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In the Spotlight: Simone Sinna

by on March 11, 2014

In the Spotlight: Simone Sinna

New Release: Heartbreaker

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Simone Sinna

After her mother dies, Savannah travels to the USA to search for the father she has never met, the only clues in a box her mother left her. But someone wants to stop her and is prepared to go to extreme lengths.

Ben and his FBI step-brother Zac want the religious militia group that is chasing her, but not quite as much as they want Savannah. She and Zac have never been the stay around types but as they make sense of the secrets of her past, they may also be able to find a way no one ends up heart broken.

As the search takes them from San Francisco to the east coast the stakes are raised after a shootout, and finding Savannah’s father may be the only way to keep her alive.

The Biz:

How many books do you currently have published? This is my tenth! I have three full novels (The Stephanie Beauman series), four paranormal MFM novellas (the Were-Devils of Tasmania series) and this is the third “breaker” book- they aren’t a series, just all are MFM, BDSM with a heroine with a name starting with S!

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What is the next book you have releasing? This is a bit different…Rule-breaker is the next planned Simone Sinna one but I have just got a contract for a mainstream psychological thriller which will be out with Text publishers in Australia (working title Medea’s Curse) in January 2015 under my real name; about a troubled forensic psychiatrist and a missing child case. There’s a strong romance subplot though, but without the rules romance books have to follow…

What book are you writing right now? Editing Medea’s Curse. This is a much lengthier process than in erotic romance.

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? Why? I like brooding men with a dose of narcissism and a strong sense of personal integrity; but they can mess up too. Why? Well that would take a few years of psychotherapy to work out…

My heroines in Simone Sinna books tend towards feisty but I have had a bit if a play in the Breaker books; the first two are a bit disaster prone and the third protects herself psychologically because of her past. Why? Well they all have some of me in them, and some of what I’d like to be or maybe a bit of someone I know. They need to be real.

In Medea’s Curse she’s troubled, but also feisty, independent and doesn’t suffer fools.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Editing, though I am getting much better at it and really do try to think that every change is making it better. Writing and not knowing if it would be published (as I did with Medea’s Curse and its sequel, already first draft finished).

Advice for aspiring and new writers? Believe in yourself but recognize to be successful you have to put in your 10,000 hours- literally.

Who did you dedicate your first book to?  My husband and editor. If it hadn’t been for my husband telling me essentially to write and try (and risk failure) rather than dream, it would never have happened. I can’t resist a good dare.

Do you have any rituals for Book Release Day?  No but as soon as I get the cover I get an A3 printout, frame it and put it on my office wall.

What author are you dying to meet? OR What author have you met that you had a fan girl/guy moment?  Because my husband is a successful author I have been lucky enough to go around the world to book events and get into the Green room. Jo-Jo Moyes (Me Before You – get out the box of tissues) and David Nicholls (One Day- great book, hated the end but boy do I remember it) are both really lovely people. Michael Robotham (I read all his) is pretty cute … (my husband and his wife were both there!).


The Random:

How would your spouse or best friend describe you in three words? My registrar did it recently: flamboyant and energetic. I think maybe positive or tenacious would be the other.

What was the last movie you went to see? The Book Thief. Not as good as the book but I still enjoyed it.

If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be and why? Look on FB…a peacock. Love clothes…

What is your favorite quote ever?  You can’t edit a blank page is my mantra, but first verse of William Blake’s poem that goes “To see a world in a grain of sand…” totally magic.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your super powers to be?  Fly. I do in my dreams…

What song is on your iPod/Mp3/Stereo right now?  Make Me Smile sung by Duran Duran

Favorite place to curl up with a good book? Chair at our country cottage (where we write).


The Good Stuff:

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you what would it be?  Two glassed of champagne…setting and tone is important!

What feature on the opposite sex attracts you the most?  Eyes.

What would pick as the sexiest scene from a book? (Doesn’t have to be your own, but it can be)  Tough one. Some grab me for unusual reasons. Lady Chatterley’s Lover is hard to go past.

Of mine, still love the ending of the Stephanie Beauman series (Exclusive).

Lovemaking, Wham Bam, Kinky Fuckery?  Mmm not sure how to answer this…more the second option (of course) but how much for real and how much in imagination???

Tall Dark and Handsome or Playful Funny and Sexy? Both. Life is too long to limit yourself…

What actor/actress would you be willing to run away from your life for?  Daniel Craig, but damn it he had an affair with Sienna Miller so maybe not…

If you had a warning label, what would it say?  Beware: Hard to Handle. A previous boyfriend thanked my husband for taking me off his hands…


Story Excerpt


Zac had told Ben to select a hotel and wall up, and sent one of his team with them to ensure they made it. Ben didn’t know DC well but he figured he’d go for a Hilton or another of the chain hotels—an upmarket one with lots of people and security. The FBI guy, the geek whose name was Ray, drove them to the first one and Ben shook his head, on the principle that if there were people still after Savannah, they’d check the hotel closest to the FBI offices after no one turned up in Zac’s apartment. He settled finally for a hotel on H Street just short of where the White House was.

Ben got out of the car and felt rather than heard the bullet. It missed his ear by no more than a half-inch. He turned, saw the stubble-chinned shooter on the other side of the road half-stepped out of a dark car. Ben ducked back into the FBI car, pushing Savannah’s door closed, yelling to Ray to keep driving.

Ray was a little slow. Neither he nor Savannah had heard anything and had no idea why Ben was suddenly agitated. The next bullet hit the car door, fortunately bulletproof, though Ben would rather have not found out. He figured they were aiming for the tires, which they got next. He heard the air pop as Ray hit the accelerator and they took off, swaying unevenly.

“You got a gun?”

“Yes, but I can’t give it to a civilian.”

“Jesus, Ray, we’ll be a dead FBI guy and two dead civilians if you don’t give it over. Drive back towards headquarters.”

Ray wrestled his Glock out of his holster and handed it to Ben, both hands back on the steering wheel. The car was all over the road, a wide one blessedly free of traffic. Ben yelled at Savannah to get down and hit the window button. Arm out, he let off two shots in the direction of the car that was right behind them, firing wide but with no risk of other casualties. He heard Ray yelling into his car phone or at Siri, he wasn’t sure, but Zac’s voice soon filled the car.

“Washington registration,” said Ray.

Savannah stuck her head up and yelled out the registration before Ben could shove her down again. At exactly that moment the car rammed them. Savannah screamed. Ahead Ben saw a car, this time a black SUV, coming straight at them. It was the last thing he saw.

 * * * *

Savannah was dazed and at first wasn’t sure what was happening. She hadn’t seen the black SUV until two men in balaclavas were bundling her into it. She vaguely recalled Ben heading through the wind screen, and hearing two shots. Then she was being spirited away, plaster slapped on her mouth and her hands cuffed behind her. She hit her head when they threw her in the back of the SUV and the next thing she recalled was waking up stiff and still tied up. The men were in the front of the car and it was still moving. But it was no longer a black car. Somewhere they had swapped. It was still daylight but she had no idea how much time had passed. She thought of Ben, of the shots, and tears streamed down her cheeks. The crying made breathing difficult so she forced herself to stop, turned her thoughts to all of the things she would like to do to Sal if she ever got out of this. When she got out of this.

The hours passed. They were going to Tennessee, Hezekiah’s compound, she figured. Knew it was south of DC but had no idea how long by road. She hoped Zac would know they’d changed cars, that he’d presume Tennessee, if that’s where she was heading. Sun seemed to be in the wrong place but in October it was pretty low in the sky, and what did she know about directions in the States anyway?

She turned her mind to the three father candidates. It had to be Channing. Maybe he was kidnapping her to brainwash her, join his other daughter and marry into the clan? They could have killed her if they’d wanted, so there had to be a reason. Blood was thicker than water perhaps.

It was dark when they arrived, and she’d dozed off so couldn’t guess how long it had taken. But when they bundled her out, not speaking, she got the impression again that they had traveled north. They were somewhere deep in the heart of woods, the trees a spectacular array of dense deep reds and yellows. She heard Ben’s word about showing her a real New England fall and the tears started, but she blinked them back. If she was about to meet Hezekiah or Channing, she wasn’t intending to come across weak.

The farmhouse was weatherboard, maybe fifty years old, two levels and surrounded by red, high-roofed barns straight out of the farm set she had as a kid. There was a woman on the porch, hair in a long plait, staring grimly at her guests. Much her age. Channing’s daughter? Her half-sister? “Put her in the back room,” she told the men. No sisterly love was evident.

The back room was barred and basic with a single bed and mattress with plenty of blankets, a bucket in the corner. The men undid her cuffs and left her there, the lock sounding after the closed the door. She recognized one of them. Stubble-man. Savannah stretched out her limbs and removed the plaster from her mouth and felt her pockets. No phone. She supposed it was smashed or back in DC. She checked out the windows and doubted the joint strength of Ben and Zac could have budged them. The door rattled, but wasn’t going to move any time soon either. She sat on the bed and waited.

Adult Excerpt

Savannah let her body relax back into his, warm and hard, his hands coming over each breast, his head bent and tongue thrusting into her ear. “What would you like Ben to do to you?” he whispered.

“Touch you here maybe?” Ben’s hands brushed her inner thighs from where he sat on the bed, as he spoke.

“Yes please.”

“I think we should make her wait, make sure she’s really ready,” said Zac, pinching her nipples.

Ben stood up, sandwiching her between them. He took her face in one hand and kissed her, tongue opening her mouth and exploring her, tasting her and imprinting himself on her memory. He looked at Zac and a silent message passed between them. Savannah was burning up with her need on them, their body heat on either side of her fueling the desire. She could feel Zac’s cock hard behind her as he pulled her hips into him, the cock laying between her butt cheeks and rubbing. In front of her Ben knelt and took a nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking while a hand caressed the other. From behind, Zac’s hand curved around her hips and over her pubic hair, pulling her hard towards him as he ground his cock up and down her crack.

Ben’s sucking was getting harder. He changed breasts, this time biting the new nipple hard. Savannah let out a gasp.

“I think that maybe she likes it a little rough,” Ben murmured, and bit her again. This time Zac’s hand went to her clit, circling briefly in an urgent manner. She stiffened as electrical feelings travelled up and down her body as if she’d just been re-wired.

“I think, kid,” said Zac, “you might be right. But she’s in danger of coming too early.”

“We could let her come early, more than once even.”

Zac laughed, a deep and intensely meaningful laugh, only she didn’t know what the meaning was. She felt her juices start to run down her leg.

“She’ll need to earn that.” Into her ear he added “if you come before I give you permission you get spanked.”

Right now Savannah wasn’t sure if that would be a good or bad thing. She ground her hips against his fingers, wanting them deep inside her. Instead he pulled his hand away and stepped back. “Over by the door,” he ordered.

Ben gave her nipple one last suck and leant back to give her space. She walked to the door, feeling self-conscious, and stood there, arm over her breasts, watching Zac.

“Not like that.” The softness had gone. He was all FBI. “Turn around, arms up on the door,” he said. He walked over to her, and she could feel him just behind her. “Feet back a little.”

Savannah did as she was told, heart beating so loudly she was sure he could hear. Suddenly his foot kicked between her legs so she had to step them apart to keep her balance.

“Good girl,” Zac said. “Just like I like my subjects to be frisked. And it won’t be my female staff doing this deeply, ah…” his voice quietened and his mouth went to her ear “…personal exploration.”

He left her standing there for a moment and she pictured him commanding Ben with a look. Ben moved to her left as Zac moved to her right.

“Stay completely still. If you don’t, do you know what will happen?”

Savannah gulped and shook her head.

“Even if you so much as shake your head, understand? I will take great pleasure in punishing you.”

Her stomach tightened. She said bulldog in her mind, reminding herself.

Ben knelt down, his hands starting with her feet, tickling and brushing them. Zac licked her ear, before kneeling down, slightly towards her back as Ben went slightly forward. She felt Zac opening up her butt cheeks and steeled herself, but it was his tongue she felt on her ass as his fingers bit deep into her flesh, exposing her. Ben’s hands were now on her thigh, teasing her by brushing close to her cunt but never quite getting there and always withdrawing. She fought hard to stop herself moaning, to stop her knees bending. Then Zac’s fingers, without warning, trailed right over her pussy and her knees did buckle slightly, his arm going around her waist to stop her dropping further.

“Very naughty. Not only are you a sopping wet mess, but you moved. And that has to be punished.”



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