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Blog Takeover: The Beta Brats Break In!

by on March 19, 2014

Pssttt… Hey Chris! I think the coast is clear. Lori is finally on the plane headed to Las Vegas! Do you know what that means?

Hmmmm….Lisa, I think it means that you and I can take over the wench’s blog and tell secrets?

Oh yeah! When the Alpha’s away the Beta’s will play! You have the passwords we need to get into her all of her whips right?

HAHA! Oh yes I do. She really should change that password. I mean I figured it out really quick. It helps that I know some cool I.T. people.

She should expect this from us. Seriously, how dare she go without us! I mean, how can she make it through the days without us?

Oh believe me, she can’t. Remember the last week of hell with her?

I know she is off meeting up with other authors and fans and that’s kinda great and all, but yeah we are a bit envious.


I know, but since she has limited access to social media and none to her whips we can have some fun.

I am all for having fun! I spilled plenty of secrets last month. This time I think we should do something even better. What do ya say?

Definitely. I think first we need to change the story of Rafe and Ryley around just a bit—

HEY!! MINE MINE MINE!! How many times do I have to tell you to back off of MY Rafe and Ry??? I’m going to use a whip on you!

Wait!! I know they are yours Chris, they always have been. I want to make them even more yours. Listen to my proposal. *teehee* I think that we need to add something to the story. Like maybe, an amazing she-wolf just happens to end up at the Gray Pack Den all the way from Oklahoma looking for help. She is on the run from a man that wants to take her as his mate, and when I say take, I mean against her will! When she scents another pack in the area she knows she has to take the chance and go for help. They may be worse than the man chasing her but she has to try. What she finds there brings her to her knees. She didn’t think they existed, but she comes face to face with her perfect mates. She turns to them with those piercing eyes that can look deep into a person’s soul and tells them, “My name is Chris. Please help me.” What do you think? It’s great right? This way you get your men without feeling bad about breaking up a marriage and all that stuff.

Uhh, it has possibilities. But I’m sure hoping that their real mate, Shandi and I don’t have to do the dirty. I mean she’s hot and all, but I just don’t swing that way. And I’m quite certain she doesn’t either. Can’t we just find someone else for her? *Sigh*

Ok now for Cash. You know I have claimed him from day one. His voice just does something to me. Mmmm…

I only let you have him because my hands are full with a bit of R&R if ya know what I mean? *heehee*

I know Lori hasn’t written Cash’s story yet, but I thought we could leave some notes in her file. Maybe she won’t notice and will just write it in like she did them herself?

Oh good idea! I may have to create myself a new wolf or wolves since mine were stolen from me! Hmmm…wonder if I could sneak in some notes too…*walks off thinking of all the hot single wolves*

HEY GET BACK HERE!! Don’t go running off yet! It’s my turn. We will get back to you in a minute.  So I think this is how Cash will meet me:

“I just ended my second perfect set for the night, the crowd is big and there is something in the air tonight. I can’t explain it, but the excitement that is coursing through my veins is electric. I have to rein it in some, I still have a few hours left before I can leave and run some of this energy off. I can feel something brewing, though. I’m at the bar having a drink waiting for the new singer the bar hired to fill in some of the sets, because it’s just become too much for one band. I haven’t met her yet and I can’t remember what they told me her name was. All of a sudden the door opens and I breath deep, and now it all makes sense why I have been so antsy and out of sorts tonight. One word comes to my mind: Mate. I breath in deep again and open my eyes. She is walking straight for me. She can’t be more than 5 feet and I can’t take my eyes off of her.  Stopping in front of me she smiles and I can’t
focus. She opens her mouth and says, ”I was told to ask for a man named Cash.”

Oh sure! I’m sure she wouldn’t notice any of those changes. I think that just might work! Now, can we get back to me? We have some hot Diego wolves I can corrupt too!!

Damn, we make a great team!

Uh huh! You got that right! See if that wench leave us behind again after this. I think I should just change her passwords all to something like: meanladyleftusbehind, and not tell her for a week after she comes home.

She would likely still leave us again, and we can’t push her to get back to work if she can’t access anything on her computer. Maybe we should just take over the blog more often.

Yeah, that just might work. Who says we need an Alpha…wait…did you hear that?

Hear what?

Shit! I think she’s trying to check her email. Hurry, click publish and let’s get the hell out of here!


Lisa & her accomplice: Chris the Fish

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  1. Wonder how much trouble we will be in for this one……

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