were right.”

“Yes.  Oh and add at the end, ‘please forgive me’.  I swear that last part gets a smile from her.”

TylOR practiced again.  “Honey, I was wrong and you were right.  Please forgive me.”

“You got it.”

“If apologizing for no reason is the first thing, what is the second thing?”

“Females want to feel like the decisions are theirs.  So tell her something like, ‘I will support your decision’.

TylOR frowned.  “But I may not agree with her decision if it puts her in danger.”

“Does not matter.  If you tell her you support her decision, she will defer to what you think and you can manipulate her into deciding what you want her to decide to begin with,” AshOR said it like it was the most simple thing in the world.

“That is very controlling and devious,” TylOR commented with a bit of disdain.

“Hey, when it comes to protecting our females, we might have to be a little controlling and devious.”  AshOR defended himself.

“True,” TylOR admitted grudgingly.

“Good luck, brother.”  AshOR turned and walked away.  TylOR headed toward his suite with dread and anticipation.


Lizzie was furious.  TylOR and AshOR were so… so male!  She went to take a shower then she was heading to bed.  Maybe she would be asleep before TylOR came home.  She did not want to deal with him right then.

She undressed kicking her dress to the floor of the bathroom.  She turned on the shower to let the temperature warm up.  She turned it hotter than usual because she wanted it steamy.  She stepped inside the large shower stall and felt the heat soak into her skin relaxing her immediately.  She took the soap and washed her body then worked on her long curly hair.  A sound caught her attention and she turned toward the bathroom door.  TylOR.

He stood there watching her with desire in his eyes.  Oh noThat so not going to happen.  “I thought I locked the door.”

“I unlocked it.”

“Go away.”  She covered her breasts with her hands the best she could.

He frowned.  He did not like her covering herself from his view.  He took his clothes off quickly dropping them to the floor.

“Wait!  What are you doing?”

TylOR entered the shower stall.  This was much better.  Her lovely pale skin glistened with the water flowing down her body.

“TylOR, why are you in here?  I am mad at you!”

He nodded his head.  “I am wrong and you were right.”  Wait, he was supposed to add something else to it.  What was it?

“You were wrong?”  Her nudity forgotten with what he had just said.  Men didn’t just admit they were wrong.

“Yes.”  What was he supposed to add?  “You will forgive me now?”  At her frown he knew he had said it wrong.  “Will you…will you please forgive me?”  Yes, that was it.  He waited for the smile that was supposed to happen.  Instead, he received a slap across the face.

“Get out!”  Lizzie pointed to the door of the bathroom.

“I do not understand.  You are supposed to forgive me.”  TylOR refused to move.

“So you think you can give me a false apology and all will be forgiven?” she asked him, crossing her arms over her chest, which drew his attention.

“Yes.  AshOR said…”

“AshOR!  You listened to AshOR?”  She was livid that he would talk about their relationship to someone else instead of coming to her.

“He has more experience with Earth females than I do.”

“Listen up, buddy, your brother may be a bit of a player, but he doesn’t have a mate now does he?”

TylOR thought about it and frowned.  She was right.  He took advice from a male that was not mated.  Not too smart.  “No, he is not.”

“I am just so furious.  What else did he tell you to say?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t…”

“Tell me!”

“He said to tell you that I will support your decision.”

She fumed.  “You would say that you supported my decision but you really wouldn’t would you?”

“Not if it put you in danger,” he admitted.

“I am so mad right now!”  She forgot she was naked and put her hands on her hips while she mumbled unpleasant things.

Seeing her like that, worked up, breathing heavy, pinkened skin, those breasts bouncing with each deep breath she took was making him…aroused.  He wasn’t the only one to notice his body’s reaction.

“Oh hell no!  You think you are going to get some after this little stunt…”


Lizzie and TylOR’s story has been 2 years in the making.  I hope it was worth the wait! – KD Jones


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