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My Writing Process

by on March 17, 2014

Last Monday I was tagged by Siren Author Tara Rose, and I’m happy to join into this event. 🙂 The idea is that each week you can read a post by a different author about how their writing process works, and what they have in process. Read Tara’s post, and it will link you back to the previous author, which will take you back to the one before that, and so on. And don’t forget to check out Gracie Meadows site next Monday for her post!

Releasing May 2014!

Releasing May 2014!

1) What am I working on? 

I just finished up the third book in The Surrender Trilogy – Primal Surrender. It’s scheduled for release in May, and I’m leaving for Las Vegas on Wednesday, so as of this moment I’m not working on anything. However, I plan to jump right back in when I get back on Apache Crossing II – Cowboys Need Angels, and The Gray Pack 6.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

My books aren’t just about the Hero falling in love and seducing his Heroine. Usually they also involve some form of overcoming and embracing their personal hang-ups. As humans, we’re naturally flawed, and I think society puts so much pressure on everyone to be something they aren’t, that I enjoy digging into acceptance in my stories.

1-Point of Seduction -Lori King

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One of the unique things about my style of writing is that each of my main characters will have relatable quirks. From a man who loves to cook, to a man who can’t boil water, or a woman who loves to snuggle between her mates, to a woman who kicks like a donkey while she sleeps and steals the covers. Kendrick McClure in Point of Seduction was addicted to grape soda, while his heroine, Gabriella Larkin couldn’t arrive on time to anything no matter how hard she tried. Every one of my characters is unique. They will have their own favorite colloquialisms, snacks, and routines, just like in real life. Bringing that element of reality makes my characters more relatable, and writing wickedly hot sex scenes, keeps them enviable.

The biggest common denominator in my books is acceptance. Acceptance of your flaws, your past, and your mistakes, as well as acceptance of others. There is too much judgment in the world already, I’m just doing my part to add the sugar to the lemons, that way we can all drink the lemonade!

8b7ffda656630028c386bb5eadf5cacf3) Why do I write what I do?

I write romance because I believe everyone deserves a happy ending. “The edge of the world is the beginning of the sea, keep swimming.”

I write strong women because I myself am a strong woman. “Submissive doesn’t equal doormat.”

I write mĂ©nage because I believe that love is all encompassing and doesn’t have a limit. “Live, Laugh, Love”

I write hot sex because I’m terrible at purple prose and prettying up a sexual act. “Call it a pussy and be done with it.”

4) How does my writing process work?

I usually get a scene for a new story before I even know the characters or what motivates them. Anything can trigger it. I got an idea once sitting at the circus with my three year old watching a clown act. Once I have a scene, I will start digging into the character. This is a really personal process because most writers formulate the story outline first, but I start with the character profile. I want to know all of the ins and outs of my characters before I try to tell their story. I feel like it makes them more genuine.

Once I have the characters roughed in, I will sit down and start writing. I write beginning to end, and  I don’t use an outline. I usually know the basic story flow, but sometimes the characters surprise me. When I was writing The Gray Pack 3 – Legacy of the Wolf, I had no idea that Rafe and Ryley had a little sister and a family out there that needed them. The characters sprung that one on me. 🙂 I just go with the flow, writing and revising as I go. Again that’s a personal preference. I don’t like to write without rereading what I’m writing. I’m too OCD, and I’m constantly changing details as I go.

Once I’ve written it, I send it to my Beta readers who tear it apart, and help me piece a better story together. (Not really, but it makes them sound mean.) I keep it simple. I have a word doc with each story, and an excel spreadsheet for each series. The spreadsheet has all of my character information as well as notes that I will need for future books. If I get a great idea for a future book that’s part of the series I go ahead and start a new word doc for that story in the series file. I don’t use a fancy program, or anything like that. Just me and my laptop, and my favorite backup program in the world – Carbonite. It’s saved my ass more than once.

Hope that gives you a peek in my head, if you want to know more about the writing/publishing process you can read my post When Readers Ask: Where is the next book?,  and I’m tagging Gracie Meadows for next Monday!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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